Home Decor Plans 2018

Next month marks two years since Topher and I moved into our first house. Since then we’ve come a long way in decorating but there’s still lots of things left to do. Here’s what we’ve done so far:

Guest bedroom

My Office

The Landing

Kitchen Nook

And here’s my plans for 2018:

Living Room

I made a lot of progress with the living room last year but it’s far from done. Which is why I haven’t shown it on the blog yet. If you’re interested in the in between shot, let me know, but otherwise I’m just going to wait until it’s done to show it off.

Here’s the before shots. Since then we’ve gotten laminate wood flooring which matches the kitchen, new sofas, new TV table and storage chest and I painted the walls grey. We’ve got all the base stuff done – it’s just finishing touches left.

The main problem is the walls. The light grey I had in mind did not translate onto the wall. I did everything right – I got a couple of samples and did big patches on the wall. One was way too dark and the other one looked perfect. The only thing was that as I was painting all the walls, I noticed that it looked blue. There’s a blue tinge to it. Nice but not what I was after. That and the fact that the room gets super dark did not help. So as a solution I think I’m going to paint two accent walls white to bring some light in. And possibly a mirror.

Once the walls are sorted, we can finally get some stuff up on the walls. Both Topher and I want to frame our nerdy maps and do a mini gallery wall in one corner – maybe even across two walls like this picture below:

home decor plans 2018 - gallery wall


As well as the frames, we also want to get a shelf up somewhere to display a few things. I know, basic blogger but I don’t care. Since we don’t have a fireplace, we’re left without a mantlepiece to display anything. Not so bad day to day but when it comes to putting up cards at Christmas & birthdays, we’re left in a bit of a bind.



Topher and I have a lot of mugs. A shit tonne of mugs. We use them all too. At the moment we put the small ones on a mug tree and the big ones in a cupboard. They take up too much space and we need a solution. Luckily, I think I have one. I got the inspiration from one of those weekly newsletters and there was a picture of a pegboard. There’s a perfectly sized spot above our kettle that doesn’t have a cupboard so that’s where we’re going to put one. Currently we hang our calendar there but it can go somewhere else. It’s just wasted space.

home decor plans 2018 - pegboard


Of course it would be silly to put up something like that when you still need to paint the walls. Topher wants to paint it a colour but I’m not so sure. The kitchen counters and cupboards don’t really allow for much craziness. I think we’ll just paint it white but if we do include some colour then it will just be in the kitchen nook area of the room. Luckily the room gets a shit load of light during the summer – seriously it’s like a greenhouse in there. Perfect for drying clothes! So we can get away with a bit of colour maybe. We shall see. My first priority is the living room.


Master Bedroom

The main thing I have to do in this room is paint it. The question is, what colour? Topher and I can’t decide and I’m not doing a thing until we do. It’s a small room so it can’t be anything too overpowering. I like the idea of darker colours but I think the room is too small. We could just paint it white but I don’t know. If you have any ideas – let me know! You can see what our bedroom looks like in the link below.

And those floating shelves? They did not work. Bad, bad decision. Our walls are just not strong enough to handle them. Topher’s went down straight away (cheers Pickles) and the one on my side is hanging by a thread. I’m afraid to put a cup of tea on it so it’s useless. I do still want shelves there but they need to have supports. So that’s what we’re going to do this year – get some proper shelves.


Other little things we have in the works

  • Need to continue our gallery wall on the landing – we’ve got a load of frames & prints ready to go, just need to get the hammer and nails out.
  • The guest room bed is super old and uncomfortable (sorry guests!) but luckily my parents are giving us their old (but newer than ours) guest bed. It’s a double so there will be more space in the guest room in future. The current one is a king. And we’ll be getting new bed side tables that match the rest of the room.
  • The garden is getting some TLC this summer.

What are your home decor plans for 2018?

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Overcoming The Obstacles Standing Between You And A Life Of Travel


The thought of leading a life of adventure by travelling the world is one that appeals to millions of of millennials. After all, the ease of global travel has seen many people become bit by the bug while positive stories from friends can ignite the flame of desire too. Unfortunately, the vast majority fail to ever take that leap of faith and will be destined to look back on their lives in later years wondering “if only”.

In truth, there are plenty of potential obstacles to consider. As long as you’re well prepared for them, however, there’s nothing to stop you breaking through to turn that dream into a reality.


Finding Suitable Destinations

The world is full of wonderful places to visit on holiday, but finding a location to call a temporary home is another altogether. There are many things to consider, from visa requirements to potential language barriers. As such, rushing this decision simply isn’t an option.   

Speaking to friends and relatives that have emigrated permanently or travelled the world is a great way to gain insight. When combined with a little online research, you should be able to create a shortlist of places you’d like to visit. Just make sure that those destinations are home to some great tourist areas too. The explorational elements are vital for your ongoing happiness, and sense of achievement.   


Finding A Suitable Job

Having the time of your life is crucial. However, you do not want it to come to the detriment of your career. Working in fitness is a fantastic travelling idea as those services are required worldwide. Apart from working in gyms and centres, there’s also an opportunity to start a small business of your own.

Other people find comfort in working on projects that actively aid the local community. After all, there’s no greater reward than knowing you’ve made the world a better place. Even if you’re not working in the preferred industry, the roles should teach valuable transferable skills. Achieve this and you won’t go far wrong.


Getting Through The Potential Loneliness

Leaving everything you know is a scary thing, but modern tech enables you to stay in touch with those back home. Nevertheless, you will inevitably face moments of sadness and potential loneliness. Finding ways to brighten up your mood can make a world of difference. This is especially true as the worst moments are likely to come during the opening weeks when you are yet to have made new friends.   

Another simple trick in those early moments is to stay in a hostel. Depending on your job, it may be necessary to choose a private room rather than a dorm. Still, there’s no denying that the social factor will have a positive impact.   


The Final Word

There’s no denying that combining travel with work can be scary, but the rewards are undeniably huge. This is particularly true when you travel while you’re young. With those simple tips above, maximising the productivity of your experiences should be easy. The time of your life awaits.

This is a collaborative post*

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I’m having a hard time at the moment

I’m having a hard time at the moment. There, I said it. I’m feeling far from my best. 2018 so far has been littered with lovely moments like going to the cinema with Topher, having dinner with friends, seeing my parents and all the little things in between. But overall, I haven’t been happy.

As soon as I’m left alone during the day that voice in my head starts creeping in. The one that makes me doubt my work. The one that says what’s the point? The one that says just stay in bed. And the one that says go on, just have one more snack.

I try to ignore it but it keeps coming back. Because to tell you the truth, I’m far from bossing it. My work life is making me miserable and it makes me feel like I did last time I was self employed. And the last time I worked in an office too. Then I make myself feel sad because I can’t seem to find my thing. I know there’s so many people out there who haven’t found their thing either but it seems like anything that isn’t my thing makes me feel down.

Every job I had, there’s been something wrong. Retail – I hated it. Office job 1 – bad company, boring job (though thanks to that, I have this blog.) Self employed stint 1 – barely made a penny and put a strain on my creativity, Office job 2 – loved the job, hated the company and the commute, Office job 3 – nice company, boring job and now I’m on self employed stint 2. Year one was great, year two I just felt myself sliding. I’ve made enough money to survive but only just. Thanks Topher for keeping us afloat.

Every job and every situation we’ve been in, we’ve just survived financially. We don’t have much disposable income at all. I just want to be able to replace something when it breaks without thinking about it and be able to go on holiday without breaking the bank.

Since office job 3 I’ve had ongoing health problems with my hands and arms. It’s due to repetitive strain which started in my right hand and it’s spread to both hands and arms. It makes admin work hard and that’s what I do. It makes me feel down because I need to find a career that isn’t so admin based but I don’t know what it is.

I haven’t even wanted to blog, which is unlike me. I can tell when I’m happy because I blog – if you see me disappear for a while, something’s usually wrong. I’ve been just blogging about stuff I need to – collabs and such.

It’s not all doom and gloom of course – I have a husband and family and friends who love me. I have the two sweetest cats you could ask for. And I have a roof over my head that isn’t going anywhere. But there’s something in my life that I need to fix.

I’m not sure how to fix this but I think I know where to start. I need structure. I need to take the pressure off.

Wish me luck.

Colour Walk Manchester - i heart mcr

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How to Bring the Outdoors Into Your Home


Bringing the outside, into your home is a great interior design choice, and can have so many other positive effects on your life. There are loads of way you can take interior design inspiration from nature, and the great outdoors, and use it in your home. You can do this by introducing plants, using certain patterns or textures, or even Using actual pieces from the outdoors to create that effect.

There is loads of inspiration online, so whatever you style, or whatever you want to utilise, there will be loads of inspiration online for you to use. Read on to find out how you can use this to create great effects in your home, and bring the outdoors into your home. There are so many cases of this improving your home environment, and people feeling more positive and relaxed, just because of how they design their home. What have you got to lose? Considering your interior design choices can have such a positive effects on both you and your loved ones. Read on to find out how you can use the outdoors in your home, it is much easier than you think.


The Forest

The forest is an amazing place, and it is super easy and simple to bring this element of nature into your home. This can be done in lots of ways, the most simplest being using wood. This can be anything from wooden floorboards, to give a rustic look to your home, or even using wooden furniture can have the same effect. The older the wooden furniture, the better the look, but be careful how natural material deteriorate over time. Most modern products, like Corndell furniture are super durable and greta to have around the home, but keep this in mind when thinking about purchasing vintage pieces!



Plants are a great thing to have about the home, not only to create more oxygen for you to breath in, but can be useful. Why not consider keeping some potted herbs in the kitchen, which can also be a fresh and flavoursome addition to your cooking in the evening. Just keep them on your kitchen window sill, and water them occasionally, and you will have a great addition to your cooking. There are also loads of kind of plants which thrive specifically in the home, so whatever your preference there is a plant out there for you. If you want something low maintenance there are always cacti which will thrive when the heating on, and you can forget about watering the for a month or two. They can be a great addition to any desk, and hopefully will help your be productive when at it!

Whatever your current interior design style, bringing the outside inside is simple an easy thing to do. You can do anything from bringing wood, or natural textures into your home, or even introduce plants as well. Whatever kind of plants you want, whether colourful or low maintenance, there is plenty of choice out there for you.

*This is a collaborative post

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4 Ways You Can Get Happier Today!



How do we pursue happiness?

It’s an honest question. In today’s increasingly fast paced and impersonal society, I’d argue that we’ve lost sight of the things that matter. We’ve been conditioned to attribute happiness to the attainment of career goals, the acquisition of money and the accumulation of lots and lots and lots of stuff. These aspirational targets may help to grease the wheels of a consumer capitalist society, but how effective are they at delivering on actual, meaningful happiness. We’re trained to believe that happiness is just a promotion, a purchase or a pay rise away, and while the odd shopping binge can give us a fleeting high, the acquisition of possessions rarely brings us lasting happiness. Indeed, it can often feel like the things we own wind up owning us. There must be a reason why so many lottery winners and successful entrepreneurs wind up miserable. Indeed Jim Carrey famously once said “I think everyone should get rich and famous and have everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer”. While there’s no secret formula for happiness, there are a few little things that you can do to help yourself today, right now


Get out of your routine

What do you plan to do after work today? Drive home, make dinner, watch TV, sleep? Becoming embroiled in these routines can easily sap our enjoyment of our lives. Do something different. Go for a long walk. Sit in a cafe and read a book. Go to the cinema. Deviate from the old routine until it stops becoming a routine.



Meditation may be outside of your comfort zone and you may even have some derisive opinions of it, or doubt its efficacy, but it is nonetheless scientifically proven to promote happiness. Meditation not only helps you to gain perspective on the minutia of our day to day lives, it also actually shrinks the amygdala; the part of the brain responsible for anxiety and fear. It also lowers the production of the stress hormone cortisol not only improving your happiness but helping you to lose weight too!  


Have a nap

Far too few of us get enough sleep, and this can be detrimental to our quality of life in numerous ways. Sleep allows us to repair our bodies, rest our minds, release waste matter from our brains and get the nutrients to our skin to keep mit looking young, clear plump and firm. Yet, too many of us see sleep as a waste of time to be gotten out of the way. If you spend too many nights watching films instead of sleeping you may need to get a new mattress. Check out this Eve mattress review. You’d be astonished at how much more rested and happy you can be after a great night’s sleep.


Purge your stuff

If something brings you joy, then keep it. If you find value in something, keep it. But if you find your home cluttered by stuff that has ceased to have any meaning for you, it’s time for a purge. Collect it all together and take it to the nearest charity shop. The lack of clutter and knowledge that you’re doing some good is bound to brighten your day.

*This is a collaborative post

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