Our Guest Room Quote Wall

guest room quote wall 1

Ever since we moved at the beginning of March, I’ve been dying to paint something. And finally, the guest room is the first room completed. Paint-wise at least. This is what it looked like before. It was previously a nursery for the last owners which certainly explains the pink walls!


We wanted something a bit more grown up and less pink. I had a few ideas milling about my head but ever since I saw this post on A Beautiful Mess a few years ago, I’ve been wanting to create a similar effect. Topher liked the idea but we decided to use nerdy quotes from his (and one of my) favourite books. I wanted a modern look but with a nerdy twist that you wouldn’t get right away unless you literally read the wall.

guest room quote wall 2

I found the task of painting the wall easy, but time consuming! I painted all four walls white and then it was time for the quote wall. We chose quotes from Harry Potter, Tolkien, The Dark Tower series, The Wheel of Time series and Terry Pratchett, along with a song lyric that Topher has been threatening to get tattooed on him. If you look closely you may also spot an X-files and a Alien quote…

guest room quote wall 3

I measured out the lines (10cm apart) and used washi tape to mark the wall. Then I got out my pencil and just went for it. After the whole wall was done, I went back and painted over it all with black paint.

guest room quote wall 4

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and Topher is over the moon. Brownie points earned! It’s not perfect, but nothing is and I’m so happy with it. Even my parents were impressed when they came over to visit. 

As well as the wall, we also bought two new bookcases to house all of Topher’s books as he had long outgrown our much smaller two. Now we’ve just got to save up for a couple of side tables and a new headboard and the room will be perfect.

guest room quote wall 5

I can’t wait to start my next project!

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My garden

For the first time in my life, I have a garden of my very own. Topher and I are both really excited to have some outdoor space that isn’t shared or just a concrete yard.


This is what our garden looks like now. The previous owners took great care of it, planting lots of flowers so even though it’s raining it still looks lovely. Though I can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can go out and mow the grass (I had no idea how satisfying I find that task!).

We’re going to be here for a number of years so I’ve got a few plans for our little garden.



I love the idea of having a window box full of homegrown herbs right outside the kitchen window. That would be so handy! And think of the money saved.



A truly aspirational picture. Though there’s no way this kind of garden could be mine in the UK, I can still dream right? Damn our weather.



Our shed that luckily the last people left behind could use a lick of paint. I’d love to paint it something other than brown. This shed by Sarah from A Million Dresses is awesome.



Though there’s usually only about two days a year that are BBQ friendly, I would still want a BBQ in the garden. This could be a great way to get a permanent weather proof one. My dad made one years ago so it’s definitely something I want to try. Though I would probably paint the bricks so it looks a little prettier!



Outdoor lights can transform a garden and would look amazing in the evening. These are definitely on my garden wish list. I’m just a sucker for fairy lights.


Do you have a garden?

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A little Monday pick me up

Just in case you’ve woken up thinking, “Oh god, it’s Monday again”, here’s a little pick me up for you.

Because personally, nothing cheers me up like listening to William Shatner “sing” Bohemian Rhapsody. He gets pretty emotional about it.

I’m told he has an entire album of his “singing”. I can only hope the back up singers were paid well.

Happy Monday!

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Housing Units Blogger Event


Earlier this week I was invited along with a few other bloggers to take a look at Housing Units‘ new range and menu in their restaurant. Of course being on my home decor kick, I was happy to attend! Any excuse to look at furniture and home decor.

Housing Units who are based in Failsworth, Manchester have a rich history having been around since 1947. Next year they’ll be celebrating their 70th year in business. It’s great to see that we didn’t lose all family businesses to the recession.


We began the event by being taken on a tour. Warning this is image heavy! There were so many cool things to take photos of but I limited myself for this post.


Pretty much anything you could need for your home was stocked so of course having just bought a house, I got pretty excited to look at everything. There was a great range for customers of all ages – from fashionable statement pieces of furniture right down to candles and kitchenware. With the two buildings onsite, not to mention the restaurant – you could easily spend a day here.


Richard, our guide who was the store manager was really informative and spoke with a real sense of passion for the store. It seems like it would be a wonderful place to work, as well as shop.




For those who have travel in their blood, this range will definitely tickle your fancy!




The bathrooms were so beautiful it made me a little sad that my bathrooms at home are in no need of re-decorating. I fell in love with the tiles and the bath below. Though I’m sure my purse would thank me!



Those obsessed with copper will be happy to see it included in the bathroom accessories lineup. Now which colour to pick?


It took a great deal of strength to walk away from these bath bombs. They look almost too good to use. 




These retro phones are so cute!



This bedroom scene takes me back to the flat I used to have in Manchester city centre with a gorgeous exposed brick wall. Love that cushion!


There was a massive range of lighting including these huge statement pieces. Perfect for those with high ceilings. 


During the tour we were allowed to pick one item to take home after appearing on a video to say why we chose it. I was quite picky until I reached the kitchen section where I quickly grabbed an ice cream maker. I’ve been wanting one for ages and you’ll definitely be seeing my recipes on the blog soon! So excited to use it. Thanks Housing Units!

So speaking of food – after the tour we were led back to the Wickentree restaurant & Hollinwood Cafe to have a sneak preview of some mini dishes off the new menu and afternoon tea menu. I tried the fish and chips, burger and salmon quiche. All were delicious. I would have gone for seconds if I wasn’t being strategic and saving room for the cakes from the afternoon tea.


I tried the Victoria sponge and the jam and cream scone. I could seriously live on afternoon tea. Both were amazing. Hats off to the chef.


I had a great evening and will definitely be dragging Topher over one of these days to do some house shopping. 

So get yourself down to Housing Units, their summer sale is now on!

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It’s Day 52 and I am officially over halfway through #the100dayproject. So, what have I learned so far? Not all bloggers love flat lays! Sure I love the concept of them and looking at other people’s flat lays but I just find them restricting. Which is pretty much why half of my photos so far I would barely consider a flat lay. 


I’ve found myself longing to take photos of the sky and things I see in front of me. I originally chose to do 100 days of flat lays because I suck at them. I thought being a good blogger meant being able to do a flawless flat lay but you know what? I still suck at them. And that’s ok!


So I’ll see the rest of this project through because I want to complete the challenge but I’m definitely not going to beat myself up about flat lays in the future!

What would you have chosen if you did #the100dayproject and what’s your flat lay game like?

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