How To Pull Together A Last Minute Halloween Costume

Last Minute Halloween Costume

So we’re getting close to Halloween now aren’t we? Have you decided on your costume yet? I’ve got mine pretty much sorted though it does rely on my so far non-tested face painting skills… This could either go very right or very wrong! Topher on the other hand has only decided yesterday what he’s going to dress as. And our costume party is in T-minus 2 days! Talk about last minute.

Topher gave me the inspiration for this post so here’s a few tips on how to pull together a last minute Halloween costume.

Look in your wardrobe

Now, go with me here. I’ll be the first to admit that when hunting for a Halloween costume, your wardrobe is a bit of weird choice but you would be surprised on how useful it can be. By itself an item of clothing is ordinary but with the right accessories it can be anything you want to be. A simple black dress could be a witch, a bat, a vampire, a viking, a skeleton, even Wednesday Adams if you can find yourself a white collar. I can think of at least three of my past costumes (plus my costume this year) that began from a LBD. And it doesn’t need to be black. Any colour dress or top can be the basis for so many costumes.

Check out these easy costumes made from items in your own wardrobe!

Look in that box you have of stuff you were planning on giving to charity/car boot/ebay

We’ve all got that box somewhere in the house! That t-shirt you don’t wear anymore could be customised. Cut a couple of holes for your bra to show through and go as Regina from Mean Girls. Or anyone from Mean Girls who copied her. Extra points for army pants and flip flops. I took an old dress I didn’t wear anymore one year and painted the features of a house on it. With stripy tights, sparkly shoes and a makeshift roof hat, I was the wicked witch that the house fell on from the Wizard of Oz. Thinking outside the box there!

Go all out with accessories/make-up

So you’ve got your dress/t-shirt/bin bag – now how can you make it into something. If you have time to nip to a costume shop, great! Just go mad in the accessory aisles. The plainer your clothing is, the more flexible you can be. If you don’t have time to get out of the house, just concentrate on what’s available to you. If you have a lot of makeup at your disposal, you can centre your costume around your face (that’s what I’m doing this year!). Or if you have a lot of cardboard and recyclables you can make yourself some accessories. A unicorn horn is super easy or get an empty box of cereal and stick it to the back of your shirt with plastic sporks stuck in it. Cereal killer! In short, Sellotape is your friend.

How amazing are these make-up ideas?

Take inspiration from your favourite TV shows, films, games etc.

If you’re still at the beginning, stuck for an idea and Pinterest is giving you costume idea overload, go back to basics. What was your favourite TV show as a kid? What’s your favourite TV show now? Topher finally picked his costume by doing this. He went with a character from his favourite playstation game. I think it’s awesome when you dress as something you really love. How the hell I haven’t dressed as anyone from Harry Potter is beyond me!

Check out this list of ideas for inspiration.

So hopefully that helped and if not, back to Pinterest with you!

What are your plans for Halloween?

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Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb: Halloween Collection

pumpkin bath bomb 1

It’s bath season people! Recently I bought the Pumpkin Bath Bomb from Lush because it’s not bath season without a Lush product or two is it? At least it isn’t for me or a lot of bloggers out there. Last year I went mad with bath bombs every week but this year I’m watching the pennies so I have to choose my products sparingly and carefully. Honeymoons don’t pay for themselves and every penny counts (especially with the tumbling pound value!).

pumpkin bath bomb 2

So for my one Halloween product I decided on the pumpkin because it’s autumn and therefore it’s pumpkin everything time! Plus I couldn’t help myself with the cute jack-o-lantern design and the fact that it promised a smell of pumpkin pie. Apologies for the slightly crappy photos but I was coming down with a cold and my vision was as blurry as some of these photos are apparently…

Exhibit A:

pumpkin bath bomb 3

So as soon as you drop the pumpkin bath bomb into the water unsurprisingly there’s a burst of orange. Thinking about it now, it would have been cool to have a surprise colour when it got to the middle but I still enjoyed the orange.

pumpkin bath bomb 4

pumpkin bath bomb 5

Surprisingly, as it fizzed I was met with a scent of not pumpkin pie but orange. Slightly disappointing. The orange smell was lovely but they shouldn’t really advertise the main scent as anything else. I assumed I had a dud but looking at reviews it looks like a lot of other people had this same problem. I did have a giggle at the one where the reviewer said they felt like they were taking a bath in one of those fizzed vitamin C tablets! Oh well.

pumpkin bath bomb 6

On the positive side, I enjoyed the different shades of orange that appeared and the orange smell was pretty pleasant once you were used to the idea. It makes me think of Kenan and Kel. Who loves orange soda?

pumpkin bath bomb 7

Have you tried any of Lush’s Halloween range? What was your favourite?

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My Week #24 – Wallpaper and Wedding Fairs

my week #24 - 1
my week #24 - 2

*They’ve started snuggling up together again! *More wedding dress shopping

*Stripping the wallpaper finally. *Victoria Baths

*Rainbow! *I got Slimmer of the Week at Slimming World

*New cook book *The Refuge, Manchester

It’s been a busy week in the house of Nomad. I started decorating the landing and hall in my house. Wallpaper is gone (woo hoo!) and the painting is in full swing. Though a tip for newbie wall-strippers – go easy with your scraping device. I slightly gouged into my wall in a couple of places so a quick trip to B&Q was needed for some Polyfilla! I’ve got just a week left before it needs to be ready for my party so I think it will all be good. I’ve just got a lot of painting ahead of me now.

At Slimming World I lost another 1 and a half pounds which somehow got me slimmer of the week. Yay. And I also got my Slimming World Christmas recipe book. I can’t wait to get cooking. I’m still feeling motivated and I really want to get as close to my target weight by Christmas as I can. Fingers crossed!

In other news, I went to Victoria Baths and visited a vintage wedding fair. I had to go by myself since everyone was busy and it was ok but a bit on the small side. I’m looking forward to going the National Wedding Show this weekend with Claire. We’ve got VIP tickets which include a hair and makeup trial. Ideal as I have no idea what to do with my hair. Something we learned from the last one is that you go home with a lot of stuff so we’re being prepared this time and both bringing small pully-suitcases. With me being the bride and there being three of us going, we struggled big time with all the bags and our big coats so with there only being two of us this time and both of us getting married, we need to be ready. Excited!

Speaking of excitement, even though it’s just under a year away, I’ve just booked flights for Topher and my honeymoon! The excitement is real. So happy and can’t wait. It’s been years and years since we went on holiday just the two of us so it’s going to be doubly special.

So it’s all good right now for me. How was your week?

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Top Picks #37

top picks #37

1. T-shirt, $29.99 – Modcloth

As I’ve mentioned previously, I need some more t-shirts in my wardrobe now that I work from home. This one is perfect. I do love a good cup of tea!

2. Ear Crawler, £15 – Accessorize

I’ve never really thought of wearing an ear crawler before but this one is just so pretty! I’m really into stars at the moment.

3. Bag, $69.99 – Modcloth

Though I’m not really on the lookout for a bag of this size, I couldn’t help but add this to my wish list when I saw it. I just seem to have a thing for mixed material accessories. It’s simple but really pretty!

4. Necklace, £16.83 – Love Little Darling @ Etsy

Did I mention I was into stars at the moment? I’ve also found myself gravitating towards more simplistic jewellery and this one fits the bill.

5. Dress, £27 – Lindy Bop

Lindy Bop where have you been all my life??? It’s so great to find not only amazing clothing but at such reasonable prices too. I am completely in love with this dress. It has to be mine. Maybe next payday…

6. Planter, $19.99 – Modcloth

I’m not really much of a plant person (mainly because my cats like to eat anything green I bring into the house) but I couldn’t help myself with this planter. How cute? It really made me smile.

7. Earrings, £8 – Accessorize

Even though my ears aren’t pierced anymore, I love these earrings from Accessorize. They’re just so classy and they remind me of winter and Christmas time but in a non-obvious way.

8. Flower Crown, £22 – Crown and Glory

Now that I’ve got my Halloween costume sorted in my head now, when I spotted this headband I thought it was the perfect addition. How cool! So excited now.

9. Pin, $12 – Kate Gabrielle

This pin makes me giggle so much. It looks so happy! Just the idea of a T-rex trick or treating and holding the bag in it’s short arms is hilarious to me. Jurassic Park will never look the same to me again!

10. Dress, £49 – Joy

More stars! I love the shape of this dress and think it’s perfect for autumn. I’d pair it with tights and my Chelsea boots.


What’s caught your eye this week?


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Victoria Baths – Manchester

victoria baths 1

I can’t believe that in all the time I’ve lived in Manchester (practically 10 years) I’ve never visited Victoria Baths. Well yesterday I finally went there to attend the Vintage Wedding Fair so that’s another thing I can tick off my non existent Manchester Bucket list (I seriously need to make one of these). After walking round the fair, I had a little peek at the rest of the downstairs of the building. I only had my phone on me so I took a few quick snaps with that. I’d love to go back with my DSLR.

victoria baths 2

victoria baths 3

victoria baths 4

Victoria Baths is such a fascinating and beautiful building. So much green! Opening in 1906 as a collection of swimming pools and turkish baths, it was used for lots of things, even for dances sometimes in the winter months. It was closed in 1993 and fell into disrepair before being partly restored in 2007. It’s now a Grade II listed building and just celebrated it’s 110th birthday.

victoria baths 5

victoria baths 6

victoria baths 7

These days it’s mainly seems as a historical building that you can visit for a guided tour and for their monthly open days. Though it’s also used for events like vintage fairs and art shows. You can even have your wedding here. I did briefly consider but all the green would clash terribly with the bright colours I have planned. #weddingproblems. That and it’s just a space with no heating or onsite catering. Perfect for a vintage wedding though – I’ve seen some gorgeous ones online.

victoria baths 8

victoria baths 9

victoria baths 10

There are so many pretty original features around including stained glass windows, moldings and practically the whole place is tiled. There are so many different rooms just downstairs including the three pools, baths and shower rooms. There’s a hint of creepiness to it in a way.  I’m glad it’s not open at night, no doubt it would scare the crap out of me! It would be an awesome setting for a haunted Halloween event.

victoria baths 13

victoria baths 12

victoria baths 11

One of these days I’ll have to take one of the guided tours to see the rest of the building – there’s so much more to see. If you’re interested in Victorian stuff, history or architecture I would definitely give Victoria Baths a visit!


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