30 before 30 update


Almost a year ago I turned 26 and decided to make a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30. So as it’s my 27th birthday tomorrow, let’s see how I’ve got on in 12 months…

1. Ride a horse – DONE
It wasn’t scary at all and Fraggle the horse was very accommodating!

 2. Buy a house
Currently saving and it’s definitely on the cards for next year.

3. Visit Iceland
Not on the cards yet. My parents went but that definitely doesn’t count!

4. Make a gingerbread house – DONE
Definitely not the best gingerbread house but it stood up and was edible so that’s all that matters.

5. Get to my target weight and stay there
Nope. I’ve fallen off the wagon in 2015 but I’m officially climbing back in as of July

6. Make sushi
Not yet. Just eaten a load of it.

7. Go indoor skydiving
Not yet

8. Make a scrapbook
Planning on making one this autumn for our Florida trip when we return as it’s going to be amazing!

9. Do a charity walk abroad
Will do when I’ve completed the London to Brighton trek first. 

10. Drive across the USA
That’s the plan for when Topher and I get married. It’s going to be our honeymoon. 

11. Successfully make all of my favourite Arab meals
I can make stuffed cabbage very well. Got to get to the next thing. 

12. Own a piece of Tatty Devine jewellery – DONE
Topher bought me a necklace last year for my birthday.

13. Build a capsule wardrobe
Currently attempting to build.

14. Write an article for a magazine
That really doesn’t look likely right now!

15. Have a spa day
That was supposed to be happening on my birthday but I had to cancel due to Topher’s hernia surgery being scheduled that day. Hopefully will be able to reschedule for August. 

16. Own my own cats – DONE

 Pickles and Luna. I love them so much!

17. Go to the recording of a tv show

No plans as of yet

18. Have my own walk in wardrobe/office – DONE
Our 3rd bedroom has become my clothes and blogging/crafting room. Just need a bigger desk now.

19. Make macaroons at home
Again that was the plan for this weekend but I don’t think that’s going to happen now due to Topher’s surgery. Soon though.

20. Sort out my acne
It’s not as bad as it was but it’s not completely gone yet. 

21. Be in a happy place in my career – whatever it may turn out to be
Not yet. I think I’ve actually gone backwards in this wish. Someday I guess.

22. Marry Topher
Once we’ve got a house this will be on the cards. 

23. Go to a premier league football match
Not yet.

24. Sew a dress
Not yet – though I did get my sewing machine brought over from my parents so that’s a start. 

25. Own something from Kate Spade
I’ll be able to tick this off tomorrow. My parents got me a Kate Spade watch for my birthday! Excited!

26. Sleep inside a treehouse
No plans as of yet

27. Go to Cadbury World
No plans as of yet

28. Finish the London to Brighton trek
I really wanted to do it this year but we couldn’t even sign up due to Topher’s hernia. Next year!

29. Fill in my recipe book
There’s only 2 recipes in there so far…

30. He watch, she watch project
We’ve been doing it every so often and are up to episode 11 now.

So 5 things have been ticked off. Damn that doesn’t sound much at all doesn’t it? This time next year I plan to have at least 8 or 9 more of these ticked off. Promise! Three years to go.

Do you have a list like this?

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