365 Project: May edition

I still managed to get through my 365 project during May but of course couldn’t post it due to my BEDM challenge. So here we are, a months worth of photos. Boom.



Being lazy, texting about toothpaste #wesocool, chocolates!, Primark binge, Cinco de mayo nails, another leaving party, all the stapling in the world to do, veggie couscous, being lazy, trying to defrost a chicken using sunlight, hampstead heath, sandwich, vintage postcard, peanut butter dessert, outfit post, Jay-z memes a go go, goodbye London flat, plumbing is not my forte – tape is, Primark goodies, ¬†Hogwarts?, working hard, Topher’s new love, more work, attempting to cook, Peterborough walking, pretty sky, apparently you can make your screen turn upside down on a PC, even more work, commuting times, never let Topher borrow my phone, fritatta.¬†

How was your May?

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