365 Project: October edition

I’ll admit that I wasn’t really in the mood for taking photos this past month but luckily I managed to still get one every day. Here’s my October:

1st: Favourite necklace, 2nd: What’s in my bag, 3rd: Photo Booth, 4th: Topher
5th: Doodles, 6th: Books, 7th: Blankets, 8th: Graffiti 
9th: Pretty necklace, 10th: Looks like a screaming fly!, 11th: Blue skies, 12th: Hot spiced apple
13th: Traffic, 14th: Bracelet, 15th: Sunset, 16th: A bit early for halloween? part 1
17th: A bit early for halloween part 2, 18th: Visiting the cousin, 19th: more doodles, 20th: relaxing before work in the car,
21st: tyre incident, 22nd: Tiny teacup with feet, 23rd: glutinous rice, mmm, 24th: Fashion show
25th: New shoes, 26th: Enchiladas, 27th: More blue skies, 28th: Huge earrings
29th: Poppets from a friend, 30th: Train views, 31st: Happy halloween!
How was your October?


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