365 project: Week 1

While making my 2014 goals, I decided that this would finally be the year that I successfully completed a 365 project. So in 2014, I will be taking a photo every single day. 
WEEK 1 – The week where…

IMG_2664 2

January 1st
I skilfully took photos of the fireworks off the tv


January 2nd 
Wore my pretty new Forever 21 necklace


January 3rd
Cooked tuna pasta puttanesca 


January 4th
Was slimmer of the week! (you could totally tell it was just after xmas – I won by losing 1lb that week & 1/2 a pound the week before!)


January 5th
Watched Wreck it Ralph for the first time


January 6th
Got organised with my new best friend: my personal organiser 


January 7th
I accessorised to the max!
I’m really motivated to keep this going all year. Lets do it!
Have you set yourself any similar tasks this year?

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