365 Project: Week 3

Another week gone! Here’s what I got up to:


January 15th
I threw my lush bath bomb into the bath. It had little hearts inside!


January 16th
I continued my hearts theme and saw double!


January 17th
Congratulated myself on a job well done. You don’t want to see the before picture! I love being organised.


January 18th
Went somewhere new tucked away from the tourists in London


January 19th
Finally got a photo of me and the bf where he’s not pulling a ridiculous face


January 20th
I pulled a ridiculous face. Do you think this is my good side? Tried out one of my Lush face masks. My skin was baby soft!


January 21st
Made slimming world “Cowboy Pie”. Yum!
How was your week?

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