A trip to the salon

No Jordanian wedding would be complete without going to get your hair done. The weddings over here tend to be black tie events so elegant hair is a must. The ladies here get glammed up to the max, so who am I to break that tradition? 


I decided to break my 10 year habit of simple waves or half up/half down styling and go for something different. Having lost 2 stone, I felt confident enough to have my hair out of my face for once – not quite up, but baby steps.


I went for a simple from the front; side ponytail with curls but went for a bit of fun in the back. 



My mum went for a pretty bun.



My cousin went for simple waves. She was the last to get her hair done and had to run afterwards so I didn’t get an after shot 🙁


My other cousin had a braid with gems.


And my auntie had a low bun. Very classy!


My auntie and cousins then dashed off to their makeup appointment so my mum and I made our way to our other auntie’s house to get ourselves ready. 
Since a few unfortunate makeup incidents a few years ago, we always do our own makeup. Arabic makeup is very dramatic and our English faces seriously can’t take the look. My 18 year old self discovered it makes me look like I’m in my 30s and my mum looked like she should have been in a casket! Lesson learned!
Next up will be wedding!

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