A vintage adventure

Next month, it will be 5 years since my Arab grandmother passed away. When I arrived in Amman this week I found that the family were finally going through her clothes to give away. When my dad said take whatever you want, I couldn’t believe how much stuff I found. 
Both my mum and my English grandma threw all their old clothes away so I was really happy to have something vintage that is actually from a family member. It means so much more. Since I am the oldest grand-daughter and the only one interested in vintage, I pretty much had my pick. After showing some stuff to my cousin who’s my age, I’m happy to say she got on the band wagon as well.  Anything we didn’t pick would be going to charity, so not only did I pick out stuff for myself but my vintage shop got a healthy amount as well.
A bit of background of owner: 


Grandparents on their wedding day (my grandfather passed away 11 years ago – he kind of reminds me of Walt Disney in this photo). They got married in the forties.



These two photos above I had never seen before of my grandparents – so cute!
Now on to the clothes:




This isn’t even all of her clothes. I think I’m beginning to see where I got the clothes hoarding gene from….


I love the colour of this dress so I’m keeping it for myself. The triangle detailing is also pretty nifty. Will have to loose the shoulder pads though!


This dress is a tad (putting it lightly) big on me so it is currently at the tailors being taken in (which by the way is ridiculously cheap here – I’m talking the same price as a couple of Starbucks at the most!) I can’t wait to try it on.


I am in LOVE with this sequin cape. I was going to donate it to Toast Rack but my dad said it’s a classic and you never know when you might need it. Yes my dad encouraged me to keep it – I have an awesome dad.



These two tops were picked up by my cousin. How gorgeous is the detail on both tops? I insisted on photographing them before she took them. Sequins and pearls. I would put a couple more photos of them up but I think this post is already picture heavy enough. 
Packing to leave tomorrow, I managed to fill both mine and my dads suitcases (see? Best dad ever!) with all my new goodies. I mainly got a few blazers for myself and the shop got shoes, handbags, shirts, suits, a fur stole and a couple of dresses. I can’t wait to go to my next vintage fair to see what awesome new homes they go to. And I’m finding myself hoping that the weather is still bad so I can wear my new dresses. They are long sleeved after all. I really want to find some more old photos of my grandmother so I can find one of her wearing the clothes I picked.
Have you ever gotten anything vintage from relatives?

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  1. Oh wow, that’s amazing she still had all of those clothes! My mum always says “I wore something like that in the seventies…” but it’s loooong gone! I do have my grans old jewllery though, which I love xo

    1. Cool about your gran’s jewellery box! And that’s exactly what my mum says. She hates vintage clothing for the understandable reason that she’s worn it all before. 🙂 x

  2. Those pictures of your grandparents are so sweet.
    Also, beautiful clothes. I love the sequin cape – how nice that it was your dad who told you to keep it! xx

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