#BEDM Day 11: Food Glorious Food

Today’s topic (for me at least) is Food Glorious Food. I am a self confessed foodie. I will try just about anything and I love experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes. So I thought that today I would share with you 6 recipes that I found on Pinterest that I just can’t wait to try!

Chocolate Dipped Peanut Butter Ice Cream Bars – The View From Great Island


It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the winning combination of peanut butter and chocolate so these look like the ultimate summer treat. Now if only we could get the weather to go with them!

Butternut Squash Fries – My Fussy Eater


Things I love: Fries, potatoes, sweet potato fries, sweet potatoes and butternut squash. So I don’t see how I can’t love butternut squash fries. These look delicious.

Butterbeer Fudge – Ashlee Marie


Say the word butterbeer to me and I’m there. I’ve always wanted to try out a butterbeer recipe so this may just be the one I’ve been looking for.

Danielle Chang’s Indonesian Fried Rice Nasi Goreng


This looks simply delicious. I’ve tried a couple of Indonesian dishes in my time and based on the ingredients of this one, I can’t see myself disliking it. Yum!

Warm gingerbread breakfast smoothie – Running with Spoons


Though this appears to be quite a seasonal smoothie at first glance, that wouldn’t stop me making it tomorrow. I love gingerbread any time or place and it’s been ages since I made a smoothie. I like the fact that it’s served warm too.

Homemade Beignets – Spicy Southern Kitchen


Ah beignets. To this day you still haunt my food related dreams and yet I’ve still never tasted you. One day. Maybe with this recipe it will be one day soon!

So that’s whats on my current dream list for cooking. How about you?

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