#BEDM Day 12: Poetry

I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a poet. Poetry isn’t something I care about. But funnily enough this is the second time this year that I have had poetry come up in my life. The last time was at Blognix earlier this year. In order to get our creative juices flowing we were asked during one of talks to write a poem about an object on our table. Mine was a piece of ribbon. I started but ran out of time so here’s the full and final version. Think of it being from the point of view of my cat Luna.

The Black Ribbon

What’s that?

It’s long, it’s black.

Bat, bat, bat.

It doesn’t move.

Curious…why doesn’t it fight back?

Bat, bat, bat.

What is it?

Not a worm, a snake, definitely not a cat.

Bat, bat, bat.

Mine now. 


Have you ever written poetry?


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