#BEDM Day 2: Monday Musings

Why I’m losing weight for me…and not my wedding.

I’m getting married next year. I am also a member of Slimming World. The two have nothing to do with each other. Unfortunately due to the world we live in, people assume that they do. It doesn’t really bother me what people think, but it does make me sick when I think of the pressure women (and also some men) are put under to look the best for their wedding day.

You can’t flip through a wedding magazine without seeing a diet/weight loss related advert and I was horrified that they were handing out slim fast meals in the goody bags at the wedding fair I went to earlier this year. Topher unfortunately ended up being the one eating it and described the noodles as “giant snot bogies”.

It’s bad enough that we’re pressured in daily life to be “skinny” but pushing people to diet for the happiest day of their life is just wrong. As long as you’re happy with yourself then nothing else should get in your way. No matter what size you are, you’re getting married to your best friend and that should be the most important thing. And if you do want to diet, you should be doing it for yourself and in the healthiest way possible. No starving yourself and making yourself miserable.

As for me, I’ve been a member of Slimming World since 2013, long before I got engaged in 2015. Since I was a teen I struggled with my weight and though I’ve never been “huge”, things finally came to a head when I was 25 in summer 2013. I was 13 and a half stone and so uncomfortable. Not so much with the way I looked, but how I felt. I had lovely clothes that fit me and a boyfriend and friends who loved me just the way I was but physically I felt terrible. My knees would go every time I stood up, I would get out of breath walking up the stairs and my diet was atrocious.

I knew enough was enough and in October that year I joined Slimming World. For myself. I lost 2 and a half stone with the group I was with in London and unfortunately after we left I couldn’t find another group that I loved as much. So my weight loss plateaued, then rose again until finally I found a group near my new house that I like. So since Topher and I rejoined in May, I have lost half a stone.

The thing I love most about Slimming World is that I get to eat real food. And I don’t have to give up chocolate or carbs. It’s all about balance and getting a better relationship with eating. So yes I’m losing weight but I’m not making myself miserable in the process.

I just want to get back to the weight that I was at my happiest and healthiest so I have a couple of stone to go, but it’s for me and not my wedding. If I don’t get to that target before that then it’s really not the end of the world. No matter what size I am on my wedding day it’s going to be one of the happiest of my life and I can’t wait.

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  1. Oh yes, I agree!! I’m sniggering at “giant snot bogies”! Hahaha! Niice! Well done on the weight loss – I like Slimming World too but I never seem to stick to it.

    Good luck for your wedding next year….sooo exciting for you!

    1. Thanks! I completely know what you mean. I wish I had the drive I had when I first joined. I was unstoppable! I think it’s all about what group you’re a part of. When I wasn’t completely happy I just didn’t lose a thing! 🙂 x

  2. Good for you! And like you say no matter what size you will be on your wedding day its going to be amazing and you will look amazing too! I feel the same way you do sometimes. Especially since moving to Turkey with more reason to wear a bikini and shorts and having that feeling I need to look ‘perfect’. When in actual fact I don’t need to change anything physically about myself just accept that I actually look good and be happy about it! Congrats on the engagement and I look forward to more posts xx

    1. Thanks! And exactly – as long as you’re happy and confident in your own skin you should wear that bikini with pride 🙂 x

  3. Congrats on your engagement. I frankly don’t like this whole idea of staying slim and thin so you can fit in your wedding dress (saris for us Indians because who wants to see a chubby belly peeking out from the folds of the wedding saree). What’s wrong with just being however you are? *shakes head*

    Somdyuti | One Tiny Wish

    1. Thank you! Completely agree, I don’t really get it either. When I was picking out a dress for my engagement party I sent photos to my mum and she picked the one I “looked skinniest in”. That was her deciding factor. Safe to say, I picked the other one! 🙂 x

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