#BEDM: DAY 21: Dream Workspace

My ideal situation would be to work from home. But then, isn’t that any bloggers dream? I’d love to make money blogging, illustrating, making jewellery and just being overly creative every day. Wouldn’t that be nice?
I’ve been dreaming of my ideal work environment for years and in the last three, Pinterest has fueled my desire for my own workspace. One day people, one day. For now, take a looksie at my favourites:


I think it’s mainly the fairy lights that are making me happy in this one. So pretty!
My ideal office if it were to be in my house would have all my work stuff on one side, then a massive long rail down the other wall where I’d keep all my clothes. Kind of like this one from A Beautiful Mess:


In my ideal office, above the rail would have a shelf for handbags, and below would be a long shoe rack. Sigh. 
Plus I would certainly need lots of shelves:


And finally, a great source of inspiration for me is Scathingly Brilliant’s office:
I just adore all the art work on the walls. Go check out her blog – she recently moved and has been posting tours of her new place. Oh the pastels! 🙂 
What does your dream workspace look like?

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