#BEDM DAY 22: Out of the Comfort Zone

Do not adjust your TV, do not switch off your radios. This is not a drill. This is a land of bad jokes, football and no fashion sense. This is…the Topher Zone.

Diane’s blog topic today for today is ‘leaving your comfort zone’ and she decided that this would mean that her vice-like grip over this blog has been handed to me, Topher, her boyfriend, for a once-in-a-lifetime blog.
In doing so, she has also placed me out of my comfort zone. I am completely unfamiliar with blogs and social networking (I’ve read about 4 blogs in my lifetime and can’t remember my Twitter password) but here goes.
This is a picture that sums me up:
I am tasty, a FUNGHI with a CHEESY sense of humour who loves METAL and likes to SPOON.
I am currently obsessed with the World Cup and the build up to it (only 21 days guys) and am sure the rest of you are too! (cough) and am once again convincing myself that England somehow have a chance of winning it.
I have my World Cup Panini Sticker Album and World Cup Videogame to tide me over till then.
If anyone has actually read this through then here is something a little more familiar for you guys, an outfit post-thingy. It was stormy as hell so there was no need to put any ‘outside’ clothes on today.
Hair- Andrew’s barber in Wembley,
Top – Bad guys at a bar, somewhere online
Bottom – Sweatpants, a shop that sells sweatpants.
Feet – Barefoot like a Hobbit should be.
And that’s all! Normal service resumes tomorrow, despite the inevitable surge of support for me to take full control, so catch you on the flip-side.

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