#BEDM DAY 23: Date Night

Last week, Topher and I decided to try out some of the local Peterborough cuisine and stumbled upon Wildwood. I definitely recommend it. So delicious! I had never heard of it before but it’s a chain that you’ll find mainly in the south of England.

The decor is amazing – I was even swooning over the bathrooms (sounds so weird to say). It was interior design porn. I will definitely be taking more photos next time I visit. 
I had a raspberry lemonade, Topher had a diet coke and for starters we split a baked brie with caramelised onion, roasted hazelnuts and bread for dipping. I was apparently too busy digging in to take a photo, so take my word for it, it looked amazing.
For mains I had sea bass with courgettes and these amazingly cheesy potatoes. It was amazingly light that I felt just full enough when finishing. None of that wanting to curl up in the foetal position for a while kind of portions.
Topher opted for the wild boar and chorizo burger with fries. He says it was juicy. I can’t add much more to that.
It was about 4pm and we hadn’t had any lunch so we went for all three courses like the fattys we are. And I would do it all again.  
Topher had the sundae which included mini oreos, malteasers and baileys. 
I had the “Beanut Putter” brownie cheesecake which was on the specials menu. Oh my word this was delicious, but rather rich so unfortunately I couldn’t finish it (Topher took care of that). I would order it again though!
We will definitely be visiting there again – there’s so many more dishes I want to try!
What do you do on date night?

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