#BEDM DAYS 17-20: Catch up!

So I was hoping this wouldn’t happen but with moving house, missing a few days of BEDM was inevitable. I don’t want to miss out so here’s my super quick catch up.


DAY 17 – Favourite decade
Though it’s very hard to make a decision on my favourite decade, I think I’ll have to sway towards the 1950s. I love the fashion, the films, the music, the advertisements, the interiors – just all sorts. Especially over the pond in the USA. What a cool time to look back at. I wouldn’t want to live in that time, mainly for all the sexism and lack of technology but I can appreciate some aspects of 50s life.

DAY 18 – Museum Day
It’s hard to narrow it down but I think my favourite museum is the London Science Museum. I love this place – it’s so fun and interactive!

DAY 19 – Best thing about being an adult

  • Just being able to do what I want, when I want.
  • Looking forward to buying a house.
  • Being able to do things myself – I grew up in an area with no buses so had to rely on my parents to taxi me round.
  • Having your own money to spend on whatever.
  • Watching things I used to watch as a kid and finally getting some of the jokes that went over my head at the moment

DAY 20 – Being adventurous
Well, once again the bf and I have moved to a random place where we don’t know anyone. In fact, a month ago, the bf couldn’t point out Peterborough on a map. Is that adventurous enough? Also our upcoming London to Brighton trek is pretty damn adventurous I think.

So just a quick update on what’s going on in the Nomad household. Everything is in the new flat – but it’s everywhere! I have so much stuff! Managed to convince the bf to give me more space in the wardrobe though (winning).

As of yesterday I am officially a commuter. A drone – though not wearing a suit. I’m finding it good so far, I’m planning on using it to my advantage – especially with this blog. Stuff is gonna get done! 

I really want to continue with BEDM so am going to try my hardest to post everyday. Wish me luck!

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