My week #19 – Birmingham, Dresses and Pizza

my week 19 - 2

*The target dress *Pickles sitting like a human again

*Pulling weeds in the garden *Birmingham

*Birmingham street art *Pizza Hut

*Luna having a dance *September goals in my bullet journal


So this week has been the week of focus. After trying on the dress I’m going to be wearing to the weddings we are going to this month before we went away, I was satisfied with the fit. After returning, I was not. I put on 3 and a half pounds while I was away on both the hen party and the trip to Devon and that was fine with me. The only thing that wasn’t fine was that now the dress was uncomfortable to wear. And I can’t afford another one. Therefore I was on it this week. I hung the dress up in the landing so I saw it numerous times each day. That gave me the focus to go and lose 3 and a half pounds this week. Yay! So now I can eat, drink and be merry at the wedding this weekend!

Speaking of wedding stuff, Topher and I headed down to Birmingham this week to have an engagement shoot with our wedding photographer. It was a super sunny day and there was so much laughing throughout the shoot. Fingers crossed our poor photographer got some good shots out of us – we are so awkward! Afterwards we went to Pizza Hut and had a wander around the Bullring before heading back up north. Lovely day.

Since the sun made an appearance this week, I managed to get out into the garden to get some work done on it. We want a border around the edge but there is some serious tidying, trimming and weeding to do so I’ve made a good start this week. I think I may end up enjoying gardening!

And finally, I have to say that I’m in love with my bullet journal. I am so pumped for September. I’ve got all my goals and all my trackers set up so I am ready for it.

How was your week?

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