Buttons and charms and chain (oh my)

Oh my indeed. While in Jordan last week, I not only added to my shop’s vintage collection but also to my handmade jewellery one as well. One of my cousins makes jewellery as well, so she took me downtown to a few of her suppliers.
It was a whole different atmosphere to the areas of Amman I’m normally used to and the area was full of jewellery supply shops. I loved it.


This was the upstairs of the first shop. It was like an Aladdin’s cave (or a hoard of lovelies as the bf suggested). I was in here for at least half an hour looking through all the little boxes. 


Button shop – walls and walls of buttons. How cute is this cash register?



I came away with one or two things perhaps…


Look at all the charms! I’ve already made 5 necklaces and 3 pairs of earrings ready for my fair on Saturday. It was great to find a few more unusual charms that I don’t think I would have found in my usual charm search. 


Buttons! These are all being turned into stud earrings.
I think my next post will be a food related one judging by the photos I have left from my trip. 
Do you like unusual charms?

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  1. Wow, Aladins cave indeed! Your charms are so lovely and I love the idea of turning buttons into earrings – I wish I had the skill and patience for something like that! Xo

    1. It was definitely difficult narrowing down all the amazing options but I’m definitely pleased with my choices in the end. More money so I could buy it would be even better 🙂 x

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