Top Picks #42

1.Laptop Case, £42.50 – Dessi Designs @Etsy

Because I don’t have enough polkadots in my life apparently. I’ve been wanting a laptop case for years now but never found the right one. This one is awesome.

2. Dungaree dress, £24.99 – H&M*

I like the idea of having something like this for my capsule wardrobe that I’ll eventually be having. Imagine how many different things you could wear it with! And the fact that you could wear it all year round depending on tights, t-shirts, jumpers etc. So versatile.

3. Vase, £18 – Oliver Bonas*

This seems like quite a grown up choice for me. I’m not entirely sure where I’d put it in my house but I’d love to put some bright yellow flowers in it wherever it goes. It looks so summery and happy.

4. Top, £15 – Dorothy Perkins*

Yep, still attracted to the monochrome. I love colour but there doesn’t appear to be much of it in the shops at the moment. Just me? Ah well, I still like the detail on this scalloped lace top.

5. Shoes, $54.99 – Modcloth*

I love these shoes! They’re not exactly what I would usually go for but there’s just something about them that I like. The pattern is fun and summery and I can totally see myself wearing them with a sleeveless top and jeggings. They also come in blue!

6. Skirt, £95 – ASOS*

This skirt is insane! I love it. Absolutely no idea where I’d wear it but isn’t it cool? I’d probably wear it like the model does and just wear a plain top to balance things out. Though I’d wear sandals, not trainers! I’m definitely not down with the kids enough for that!

7. Scissors, £5.95 – Ohh Deer

These may be a bit ridiculous and indulgent but I love them. Everyone needs pretty scissors right?

8. Pen, £3 – Accessorize

This pen makes me giggle. That’s all. It’s just so fluffy!

What’s on your wish list this week?

Items marked * contain affiliate links. Opinions as always are my own.

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Top Picks #41

  1. Top, £34 – Sugarhill Boutique

Another take on the Breton top style that I love so much. The embroidery detail is so cute and I would seriously consider getting this in both the red seen here and the navy it also comes in.

  1. Binder, £8 – Paperchase

I don’t think I’ve ever put a binder on one of my top picks before but isn’t it pretty? Hopefully an addition for my soon to be pretty office.

  1. Skirt, £27 – PicknMix @ Etsy

The pattern on this skirt is amazing – so pretty. And yes I’m still definitely well and truly into celestial themed products apparently!

  1. Mug, £12 – Urban Outfitters

This cactus mug is so fun! Love it.

  1. Shirt, £30 – Topshop*

Simply because OMG pandas. End of.

  1. Watch, £107 – ASOS*

As much as I love my current Kate Spade watch, this one is seriously pretty and it’s black which I’m really into at the moment. I also love that the rose gold features would also go rather nicely with my engagement ring.

  1. Vinyl Sticker, £2.88 – Sleepy Mountain @Etsy

Topher and I both love The Office so this sticker needs to be in our home somewhere. Now if only this shop had a Stanley waffle day sticker – then we would be all set!

  1. Cushion, £3.99 – H&M

This would look awesome in my office once it’s decorated next month. (Can’t wait!)

  1. Shirt, $59.99 – Modcloth*

The detailing on this shirt is so damn cute and happy it makes me smile. It just screams spring and reminds me that there are warmer days to come!

  1. Pinafore, £15 – ASOS*

I’ve been getting to thinking about a capsule wardrobe recently and when I came across this Pinafore, I thought it would be the perfect addition. Imagine the sheer amount of items it would go with and how you can dress it up or down. Plus, how great is the price?

What’s on your imaginary shopping list at the moment?

Products with * contain affiliate links.

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Top Picks #40

1. Necklace, £22.50 – Tatty Devine

This necklace is on sale now! Woop! I’m still attracted to anything celestial.

2. Hand Embroidery Pattern, £5.08 – Making Jiggy @Etsy

I really don’t know why but this embroidery hoop art pattern really tickles me. It’s only a pattern but I would totally take up embroidery just to be able to have this on my wall!

3. Top, £25 – Joy

Now this is something I would definitely have never chosen when I was bigger. But now that I’m getting close to my target weight, I finally feel confident enough to pick something like this. I just love the detail!

4. Notebooks, £9 for set – Nikki Strange @Etsy

These constellation notebooks are gorgeous. I need more notebooks right? Right?

5. Dress, £45 – Oasis*

Love this print and the sleeves are so pretty! I’m still so happy that Oasis started offering longer lengths for skirts and dresses last year. And at no extra price to the regular one. Oasis you are awesome!

6. Mug, £3.99 – H&M

This mug is just adorable. You can’t really see in the picture but it also has little ears on the rim! Love it and it appeals to my polka dot loving side. The price is awesome too.

7. Llama pins, £5 for 2 – Paperchase

I am in love with the entire No Probllama range that’s new to Paperchase. There’s a llama pen in particular that’s not on the website yet which has to be mine.

8. Cami top, £29 – Oasis*

My monochrome love still appears to be going strong. I love the detail on this top. Very 90s too. It looks like something Rachel from Friends would have worn in season 1.

9. Mirror, £40 – Urban Outfitters

Loving the shape of this!

10. Shoes, $54.99 – Modcloth

These are definitely strictly summer only shoes but aren’t they pretty? I wish they came in every colour – I’d love some bright red ones.

What’s on your wish list this week?

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Christmas Gift Guide – For Him

And now it’s time for the boys. See here for the girls gift guide. Once again I’ve hunted down all the items I could from small business and popped them here so hopefully you’ll be able to get some ideas for the men in your life. I’m really lucky that Topher is so easy but then on the flip side I find people like my dad and uncle so difficult. And the only reason I don’t find my brother difficult anymore is because I straight out ask him now what he wants. And he tells me. We’ve got a good thing going!

The One with the Beard

1. Beard Comb, £9.75 – Wood Paper Scissors UK @Etsy

The Sports Fan

2. Print, £8.10 – Coco Milla @Etsy

The Travel Buff

3. Personalised Passport Holder, £20 – Luna Studio Designs

The Caffeine Addict

4. Grown your own coffee plant kit, £13.95 – Plants From Seed

The Total Dick

5. Enamel Pin, £6 – Veronica Dearly

The Book Worm

6. Bookmark, £10 – Lisa Angel

The Chocolate Lover

7. Chocolate card, £12.50 – Morse Toad

The Pokemon Fiend

8. T-shirt, £21.99 – What is your fandom @Etsy

The Sweary One

9. Mug, £12 – Parkins Interiors

The Cook

10. Apron, £21.86 – Fat Owl Kids @Etsy


I think I’ve just about done my Christmas shopping now (only two presents left to get!). I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. How’s yours going?


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Christmas Gift Guide – For Her

It’s time for my annual Christmas Gift Guide. First up, presents for the women in your life. And everything on this list is from a small business. Did you know that every time you buy something from a small business, a person does an actual happy dance. I think it’s really important to not only support our high street stores but to think of the little businesses as well. Spread the wealth people!

Plus you’re a lot more likely to find something unique! Perfect for those hard to shop for people on your list who like to look different from the crowd. So here’s my selection.

The Organised Miss

1. Planner, £27.36 – Karma Paper Co @ Etsy

The Glitter Babe

2. Crown, £17 – Crown & Glory

The Nature Lover

3. Calendar, £12 – Papio Press @ Etsy

The Nap Taker

4. Mug, £13.50 – Veronica Dearly

The Animal fiend

5. Hoop art, £30.35 – Femmebroidery @ Etsy

The Cat Lady

6. T-shirt, £12.50 – So Pink UK @ Etsy

The Minimalist

7. Earrings – £8 – Finest Imaginary

The Quirky One

8. Necklace, £25 – I Am Acrylic

The Trend Setter

9. Bag, £49.09 – byMART @ Etsy

The Biscuit Queen

10. Cushion, £32 – Nikki McWilliams


Next up, the boys!

How’s your Christmas shopping going? I think I’m almost done, though I am left with the difficult ones so wish me luck!

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