Current Obsessions

Since I’ve been stuck in a rut with ideas for blogging recently, I thought I’d let you know what I’ve been up to recently.
The Mistborn book series


The Mistborn series is definitely filling a Harry Potter esque series shaped hole in my life right now. In a nutshell, it’s about a street girl called Vin who has special powers and joins a team to overthrow the evil ruler that has enslaved her people. It’s nice to find a book like this that has a girl as the main point of view and I’m excited to read the remaining 3 books. 
New Girl


All about a girl called Jess who catches her boyfriend cheating on her so moves in with 3 guys she met on the internet. Funny situations a-go-go. The idea has been done before, people in their late 20s/early 30s living together etc but I have to say I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. The cast gel really well together and there’s a fair few situations I haven’t ever seen before. It’s not often I can watch something over and over in such a short period of time. 
I just love it, and I want Zooey Deschanel’s  wardrobe. Will definitely have to do a style post on Jess soon! Plus I want to live in their loft. It’s gorgeous! But I’m not surprised considering I’m a sucker for exposed brick. 
The only sad thing is that I’m completely up to date with America now so I have to wait every week for the next episode. I’m used to finding shows that are way ahead so I can just binge on them but this is going to take some patience. 
The Amazing Race


This definitely has to be my top game/reality show ever. It’s an American program where teams of two race around the world for a million dollars. Each leg they have different tasks and the last team to get to the end of each leg is out. I would love to be on this show, it looks like such an adventure! Plus, Phil the host is awesome – especially his eyebrow (see below)! 
Me and the bf love this show and have watched all 21 seasons. There’s always a team you love and a team you hate so we spend plenty of time yelling at the laptop. I need to see if these are available on DVD!


Lusting over


Ah Modcloth, you’re so out of my price range but I just can’t help myself but look. The clothes and accessories are so cute and quirky – completely my style. I guess I will just have to wait until I’m rich to be able to shop there! For now, it’s all about the window shopping. 


Maybe it’s because I haven’t had them in so long but since pancake day I have not stopped craving pancakes. I used to have them every day for breakfast as a kid and really miss that. Definitely going to make some tonight!
What are your current obsessions? 


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Pancake disaster

Now I know I’m no Nigella but Pancake day definitely proved it!
Due to lack of time etc, the bf and I got these ready made shake and make mixtures that you just need to add water to. 


So with the idiot proof mixture we started off pretty well.



Cheese filled pancake!


The bf even managed to flip one
Until disaster struck:


The rest turned out as well as these did. But it’s ok because they still tasted awesome and that’s the main thing isn’t it?
One day I will make photo worthy pancakes from scratch.
Did you have more of a successful time making pancakes on Tuesday?
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Food and drink

So on our big day out, the bf and I headed to The Blue Pig in the Northern Quarter, Manchester based on a recommendation from Claire. 
The Blue Pig is an interesting place. It’s a deli, a restaurant and a bar. If you want to try something different I would definitely recommend it. 



I had the Charlie Chaplin cocktail and the bf had a beer.
They have a selection of serving platters which look delicious but we were really hungry so the bf suggested going for the 3 course meal. It’s on the 333 menu where the dishes change every week so you’re always in for something different.  
We went with the following (forgive me for not knowing the exact names or what was in them – I was too busy eating!): 


My starter: Wild mushrooms, melted brie, caramelised onions on some kind of bread thing (it’s technical name).


Bf’s starter: Fishcakes

My main: Squid ink ravioli stuffed with crab meat, served with prawns and chilli.

Now even though I’m a massive seafood fan, the whole concept of squid ink freaked me out a bit. But after talking to our server, I was reassured that it was only one aspect of the dish. It appears that the ravioli was just soaked in it, turning the pasta black. To be honest, the whole dish was delicious! I would definitely recommend jumping a bit out of your comfort zone to try something a bit different.


Bf’s main: Pork loin and black pudding. He likes pig. Enough said.


My dessert: Chocolate thing (again, it’s technical name – who cares, it’s chocolate) with candied orange peel and red berries. 
Yum! Not too rich and enough there on the plate to satisfy.


Bf’s dessert: Cherry Bakewell pie with creme anglais. 
This looked (and tasted!) delicious!
Overall, I would definitely recommend the Blue Pig but it’s not somewhere I would go regularly as it is a bit pricey. It’s a special occasion kind of place. Thanks to the bf for paying!


Later on in the day we headed to Spinningfields to search for The Alchemist bar which was recommended by the bf’s sister. Known for it’s unusual cocktails. 




I had a Bubblegum daiquiri which had popping candy in it and it was so incredibly good! I need to learn to make one of these at home! The bf had a Long Island Iced Tea. 



Overall, I liked The Alchemist and would definitely go back. There was a good range of prices for the drinks so there’s something to suit every pocket. But for me personally it’s a one drink place due to my lack of money.
I had a lovely day out!
Have you visited any nice eateries recently?
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Korma girl has a curry: What I ate in India

I’m quite proud to say that we lasted about half the holiday eating purely Indian food. By the time Wednesday evening rolled around we gave up and had pizza! Too much of a good thing and all that. 


This was our first meal on the first day. It was at a vegetarian restaurant and with some help from the very kind waiter we picked out a variety of dishes which kind of worked out like tapas – Indian style.


They were a mix of savoury and sweet which was a bit of a surprise but very fun! It was a good way to ease our jet-lagged selves in.



On the way to Jaipur we stopped at a restaurant for lunch which had a gift shop attached and was full of tourists. Something I noticed though was that it was just us and the locals in the restaurant. 
 “The tourists seem to just be buying Pringles and running away!”


They were definitely missing out as I loved this meal. We shared all the dishes again which were saag (potatoes), daal (lentil type sauce) and I forget it’s name but it was vegetables and cheese in a sauce. All picked up with naan bread. Delicious!



Our dessert that evening was yummy! We decided to share some ice cream cake, kulfi (kind of like ice cream which was amazing!) and gulab jamun which is like balls of sponge with syrup. 


For lunch my parents unknowingly ordered special dosas (rice pancake with potato filling) not realising how HUGE they would be. Challenge accepted. 


Meanwhile, my dosa was a lot more managable. Yum!
It was a fun new experience as I had only tried gulab jamun before going to India. 
Have you ever tried any of these dishes? 
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Food and drink market

While I was in Newark last weekend, there was a festival going on in the town which included a food and drink market. 











DSC06764 (1)


I love that there was bunting and union flags still up in town. And it was such a pretty day so we went for a walk around town after we looked at the market. 
I hated living here as a teenager but I’ve grown to like coming back to visit. I can appreciate the beauty of the place now that I’m an adult. That and I can drive now! 
Do you like your home town?
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