Food and drink market

While I was in Newark last weekend, there was a festival going on in the town which included a food and drink market. 











DSC06764 (1)


I love that there was bunting and union flags still up in town. And it was such a pretty day so we went for a walk around town after we looked at the market. 
I hated living here as a teenager but I’ve grown to like coming back to visit. I can appreciate the beauty of the place now that I’m an adult. That and I can drive now! 
Do you like your home town?
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Food glorious food!

A tad bit of a cliché title post but I’m ok with that. 
Amman is a place where I go to eat. Hanging out with my family is an endless sea of lunches (if you can call it lunch if it’s at 5pm), great aunties pinching your cheeks and force-feeding baba-ganoush down your throat. Then asking if you’ve put on weight and when are you getting married. 
Here’s a few samples of what I ate during the week:


Lamb, rice and almonds. Simple, but oh so good! I love lamb and we definitely have a lot of it there. 


Dessert. There’s always so many things to choose from that I take a little bit of each. 
Clockwise from top: Pumpkin jam and flat bread, sweet syrup cake with almonds on top, cherries, flat peach and apricot. Yum!


One night, my cousins took me and my brother to Sugar Daddy’s; a sweet treat haven. Cupcakes and cakes galore.


I went for a slice of red velvet cake. They all came with two spoons. Ha, I’m not sharing. Though I have to say that I couldn’t finish it! Wow, that was good. 


Apple cinnamon waffles, courtesy of The Bake House, found in downtown Amman. My cousin insisted on taking us and I’m glad she did as these waffles were amazing. My parent’s had the pancake version and that also looked awesome. I really struggled to finish as it was a generous portion but it was so worth it. 


This lemon juice was beyond amazing. They add mint and sugar so it tastes really nice. I’m definitely going to be re-creating this at home!


Desserts table. Lots of mouths to feed you know? I had a little bit of cheesecake, chocolate cake and an arabic dish right at the end (the name escapes me). All delicious!
Needless to say, I had a bit of a food coma after this week. 
Have you eaten anything amazing recently?
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Food is my drug PART 3

The final chapter in me and the bf’s Disney food and wine festival adventure. Check out PART 1 and PART 2. I’m proud to say that none of these pictures contained partially eaten food. We managed to remember every time this day to take a photo first. Though I may have sipped the Mai Tai a little first. No one’s perfect. 


Seven Tiki Mai Tai 
Omg SO alcoholic it took me by surprise. Such a little cup!


Steamed Mussels with Roasted Garlic Cream & Baguette
Delicious mussels though the bread was kinda stale. 
New Zealand again


Seared Sea Scallop with Vegetable Slaw and Lemon Oil
Amazing. I love scallops anyway, so to have one so massive was awesome. Plenty to share.
Hops and Barley  – was in the USA pavilion


Lobster Roll
I am a huge fan of lobster (as well as other sea food) but it is rather expensive back home so I always have cheap lobster when I go to the USA. This isn’t the best lobster I’ve ever had, but for $7ish I would’t expect it to be. Was nice to have so much lobster in the roll, not like another I had at a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. Yum.


Ravioli Di Formaggio All’Emiliana (Cheesy Bolognese Ravioli) 
So yummy! And quite a generous portion. Impressed.


Green Tea Plum Wine Cooler
Now we were torn on this one. This is going to sound weird but when you first taste it, it tastes kinda salty. After taking a couple of sips, that goes away and it tastes really nice. The bf refused to drink anymore after a sip so I was happy to finish it off myself. An unusual taste but I liked it.


Grilled Lamp Chop with Roasted Potato Salad and Red Wine Reduction
I’m a big fan of all the above so this was lovely. Wish there was more.
Mexico again


Now this word does not give this Mexican dessert justice. So tasty! It is also called Creme Caramel I think – that’s what we called it when we used to have it all the time when I was little. Reminded me of my childhood 🙂
Back to Belgium


Godiva Chocolate Iced Coffee and Freshly Baked Waffles with Berry Compote and Whipped Cream
I’m always up for waffle time so this was very nice. Now, on to the iced coffee. It was an alcoholic version so very tasty. The biggest disappointment was that the cup was so darn small! Make it bigger. *Goes to look for a recipe*
And that is the end of the food adventure.
Did you like this three part series? Should I do any more food posts? Won’t be as lengthy as these as I won’t be going to anything like this anytime soon but along the same lines. 
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Food is my drug PART 2

Continuing on from Part 1, here is what the bf and I ate and drank on day 2 of our adventure to the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. First stop, the Caribbean!

DSC06272 - Version 2

Ropa Vieja (slowly braised beef) and white rice
Was alrighty.


Grilled Ribeye Taco
I enjoyed but was not so keen on the spicy kick as I am a wimp.


Taste of Scandinavia – Shrimp salad, cured salmon and herring
Another dish we may have scarfed down a bit before remembering to take a photo. Which is why the herring is nowhere to be seen…


Pot Stickers and Caramel and Ginger Ice cream
As I cannot eat the creatures that go oink, the bf sampled the pot stickers which meant the ice cream was all mine! It was amazing! There were actual bits of ginger in it. Good thing the China pavilion at Epcot seems to always sell this as I will be going back for more in the future.
South Korea


Boolgogi BBQ beef with steamed rice and kimchi
I have to say that this was my least favourite food out of everything we tasted. The beef and rice was good, but the kimchi (cabbage) let it down for me. I’m not a cabbage fan generally but the sauce wasn’t to my taste.
South Africa

DSC06309 - Version 2

Seared filet of beef with smashed sweet potatoes and braai sauce
This beef was so incredibly cooked it was amazing! The sauce and sweet potatoes was really interesting too.

DSC06311 - Version 2

Nuernberger sausage in a pretzel roll and goulash soup
To my joy, the goulash was beef only so I had that while the bf had the sausage. What is it with boys and these? I enjoyed the goulash anyway 🙂

DSC06315 - Version 2

Cannoli al Cioccolato
Biscuit, chocolate and sweet ricotta cheese, that’s all you need to know. These bad boys were so incredible, we went back two more times to get more. I am craving one so bad right now!


Kielbasa and Potato Pierogie with caramelised onions and sour cream
Another pig fest but the potato thing was nom.
South Korea again


Raspberry Wine
My faith in South Korean cuisine was restored with this little glass of wine. I have never tasted any wine that is as nice. Even the bf who isn’t really a fan of wine kept stealing it off me. You could clearly taste the raspberry. Delicious!
That’s all we had on day two, but stay tuned for the final short and sweet Part 3.
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Food is my drug PART 1

So for those who know me, it’s no secret that I love my food. I love trying new kinds of food especially. When the bf and I went to Florida last October, the Epcot Food and Wine Festival was on so we had a blast trying different foods from around the world. We went three different days to squeeze in as much food as possible so here is what we ate and drank on the first day:


Maple and Moosehead Beer-glazed Salmon with Barley Salad.
The first dish we tried. Rather tasty!


Lobster and Scallop Fisherman’s Pie


Parisian Cosmo Slush
Very nice and rather refreshing. I may have spilled some.
Still France


Escargots Persillade en Brioche. (Snails and bread :P)
Not so bad if you pretend they’re not snails – something the bf forgot to do!


Calamari Salad with Fennel, Smoked Paprika and Olive Oil
We may have tucked in before I remembered to take a picture! That’s how good it was! Wish there was more of it.
Portugal again

DSC06003 - Version 2

Pastel de Nata
Though it looked very different to the many I consumed while in Portugal last June, it still tasted delicious. My dad especially was obsessed with these and my bf now is as well. 


Baklava (sweet pastry with nuts)
I love these. Must go to the curry mile in Manchester to track down some.
Morocco still


Kefta pocket (seasoned beef in a pitta)
This beef was so delicious! The bf says this was his fav.
New Zealand


Lamb Slider with Tomato Chutney
Now this was my favourite. I love lamb, I love chutney. Perfection. 
Luckily (or unluckily), all the portions are small and since the two of us shared everything – it was all very manageable. Though I am glad we split it over three days. 
Stay tuned for day two. Will bring it to you sometime next week. 
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