#BEDM: DAY 21: Dream Workspace

My ideal situation would be to work from home. But then, isn’t that any bloggers dream? I’d love to make money blogging, illustrating, making jewellery and just being overly creative every day. Wouldn’t that be nice?
I’ve been dreaming of my ideal work environment for years and in the last three, Pinterest has fueled my desire for my own workspace. One day people, one day. For now, take a looksie at my favourites:


I think it’s mainly the fairy lights that are making me happy in this one. So pretty!
My ideal office if it were to be in my house would have all my work stuff on one side, then a massive long rail down the other wall where I’d keep all my clothes. Kind of like this one from A Beautiful Mess:


In my ideal office, above the rail would have a shelf for handbags, and below would be a long shoe rack. Sigh. 
Plus I would certainly need lots of shelves:


And finally, a great source of inspiration for me is Scathingly Brilliant’s office:
I just adore all the art work on the walls. Go check out her blog – she recently moved and has been posting tours of her new place. Oh the pastels! 🙂 
What does your dream workspace look like?
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#BEDM DAY 14: Home Sweet Home

Today’s BEDM prompt is quite fitting as today was the day I picked up the keys for the bf and I’s new flat. I’m so excited. Hello home number 23! This place is just a stop gap for a year tops (hopefully) while we get to know Peterborough and then search for somewhere to buy but I’m looking to make it as homely as possible. All furniture will be our own and that’s definitely a first for me. 

photo 3
(We are such nerds! – Love it)
I think what I’m most excited about in terms of the furniture is our sofa. It’s my parents old one and is so damn comfy! I don’t know what it is about sofas in rental homes – they’ve all been terrible where I’ve lived. 
Before getting to my favourite part of moving – unpacking and finding a place for everything, we firstly need to pack everything up. This is a massive job that we only have two days left to finish. Fingers crossed it all goes well.
photo 1
We moved in a few boxes today but thats barely made a dent in the bf’s book & dvd collection. We’re going to need a library one day. I can’t complain really, my clothing collection is still at large after taking two big bags of it today. So a walk in wardrobe as well will be needed.
photo 5
I’m looking forward to having everything in it’s place and just settling in. No more river dancers upstairs, noisy surroundings and leaky shower (this is just scratching the surface of my hatred for this current flat). Goodbye Wembley!
What’s your idea of Home Sweet Home?
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Fields of Blue: Top picks

I’ve been feeling rather broody lately. For a home of my own. I was recently contacted by Fields of Blue, a homeware company who sell shabby chic vintage style home accessories and I had a lovely time browsing their site. Take a look at my wish list. 

I wouldn’t think myself much of a pastel kind of person, but I found myself gravitating towards everything pastel on this site. I just love the retro feel of it. My friend has a set of these scales in pink and I’ve always wanted a set of my own. Especially since I started Slimming World and am weighing things more. Plus my mum would be proud of me for picking out this matching clock. See, I can match sometimes! This clock looks like it should be in an American diner with a jukebox.
I don’t really bake that often but I think I would have to make it more of a regular occurrence if I owned a cake stand as pretty as this one. Anyone want to come over for a tea party? And my home wouldn’t be complete without something a bit quirky so these globe lights fit the bill. I’ve seen a lot of different fairy lights but never this style before!
What homeware item is on your wish list?


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Pieces of home

Now that me and the bf have settled in a bit into our flat, here’s some little snippets of our home.


“Some like it hot” is definitely in my top 5 favourite films of all time so I had to have this when I saw it at Vintage Village. And yes we are complete children – the soft toys have to be displayed.


I’ve been looking of one of these little shelf things to display my travel bits and pieces for years. Spotted this one a couple of weeks ago and am loving the bright happy colours. The frame next to it was a car boot find that I painted with chalkboard paint. Now all I need is the chalk and to decide what colour to paint the frame. Just seen is our table cloth that you may or may not recognise as the fitting room curtain from my old Afflecks shop. Reduce, reuse, recycle.


I love this rug. It was bought in Egypt and has been in my family over 20 years. Bright colours are awesome 🙂


My bargain of a vintage magazine rack from Vintage Village. 


Another Vintage Village find; Percy the biscuit jar penguin. I love him even though he can be a bit creepy at times. This marmite tin was a TKMaxx find which me and the bf both adore. Me because of the pretty pastel colours and him because he loves marmite. 


My ever expanding jewellery collection. 
It really is the little things. What makes your house a home? 
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Finds of Vintage Village

So I said I would post what I spent my pennies on at last weeks Vintage Village, but I didn’t mean to post this late I promise! Take a looksie:


You cannot say no to a dress that both fits perfectly and has a price that is single digits! £8! Definitely a dress for India I think as it is going to be too cold here soon.




This suitcase was only £8 as well so I couldn’t say no. I love the colour, the fact that all of Toast Rack’s shoes and handbags can fit in it and that it has the information of it’s previous owner inside. This is what vintage is all about. Good to know it’s a northern suitcase ha ha. 


I wouldn’t have spotted this is it weren’t for Claire pointing out the box full of small jewellery boxes for 50p. I died when I found this. Definitely one for the table display. I just love it’s colour and the fact that it kind of looks like a hat. 





This 1950s jewellery box was also only a fiver. I couldn’t believe it. Another one for the table display and it matches the tin above!





And finally, this bowl was only £2. The colour, the detail, the size – I just loved everything about it. Debating whether to use it as display but I think my table is getting quite crowded now so I’m currently using it as a fruit bowl. 
Have you found any bargains recently?
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