The Kitchen Nook Gallery Wall

So I was at odds today on what I should write about. I didn’t really think I had anything to say. But I remembered that I never showed you the beginnings of my gallery wall in the kitchen. It’s similar to the idea of the gallery wall I have on the landing but it’s more niche. I thought about waiting until we’ve painted to hang things but it’s going to be at least a year or two so we may as well enjoy the prints until then. This is just in the nook where we eat in the kitchen. Technically it’s a kitchen diner but I don’t think it’s big enough to call it that. So a nook it is.

Every print is going to be food related. Topher and I love a good pun and we’ve been collecting them for a year or two now. So far, all but two of them are from the A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail subscription I had last year. And I’ve actually got a few more though they’re proving more difficult to find frames for due to their odd shapes. The other two are from Paperchase.

A small tip for you by the way. Kids, always check the back of the picture frames when you purchase them from a pound shop. As it turned out, the three white ones (and also some that are on the landing) are not meant to be hung on the wall. They’re just for standing so there’s nowhere for them to hang on a nail – the back is completely flat. Oops.

That was easily fixed though. With the help of my trusty glue gun and some string, I made some DIY hangers so that there was something for a nail to catch onto. That and I removed the stands from the back so they would hang flat against the wall. Sorted.

So far we have the following:

Clockwise from left (the middle one is last):

  • I am a Unicorn (from Paperchase)
  • Let’s Taco ‘Bout It
  • You’re kind of a big dill
  • Complex Carbohydrates (literally a bunch of potatoes, bread etc saying stuff like What is my purpose? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life?) – from Paperchase
  • But first, coffee
  • Coffee cup surrounded by sayings like “I have a latte feelings” and “Words cannot espresso.
  • You are the pumpkin spice to my latte

They all make me smile every time I look at them.

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The Landing: The After Shot

The landing is finished! Well, at least the wallpaper striping and painting part is. As I mentioned last month, I was ready to decorate our landing after living with the wallpaper I hated since we moved in March. Take a look at what it looked like before. Not horrendous but definitely not my taste. So here it is with the finished white walls. Sorry the photo quality is bad – it’s the time of year where there’s terrible light!

The landing after 1

As you can see, the walls are super plain now but I plan on making a gallery wall up the stairs so that will improve over time. I’ve put up the prints we currently have ready but I’ll be adding photos and more prints to the mix. I kind of like the fact that it’s a work in progress. Yes I could have gone out and bought a bunch of frames and quickly picked out some pictures but I think that this way it will allow us to only put up stuff that we really love. That and we do not have the money lying around to do it all now!

The landing after 2

My vintage Some Like It Hot poster has been put back in it’s rightful place and though funnily enough it did look good with the old wallpaper, I love it so much more now. I can’t wait until the walls are filled but I’m looking forward to building our collection. We plan on putting more large pictures upstairs on the other walls but that requires actually going out and finding things we like so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled.

The landing after 3

As for the actual process of stripping the wallpaper, all I can say is that it’s easy but it’s hard. I know it doesn’t make sense but it was easy in the way that painting is easy for me, but hard in the way that the ceiling was very high on the stairs. That was definitely the difficult bit. I did the majority myself (without a ladder) but Topher had to step in to get the bits right at the top.

The landing after 4

So I’m sure you’re thinking how did I do it without a ladder? I’m a ninja. And I duct-taped the scraper/paint brush etc to the end of a mop. Who needs fancy tools eh? Though I did get a bit scrape-happy and gouge a bit of the walls when I first started stripping at the top of the stairs. Oops! On the bright side, Polyfilla is so easy to use! New skills learned. And I also learned I’m not that great at sandpapering. Lucky we’re covering the wall in frames, right?

The landing after 5

So here’s the beginning of the gallery wall. Clockwise from the top left is; a postcard from London when we used to live there, a cat print from etsy, the home sweet home and hello print are both from A Beautiful Mess either from the messy box or the happy mail box, the tree print was a gift from Claire and Steve last Christmas and the Hobbit print was from the same etsy shop as the cat print. I’ve already got some other prints ready but I just need to find the right size frames for them because they’re a bit of an odd shape. I’ll probably replace the frames for the London and Hello print too because they’re not exactly the right size.

The landing after 6

Finally, this is our chalkboard (the chalk is currently on walkabout somewhere) which is currently being used to hold our keys. It’s next to the front door. We got it as part of a prize from our London Slimming World group when we won couple of the year back in 2013/2014. I don’t remember exactly which year.

Anyway, that’s the current state of the landing. I’ll do update posts in time when our gallery wall collection grows. Watch this space!

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The Landing – The Before Shot

The moment I saw the wallpaper on the landing in our new house, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was tearing it down. There’s nothing particularly wrong with it, it’s just not to my taste. Plus the cats agreed with me because they’ve been scratching it since the day we moved in. I guess that’s the trouble with textured wallpaper – feels so nice on the claws! I will happily forgive them. It means I get to replace it sooner! It went nicely with the style of the couple that lived here before but I want to give the house our own stamp. I’m also looking forward to getting rid of the wallpaper in the living room!

the landing 2

During years of renting I’ve been dreaming of having my own house to decorate and I’ve known practically the whole time how I would decorate my stairs and landing. White walls and a gallery wall that goes up the entire staircase. I’ve been collecting prints for years in preparation.

The colour that’s on the rest of the walls goes through the entire house and I hate it. It’s a weird cream/beige mixture that looks dirty against the ceilings, which are white. You can already see the transformation in the guest room. I never thought I would be a fan of white but since our belongings are so bright, it works well against them.

the landing 3

Finally I was able to get my hands on the future mother in laws wallpaper steamer contraption so I just thought I would give you a before shot before I got to work. Since we’re having a Halloween party, I’ve set myself the deadline before the end of the month so that it’s ready for visitors. I can’t wait to start. Goodbye stripy wallpaper, hello personality!

Have you ever striped wallpaper before? Any tips?

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Our Guest Room Quote Wall

Ever since we moved at the beginning of March, I’ve been dying to paint something. And finally, the guest room is the first room completed. Paint-wise at least. This is what it looked like before. It was previously a nursery for the last owners which certainly explains the pink walls!


We wanted something a bit more grown up and less pink. I had a few ideas milling about my head but ever since I saw this post on A Beautiful Mess a few years ago, I’ve been wanting to create a similar effect. Topher liked the idea but we decided to use nerdy quotes from his (and one of my) favourite books. I wanted a modern look but with a nerdy twist that you wouldn’t get right away unless you literally read the wall.

guest room quote wall 2

I found the task of painting the wall easy, but time consuming! I painted all four walls white and then it was time for the quote wall. We chose quotes from Harry Potter, Tolkien, The Dark Tower series, The Wheel of Time series and Terry Pratchett, along with a song lyric that Topher has been threatening to get tattooed on him. If you look closely you may also spot an X-files and a Alien quote…

guest room quote wall 3

I measured out the lines (10cm apart) and used washi tape to mark the wall. Then I got out my pencil and just went for it. After the whole wall was done, I went back and painted over it all with black paint.

guest room quote wall 4

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and Topher is over the moon. Brownie points earned! It’s not perfect, but nothing is and I’m so happy with it. Even my parents were impressed when they came over to visit.

As well as the wall, we also bought two new bookcases to house all of Topher’s books as he had long outgrown our much smaller two. Now we’ve just got to save up for a couple of side tables and a new headboard and the room will be perfect.

guest room quote wall 5

I can’t wait to start my next project!

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My garden

For the first time in my life, I have a garden of my very own. Topher and I are both really excited to have some outdoor space that isn’t shared or just a concrete yard.

This is what our garden looks like now. The previous owners took great care of it, planting lots of flowers so even though it’s raining it still looks lovely. Though I can’t wait for the rain to stop so I can go out and mow the grass (I had no idea how satisfying I find that task!).

We’re going to be here for a number of years so I’ve got a few plans for our little garden.



I love the idea of having a window box full of homegrown herbs right outside the kitchen window. That would be so handy! And think of the money saved.



A truly aspirational picture. Though there’s no way this kind of garden could be mine in the UK, I can still dream right? Damn our weather.



Our shed that luckily the last people left behind could use a lick of paint. I’d love to paint it something other than brown. This shed by Sarah from A Million Dresses is awesome.



Though there’s usually only about two days a year that are BBQ friendly, I would still want a BBQ in the garden. This could be a great way to get a permanent weather proof one. My dad made one years ago so it’s definitely something I want to try. Though I would probably paint the bricks so it looks a little prettier!



Outdoor lights can transform a garden and would look amazing in the evening. These are definitely on my garden wish list. I’m just a sucker for fairy lights.


Do you have a garden?

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