The de-cluttering continues.

So I posted last week about my office that was overflowing with rubbish here. Well I’m happy to say that I am currently sitting in the same office now and have been doing so for almost a week now. I pretty much entered the room at the beginning of the day, de-cluttering away and by the end it was done.

It’s not perfect but it doesn’t need to be since we will be moving soon anyway. I just needed a clear space to sit and work at my laptop. As much fun as working from the sofa and my bed is, that novelty wears off quickly. That and my fiancé keeps asking me what’s wrong when I sit downstairs. Damn my resting bitch face.

Plus there’s something awesome about being able to say you have your own home office. I love it. Definitely beats my old office!

de-cluttering - desk view

As you can see now, the floor is clear, my old desk has swivelled round so its next to my new desk to make one uber desk (gotta love an uber desk), the plastic drawers now have a home and sitting next to it is my get rid of/sell box. Yay!

de-cluttering - workspace

Also, in terms of the dresser in the dining room, I’m also happy to say that it has been de-cluttered though I currently have no photos to prove this yet. So believe me it’s been done! I seriously can’t wait until summer when there will be more daylight hours. And by daylight hours I mean more than the minimal sunshine between 9 and 12 then just horrible grey until it gets dark about 5pm. Yuck.

And finally the spare room looks the same. Suitcase mountain still rules over the room. Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day was it? One day I’ll get there!

Are you de-cluttering at the moment? Any joy yet?

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The de-cluttering begins

My house is full of clutter. It’s really annoying so for once, I’m going to do something about it. In the past this would have embarrassed the crap out of me to show the horrendous state of parts of my house but these days I just don’t care. Today I am showing you the rooms in my house that need a serious overhaul. They need tidying, de-cluttering and cleaning to the point that they look like something off of Pinterest. This is my way of making myself do something about it. So lets dive in with the worst first. My “office”.

The de-cluttering begins - office

Hot damn. Remember how lovely my office looked? I did a post on it here. So the main mess accounts to my new desk that you can’t see which is behind the door. That’s where my plastic drawers used to stand. They now don’t have a place which is why the drawers are on the floor and the frame is just hanging out on top of some clothes in front of the window. That giant box is the box our mattress came in (weird right?) which we kept in the other bedroom so the cats could play in it but had to move when we had guests stay the night. This needs to go!

The other mess of stuff on the desks and floor I have no excuse for. Yes we are moving in the next couple of months but this is no way to live. I actually want to use my office now that I’m home all day so consider this the before photo. By the end of this week you will be able to see the floor. Honest.

The de-cluttering begins - dresser

Next, in the dining room lives the dresser. It’s other name is that thing we just pile stuff on so it’s not on the dining room table. How terrible does this look? This shouldn’t take long at all so there’s no excuse. Goodbye clutter.

The de-cluttering begins - spare room

And finally, say hello to suitcase mountain in the guest bedroom. That’s not all suitcases – behind lives another bookcase (seriously!) and a load of boxes that need to go to the car boot. To the left you can see a pile of sleeping bags that used to reside on the top of suitcase mountain until the cats knocked them off as well as the bedding which is on top of our old mattress/guest bed. Then the bookcase which is just overflowing with Topher’s books. There’s not much I can do about the suitcases which have no other home due to no access to the loft and I can’t get rid as we will be needing them to move house. I can however go through the car boot boxes and condense down. I can’t wait until it’s car boot season again!

So that’s my mess that I’ll be dealing with this week. This is my way of being accountable for it. If I don’t do it, feel free to yell at me. Right, clutter – let’s do this!

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Autumn is here: New bedding

I know I’m late to the party with the cliche omg it’s Autumn post but here it is. Funnily enough when I was shopping in Primark for holiday supplies I happened to wander past the homeward section and spot this bed set. In fact, Topher and I spotted it in the window display a couple weeks back and both really liked it so when I saw it again I couldn’t help myself.

Autumn bedding - Primark bedding

Autumn bedding - detail

As you can see, Luna is completely impressed with it.

Autumn bedding - Luna

As much as I love summer, theres nothing better than wrapping up in a cozy blanket in your pjs with fuzzy socks and a hot drink. I’ll just keep saying that until it’s completely freezing and I’ll be complaining that its too cold. The grass is always greener, right?

Autumn bedding - Socks

I’m proud to say that every day I’ve been keeping up with my one line a day book and I can’t believe I’ve managed to keep it up since January 1st. Here’s to the next five years.

Autumn bedding - one line a day

Autumn bedding - reverse

And here’s to Autumn! Pumpkin everything!

Autumn bedding - cozy pjs

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How to save a life with CORGI HomePlan

In collaboration with CORGI HomePlan

This may just look like a box. But what’s inside could save your life. Dramatic? Yes, but it’s true. Inside this box is a carbon monoxide alarm. I have to admit, I never gave carbon monoxide a second thought until a couple of months ago. I was at work as usual and my boss came in late (which is unusual). Turns out he had the emergency gas service round as his carbon monoxide alarm had gone off early that morning. He and his wife and two little kids were woken up to the sound and immediately called his gas company for help. That alarm saved their lives as there was indeed carbon monoxide in their house which could have been fatal – especially to the children.


The problem with carbon monoxide is that unlike regular gas, you can’t smell it. You can have no idea it’s there and according to the NHS, every year over 200 people go to the hospital with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning – 40 of those cases ended in death. In the last three years, an estimated one in six homes inspected by the Gas Safe Register was found to have an unsafe gas appliance and one in eleven has an unsafe boiler. This is definitely something that shouldn’t be ignored. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include the below:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Breathlessness
  • Collapse
  • Loss of consciousness

So after I heard what happened to my boss, I vowed to get a carbon monoxide alarm as soon as I could. Luckily, I attended Blog On soon after and was offered one by CORGI HomePlan. Score! If you want more information on how to detect carbon monoxide take a look at their website here. It’s super helpful. If you want to get an alarm, you get either get one here or try your luck with CORGI HomePlan’s monthly competition to win one here. They give away 10 every month.

Have you ever thought about how safe your home is?

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