My ideal home

I don’t understand people who can live in all white minimalist homes. My life and possessions have always been full of colour and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My next home (number 24 I think?) is a big beautiful 3 bed house in Manchester and even though I’m only renting so no decorating is allowed, I’m know we’re one step closer to owning our own house which we will have free reign over. Let the dreaming begin. 


Source – I don’t think this is the original source so if this is your photo please contact me so I can credit you.
Considering that I rock a lot of polka dots, it almost goes without saying that I will be needing a polka dot wall. I don’t care where, I just need one. 


These tiles are a world away from the same old standard ones I’ve seen in just about every bathroom that I have had over the years. I just love how fresh and modern they look.


This living room is lovely. The hardwood floors and white walls really make the furniture and ethnic ornaments pop. This is just the type of look that I would want to achieve with my own home. This reminds me of some of the things I have picked up on my travels like my Indian patchwork wall hanging (which one of these days will eventually end up on a wall).


Source – I don’t think this is the original source so if this is your photo please contact me so I can credit you.
For the past 12 or so years, I have been waiting to document my travels on a wall. It will look like this only brighter and more like a collage. No neat frames allowed! 



My ultimate house wish has always been to have my own office/walk in wardrobe. This would probably be the room that I go wild in terms of decor. Since it will be my room, I can decorate how I want and that may or may not include the colour that Topher hates the most, mwhahahaha. 
What does your dream home look like?
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Nomad seeks another home


So…two and a half weeks. *Awkwardly shuffles from one foot to the other* Yeah, about that…

This has been an interesting month. A continuation of my zombie-like state which I was rudely awakened from this morning when I had a minor accident with my car. Both me and the car are fine, I can’t say as much for one of my tyres though. Ribbons.

Anyway, the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy and I am truly exhausted. As of this month I had started driving down to London everyday for work. Yes, from Peterborough. I don’t recommend that. Getting up at 5am everyday, having a 4-6 hour round trip as well as the usual 8 hour working day is enough to drive anyone loony. Not to mention that we’re so short staffed at work that I’m doing about 3 people’s jobs. I haven’t felt like myself at all. I’m not blogging, not taking photos, not doing anything. All I want to do when I get home from work is eat and go to sleep. That’s not really much of a life is it?

So on the 10th this month, I handed in my notice at my job. Then a few days later I handed in my notice on my flat. I’m getting out of here. The last week or so has been spent accepting a job offer and applying to rent a very lovely house. Where are we going? Topher and I decided that the south is not for us so we are heading to pastures north. 

It’s time to go home. To Manchester, the city where Topher is from, where I went to university and where we met. The only place that I have ever clung on to and now I see that it was for good reason. We both decided that in order for us to be truly happy, we needed to be somewhere that we could make a life for ourselves. 

Even though I’m completely shattered and totally broke, I can’t stop smiling because I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. This time next month, I’ll be home. 

Normal blogging will resume this week I’m hoping. 

So how are you?

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It’s the little things


When life isn’t always going the way you want it to go, I find looking at the little things makes me feel a lot better. Whether it’s a cup of tea or a youtube video of a cat doing something silly. Preferably both at the same time. 

This week, I finally got new sheets. This may seem like something completely insignificant to you, but to me it’s pretty damn awesome. I haven’t had new bed sheets since uni and Topher’s and my combined collection is pretty pathetic. Our pillow cases are completely mis-matched – and not in an ironic hipster way either – and our sheets have seen better days. So it was time!

On a budget, I headed to Primark and found something that would suit both of us. Maps!

I love it!
Also, we have been looking for a decent chest of drawers that wouldn’t break the bank and we finally found one. It was at a car boot, brand new pine chest of drawers for the sum of ten english pounds. I couldn’t say no, though Topher was a bit reluctant when it started raining! Still, it was worth it.
What’s the little thing that’s made you smile this week?
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#BEDM: DAY 21: Dream Workspace

My ideal situation would be to work from home. But then, isn’t that any bloggers dream? I’d love to make money blogging, illustrating, making jewellery and just being overly creative every day. Wouldn’t that be nice?
I’ve been dreaming of my ideal work environment for years and in the last three, Pinterest has fueled my desire for my own workspace. One day people, one day. For now, take a looksie at my favourites:


I think it’s mainly the fairy lights that are making me happy in this one. So pretty!
My ideal office if it were to be in my house would have all my work stuff on one side, then a massive long rail down the other wall where I’d keep all my clothes. Kind of like this one from A Beautiful Mess:


In my ideal office, above the rail would have a shelf for handbags, and below would be a long shoe rack. Sigh. 
Plus I would certainly need lots of shelves:


And finally, a great source of inspiration for me is Scathingly Brilliant’s office:
I just adore all the art work on the walls. Go check out her blog – she recently moved and has been posting tours of her new place. Oh the pastels! 🙂 
What does your dream workspace look like?
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#BEDM DAY 14: Home Sweet Home

Today’s BEDM prompt is quite fitting as today was the day I picked up the keys for the bf and I’s new flat. I’m so excited. Hello home number 23! This place is just a stop gap for a year tops (hopefully) while we get to know Peterborough and then search for somewhere to buy but I’m looking to make it as homely as possible. All furniture will be our own and that’s definitely a first for me. 

photo 3
(We are such nerds! – Love it)
I think what I’m most excited about in terms of the furniture is our sofa. It’s my parents old one and is so damn comfy! I don’t know what it is about sofas in rental homes – they’ve all been terrible where I’ve lived. 
Before getting to my favourite part of moving – unpacking and finding a place for everything, we firstly need to pack everything up. This is a massive job that we only have two days left to finish. Fingers crossed it all goes well.
photo 1
We moved in a few boxes today but thats barely made a dent in the bf’s book & dvd collection. We’re going to need a library one day. I can’t complain really, my clothing collection is still at large after taking two big bags of it today. So a walk in wardrobe as well will be needed.
photo 5
I’m looking forward to having everything in it’s place and just settling in. No more river dancers upstairs, noisy surroundings and leaky shower (this is just scratching the surface of my hatred for this current flat). Goodbye Wembley!
What’s your idea of Home Sweet Home?
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