My Week #52 – Home cooking & Preparations

*Sweet potato pakoras *Planted some cat grass for the kitties – hope they like it!

*Lunch at Bakchich *Sleepy Pickles

This past week will be known as the week of cooking.

After Slimming World, I chained myself to the kitchen and tried out loads of new recipes. All delicious and I stuck to plan almost all week. Stand outs were sweet potato pakoras, chilli pasta bake and chicken & blacken tortilla boats which we made for Eurovision.

Then Tuesday happened. We went to Bakchich for the first time and it was awesome – I’ll be doing a post on this soon! And of course afterwards I insisted on a trip to Milkjam so you can probably guess what happened.

Luckily despite that I managed to maintain at Slimming World, which to be honest pissed me off at the time. I felt like I deserved to lose something. So I got upset and inhaled a family sized chocolate bar amongst other things. So that was that. Back on plan today though so fingers crossed I do better next week.

Wedding Preparations are going well

We got Topher’s suit and ring ordered this week. Yay! And we visited the registry office to get details sorted about the legal bit. Why is there barely no information on how to actually get legally married? So we’ve got an appointment with them next week.

We’ve done the seating plan, come up with table names, ordered the cake toppers and it feels like my to do list is finally getting smaller.

Flowers are going ok – just trudging along. We’ve also both started plans for our hen and stag parties. I can’t believe its less than 2 months away now.

And that’s pretty much it

Not much else to report. It feels like a lot of the same at the moment.

How was your week?

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My Week #51 -Wedding Dresses & All of the Food

*First Wedding dress fitting *Cookie dough loveliness

*Pickles thinks he’s a shoe *My garden wall

Rain rain, go away

And this flu can also go away. On the bright side, my head doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode today. Sinus headaches suck! Big thank yous to Topher for making me tea yesterday when I couldn’t get out of bed. Right there – that’s why I’m marrying you.

So according to the weather forecast, it’s now going to rain for the foreseeable future. Lovely! At least I got out in the garden and tamed that beast just in time.

I had my first wedding dress fitting!

It was so great to try it on and not having my back hang out like it did with the sample. In fact, it needs to be taken in a fair bit too. I reckon that’s just because I’m wearing it slightly different to how its supposed to be worn and that’s all I’m saying.

I had to laugh when I first saw the dress bag. Purple and polka dots! The most me dress bag I have ever seen in my life! I can’t wait for the next fitting.

My mum came and stayed over so she could come with me to the fitting and boy oh boy did we get shit done. We got a bunch of stuff for the wedding and she helped me get my garden back under control. It looks so pretty now!

We also found the perfect vases for the centre pieces and for a great price at Ikea. The only problem with that is that I was planning on spray painting coffee jars for vases so all the calculations I’d done on the amount of flowers needed was based on that. These new vases have wider brims so we literally need double the amount of flowers. *Screams internally. So I’ve got to seriously get my act together and get flower making.

I maintained at Slimming World

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to maintain my weight than I was this week! How the hell did I manage that? My mum and I had 2 meals out with dessert and I had a pic n mix fuelled Thursday – Saturday so it is literally a miracle.

I’ve gotten focused now anyway and realise the problem lies in the cheat day after I’ve been weighed which ultimately turns into cheat weekend. I can’t carry on like this as I’m just throwing money away going to group every week. I want to get to target.

So I did a whole bunch of research on Tuesday and Wednesday night and found a whole load of new recipes that I’m super excited about. Thanks Pinch of Nom! So I had a great day for food yesterday, even despite being ill. It’s been a great start to the week so onwards and upwards!

I sold my dresser!

Yay, that’s one piece of big furniture gone from the living room. It’s just the leather armchairs I’m still struggling to shift. I’ve just added a listing on Facebook selling so fingers crossed they go this week.

How was your week?

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50 Things That Make Me Happy

It’s always nice to be grateful for what you have.

So I thought it would be nice to share 50 things that make me happy. Of course there are so many more things I have to be happy about but here’s just a few:

1.     My office décor
2.     When Pickles stands on his back legs against the window (he looks so funny)
3.     When Luna is in the front window waiting for me when I come back home
4.     That little chattering noise Pickles makes when he sees a bug
5.     That little noise my computer makes when I empty the trash bin
6.     Having a long face time session with my parents
7.     Writing my to do list in my bullet journal
8.     Getting post – even if it is just a bill
9.     Scrolling through my instagram and looking at the pretty pictures
10.  That moment when I’ve finished cooking and my finished work is ready to eat
11.  When I get praise from a client
12.  When I find Pickles and Luna cuddled up together
13.  When Topher makes me laugh
14.  When Topher offers to make me a brew
15.  Catching up with friends
16.  Going to the cinema with Topher – particularly when the whole theatre goes quiet when the film is about to start
17.  When Pickles comes under the covers to have a cuddle with me
18.  When Luna sits on my chest and tucks herself up under my chin when I’m on the sofa
19.  Reading blogs in the morning with my breakfast.
20.  Getting a new washi tape. I love washi tape
21.  Scrolling through Pinterest
22.  Walking outside and feeling the sun hit my face
23.  The moment when the plane lands and you are officially on holiday
24.  Getting stuck into a really good book and binging on the whole thing
25.  Trying out a new recipe and it going right
26.  Stepping on the scales at Slimming World and losing weight
27.  Watching a film in bed with Topher and the cats curling up at the end of the bed
28.  Making plans
29.  Listening to the WDW radio podcast
30.  Memes
31.  Taking my camera out with me and getting some pretty pictures
32.  Getting home from holiday and looking through all the pictures
33.  Getting something new – even if it’s only something really small
34.  Going out for a meal somewhere new with Topher
35.  Running errands with Topher in town
36.  Looking at my engagement ring
37.  Putting on fresh bedding and fresh pjs and getting settled in with a good book
38.  Bringing a hot water bottle to bed in winter
39.  Ticking off items on my to do list
40.  Working from home
41.  Looking through the pages I’ve already done in my scrapbook
42.  That lovely time after you’ve finished tidying and it all stays that way for a day or so
43.  Having a lie in on a weekend and having a long leisurely breakfast
44.  Picking out my outfit for the day
45.  My garden when the grass has just been cut and all the flowers are in bloom
46.  Going to Freelance Friday every Friday that I can
47.  When Luna is in a chatty mood (she sounds like a little bird)
48.  Writing this blog
49.  Looking back on how far I’ve come with my one line a day journal (almost halfway through year 3)
50.  Knowing that I’m marrying my best friend in 2 months

What makes you happy?

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Thoughts on Wedding Planning – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Wedding planning is stressful, joyful and full of ridiculous things you never thought you would ever have to think about. It’s definitely been a learning curve.

I thought it would be funny to share a smidgen of my experience so far with less than 70 days to go.

The good

When you get engaged

Omg I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Yay!

When you find the right dress.

I feel like a princess! Plus it’s not so big that I’ll need help going to the bathroom – score!

Planning the honeymoon

New York and Disney and food, oh my!

Seeing your wedding ring for the first time

Squee! Never have I been so happy to see a piece of jewellery in my life

Finding out your family who live abroad are pretty much all coming

This is so unexpected and I feel so loved.

When you tick off two things on your to do list in one day

Yes! I am uber planner! It’s all going to be great and amazing.


The bad

When you find out the price of everything

How much?! Can’t we just elope?

When people ask you how the planning is going.

*Internally shrieks with panic

The moment you realise it’s less than 70 days away

*Internally shrieks with panic…louder

Not receiving RSVP’s (oh…I thought you just assumed we were coming)

I don’t like people. Why do we have to invite people?

Realising that bridesmaid dresses on the high street are all pastel

Bah! I want bright dresses dammit. Pastels suck! Why are there not happy colours anywhere?


The ugly

Having a DIY wedding and being told not to make it look cheap


When family politics gets in the way

I just don’t even know what to say.

Realising you have to make double the amount of paper flowers you were planning on doing.

Please excuse me while I manically run through Hobby Craft pushing old ladies out of my way. Get me my glue gun – stat!

When there’s no more yellow crepe paper in your local Hobby Craft.

I never thought I’d find myself cursing children and their Easter crafts…

(my local Hobby Craft is on a retail park that has paid parking with no minimum time so you have to pay for the privilege of coming out with nothing. Twice.)

But it’s all ok. It will all get sorted. Because I have a list. I have a list ok? It’s all going to be ok.

Clutches list and weeps.

wedding planning

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My Week #50 – Sunshine and Crafting

*Setting up my brand new bullet journal *Sunshine

*Pickles making a mess of our seating plan *Flower making

Hello May and hello sunshine!

Even though it’s been deceptively sunny (still not warm enough for sandals dammit), I can really feel that summer is on the way. Days are getting longer and my wedding is getting closer and closer. Eeek! We visited the venue at the beginning this week and we’ve pretty much got our numbers sorted. So when we got home we set to work on the seating plan. It was really hard, but Topher took the lead and we got it done. Another thing ticked off. And I took photos of them before the cats came and destroyed the whole thing. I guess you’re asking for trouble if you’re playing with lots of scraps of paper on the floor.

I finally got my hands on some yellow tissue paper as well yesterday so I’ve started finishing off a load of the paper flowers. It’s really satisfying. I’ve also got an appointment for next week for my first dress fitting (squee) and I’m picking up my wedding ring and getting my engagement ring back today. I can’t wait. My finger has felt naked for over a month.

I lost half a pound at Slimming World.

It wasn’t as much as I would have hoped but at least it’s a step in the right direction. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself as when I look in the mirror I feel good about myself. I’m not quite where I want to be but I’ve come so far and I’m really proud of myself for that.

The living room is functional again

All the furniture is back in – I’ve just been trying to sell it so I can get the new stuff in. Fingers crossed the eBay listings I’ve got on go well this weekend!

And that’s about it. 

How was your week?

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