The Happy Planner: My Planning Journey

The Happy Planner: My Planning Journey

For those who have read my blog for a number of years you will know that I until fairly recently was in love with my bullet journal. Well I’m afraid that love has come to an end as I’ve found something new.

No, scratch that. I’d fallen out of love with bullet journalling and The Happy Planner came along when I didn’t know where to turn to.

It all started when I went back to office work over a year ago now. Actually it probably started a lot earlier than that. I was struggling with the motivation to use my bullet journal but going back to 9-5 work really zapped my want to keep layout out spreads.

I found the whole thing exhausting so I simply gave it up. I did try to restart this year but it fell flat and I didn’t know what to do. It’s obvious that my brain can’t handle everything but where to put everything in an organised fashion?

The hunt began

A Filofax maybe? Nope, I’d tried that a few times but always felt guilty when I didn’t fill it out. And though the covers were always so pretty, the diaries were so boring inside.

Research needed to happen so I looked at all kinds of diaries and planners until I found the one.

Enter…The Happy Planner.

happy planner - mine

I think it was their instagram I stumbled across first. I loved the structure of not having to draw out your own spreads but also the flexibility of being able to move pages around with the disk system. It was perfect for me.

Admittedly I got a little too excited. I bought an 18 month planner. Mainly because it was June of this year and I didn’t want to buy an entire 2019 planner where half of it would go to waste. But yes it was a risk.

I then got giddier and ordered a load of supplies (think stickers, washi tapes, pretty pens and highlighters) which I mainly spent with my birthday money. Even more risky.

happy planner - supplies

But honestly so far it’s paying off. I am having a blast with this planner.

It has a monthly plan section.

happy planner - monthly
happy planner - july
happy planner - august spread

And then there are weekly spreads.

happy planner - weekly spread

Every Sunday (give or take) I sit down and decorate the pages for the week ahead and it is so relaxing and fun.

I’ve also started adding in extra pages like this one for my weight loss journey. The flexibility of this planner is great.

happy planner - weight loss tracker

I wanted both a creative outlet and something to organise me so I don’t forget another birthday again. I don’t know how I survived before. I was definitely more stressed.

Plus it’s getting me out of my shell and planning more activities in my life which is more than I could have dreamed of. The last 6 months of my self employment especially saw me retreating into myself and finding any excuse necessary not to leave the house. Now I feel like I’m having fun again.

I’ll definitely review my planner early next year to see if I’m still loving it but right now I feel great!

How do you keep yourself organised? Do you have a planner of your own?

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19 for 2019 – An Update

19 for 2019 – An Update

So this year like any other is flying by. How is it almost Halloween? At the beginning of the year instead of traditional goals or resolutions I tried something different and made a 19 for 2019 list.

That’s 19 things to do in the year of 2019. Let’s see how I’ve got on in the first two thirds of the year:

  1. Go trampolining with mum – DONE
  2. Get to target at Slimming World (the happy weight not the super skinny one) – nowhere near. We’ll see how this one goes. I can only hope and try my best.
  3. Finish Florida 2015 scrapbook. Yes you read that right and no I haven’t finished it yet! – DONE – check it out here.
  4. Make and finish wedding & honeymoon scrapbook – Kind of started, nowhere near finished.
  5. Finish Tangled jigsaw – Started, not finished.
  6. Visit York – DONE – Topher and I visited for our 2 year wedding anniversary
  7. Make 5 recipes from Mowgli cook book I got for my birthday this year – not made a single one yet. I think I’m going to have to marathon it.
  8. Get a denim jacket and sew my patch collection onto it – Half done. I have the denim jacket and I have sewn some patches but not my whole collection yet.
  9. Vlog Japan – Currently I just do musical roundups of trips. I partly attempted to vlog our honeymoon but kept chickening out. This time I want to go for it. – DONE – check out my vlogs here. I think we’ve caught the vlogging bug!
  10. Put up a towel rail and fix the towel hook in our ensuite. A niggly job that I’ve been putting off! – Half done. The towel hook is done, the rail is not yet.
  11. See something at the theatre – DONE – We saw The Book of Mormon
  12. Archive and organise my mountain of paperwork – DONE – so much shredding!
  13. Scrapbook and organise the giant box of sentimental bits and bobs I’ve accumulated over the years. – not even a little bit
  14. Take the tape off the walls, polyfill the holes and touch up the paint in the living room. I can finally call the room finished when I’ve done that! – Not yet though I did put up frames and make a gallery wall as well as a shelf so the room looks a lot more done now.
  15. Do a 30 day yoga challenge. Long time readers will know my back/arm/repetitive strain issues so I want to see if yoga will help at all. I’m not doing the gym any more so need to do some kind of activity – DONE
  16. Finally do indoor skydiving – this has been on my list for years – Not yet and honestly I’m not sure if I want to anymore. I think it was a different me who wanted to do it.
  17. Get a savings app to track my spending better – Nope
  18. Rejig blog layout and transfer photos to new storage platform. I’m currently with Flickr and with all the new changes, I have just over a month to get all my 7 years of photos off there. A huge job! Half done. Sorted the photos but haven’t done anything to my blog layout. Not sure if I want to or not.
  19. Open a new savings account and actually have something in there at the end of the year. – Half done – opened one and we’ll see if theres anything in there at the end of the year.

So 9 out of 19 approximately. Not bad but could be better. There’s still just over 100 days until the end of the year so I’ve got time. Interested to see how many more I can squeeze in under the wire! Watch this space.

How are your 2019 goals coming along?

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Currently Loving – August 2019

Currently Loving – August 2019

I’m currently still easing myself in, ok? Drink every time I say currently.

Currently Watching

Loads of vlogs on Youtube. I’m really enjoying watching more than reading at the moment so vlogs are perfect for filling in my downtime. I watched loads of travel vlogs for Japan before we went in April and since Topher and I are off to Florida in October it’s all about Disney.

I’ve also got Topher into watching RuPaul’s Drag Race so we’ve been catching up on past seasons together. So many funny moments!

And even though we got rid of our Cineworld unlimited cards (damn you uncomfy seats) we went to the theatre for the third time in our 10 year relationship. Go see the Book of Mormon!

Currently Reading

I’m slowly getting into reading blogs again but right now I’m more into books. After joining the library last year I’ve read more than I have in years. Plus I always know I have my lunch hour to catch up on my reading. Currently reading a lot of chick lit as it’s the perfect way to shut my brain off. I also enjoy historical fiction, mysteries and the odd non fiction too.

Currently Listening

I don’t listen to as much music these days – it’s mainly podcasts I’m tuning in to. Lots of Disney, comedy, organisational and self improvement. I stopped listening to business ones when I quit freelancing last year as I just want to listen for a hobby now.

Currently Making

I finally started my honeymoon scrapbook the other day! I miss being creative for fun so this seemed like the perfect project to start with. Plus I need to get this done before I start my Japan trip one and I can’t wait for that. I’ll do a post when I’ve actually done a few pages.

Also along the same lines, I’ve stepped away from the world of bullet journaling in favour of a planner. It’s something I’ll do a full post on soon. I bought a planner that I can decorate every week which has been so fun. It’s the perfect injection of creativity while pushing me to be more organised.

And also I may have mentioned that I vlogged our trip to Japan. Well – all the episodes are now up on my youtube channel. Check them out here.

Currently Wearing

New tights. Snag tights. My life has changed. It’s so nice to go through a day of work with tights that stay up. That is all.

Currently Feeling

It’s hard to say just one emotion. I either seem to be up or down. Right now I’m up but last week I was really down. I really think the weather constantly changing isn’t helping me – I’m like a sunflower. I need light and sun.

But it’s ok as I’ve come to realise this:

currently feeling

Currently Planning

Trips! Topher, Emma and I are heading down to Devon for a week and I can’t wait for some downtime. Definitely bringing some books with me. And maybe even a sketchbook?

Also did I mention I’m going to Florida? ha ha.

Currently Loving

Topher and the cats. But then that’s all the time! So grateful for my little family. They’re always there to cheer me up when I’m not feeling my best.

Oh and my garden. Topher and my parents laid some new turf down and I am living for how lush it looks. No more dandelions!

What are you currently into?

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Remembering my “Why”

Remembering my “Why”

Flashback to December 2011. I was 23, in one of the most mind numbingly boring jobs and desperate for a creative outlet. I wanted somewhere to share my love of fashion, art and pretty things. So Nomad Seeks Home was born.

Over the years I loved having a place I could turn to write about the things I cared about and have some fun. Plus it’s almost 8 years later and I have a diary of my twenties I can look back on which is so cool.

So back to the present day. I’m 31 and you may or may not have noticed that I’ve been finding it difficult to blog regularly over the last year or two. I won’t lie, it’s been a real struggle. There have been many times where I’ve considered packing in the whole blog all together.

The reason behind it all is my mental health. When I was freelance I struggled a lot with it and it definitely effected my blog in the end. I found myself being caught in the comparison trap and even though this wasn’t my main source of income, I felt the pressure.

Eventually I felt trapped in the whole cycle of “what’s the point of creating if no one cares or comments or likes etc.” So I didn’t create anything.

Even after I quit the self employed life and took the pressure off, I still found myself pushing my laptop away and even withdrawing from social media. I think I needed the break. But it’s been a long time and I miss it.

Recently I had a bit of a breakthrough and it all started when I walked into Zara. Weird I know but the collection they had in there a few weeks ago was so bright and colourful it made me excited. I haven’t thought about fashion in years – at least not the way I used to.

I miss having that feeling and blogging gave me that feeling. It’s the same feeling I got when I bought myself a new planner. I really want to blog about it too. I want to share – even if no one is listening. Just because I love it.

So to get my love of blogging back, all I need to do is remember my why. Why did I start? I wanted to have somewhere to gush about all the things I loved and had no one to talk about it to.

I’m smiling as I type this because I can literally feel my blog love reigniting. I know because of my mental health there will be a lot of bad days but it’s all about grabbing the good and making the most of it. I always feel better when I’ve done something. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Do something.

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A February Catch-up

A February Catch-up

It’s been awhile since I did a chatty catch-up post, hasn’t it? Here’s what I’ve been up to in 2019 so far. 


So far I’ve managed to tick off finishing my Florida 2015 scrapbook, archive and organise my paperwork as well as getting a vlogging camera ready for our Japan trip (and hopefully future trips!) and solving my blog photo problem. Turned out it was easier to just cough up a bit of cash and stay with Flickr. The ridiculous amount of photos I have on there helped with my decision!

I think that’s a pretty good start to my list. One check and two half checks. Bring on the rest of the year. 

Weight Loss

Or lack of it I should say. Since the beginning of 2019 I haven’t really gone anywhere when I look at the scales now. I’ve just yo-yoed the whole month. So things need to get serious. 

I want to get at least a stone off before we go to Japan so I’m back on it with Slimming World. There’s going to be a lot of walking happening during the 2 weeks we’re over there and I want to be as comfortable as possible. That and a scary nurse at my doctors is threatening to switch my medication out if I don’t lose weight. So that’s definitely motivation. 


I’ve been sick. The flu caught me these last couple of weeks in two stages which left me two weeks ago having to be sent home one afternoon and take the next day off, followed by having to call in sick for two days straight last week. So three days off work. Who am I? Before this I could count the number of sick days I’ve had in my working life on one hand. 

At first I felt guilty for taking the days off but in the end I had no choice. I looked like death and don’t get me started on how I felt. I was super stubborn at first and didn’t want to go home but I think that’s just engrained in me from working jobs that didn’t give sick pay. This one does and I don’t have to worry anymore. 

And speaking of the flu…sorry Topher. I passed it onto him as well. He actually took a day off sick today. His first one in the whole 10 years I’ve known him. Apart from his hernia surgery a few years back where he had sick leave. See, even more stubborn than me! 

We both realise now that it’s ok to take a day and heal rather than exhaust yourself trying to get through the day. I feel so much better now and am so thankful I had that time off. It was definitely needed and one of the days was when no one could get in because of the snow anyway so not too bad going. 

General wanderings

I haven’t been out too much in the last month but I did go to my first We Blog North event in a long time. It was a goal setting workshop and just what I needed. Now that I’m all better as well I can fill out the workbook that we got with the session!

Topher and I had brunch at Evelyn’s in the Northern Quarter which was awesome. I’ve heard good things about them so they’ve been on my to try list for a while. Topher had the steak and egg which was delicious and I had the pancakes with honeycomb butter and blueberries which was just heaven. As much as I like pancakes, I always find myself getting too full too quickly with them. Not these ones. Nom.

And speaking of food, this weekend my parents are coming to stay. Whenever they come to visit we always go out for a meal. This time they requested a Korean restaurant since they’re going to Seoul at the end of the month. Of course I turned to my Korea expert Claire and she’s recommended us a place. The table is booked so I’ll let you know how it goes!

And that’s about it really. In other news I’m still slowly decluttering but that’s a long term ongoing process so you’ll definitely know when I’ve finished!

How has 2019 been treating you so far?

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