My Week #62 – Packing and Planning

*Lovely Luna *My holiday notebooks

*New trainers *Packing madness

So much packing and planning this week!

It’s only a few days before Topher and I head off on our honeymoon and I am so freaking excited. So excited  that I filmed my first Vlog. Check it out here and please let me know what you think:

It wasn’t too hard and I got a bit more comfortable in front of the camera as time went on. Fingers crossed that I can actually keep this up while I’m away as it would be so awesome to have some videos to show when I get back. At the very least I’ll have my usual music video type highlight reel of the trip.

So this week has mainly consisted of getting stuff ready for the honeymoon.

I’ve been sorting out work and I’ve been scheduling tweets and posts for while I’m away so things should be ticking over. I’m almost finished packing and I’m currently transferring all my spreadsheets into note form to put into my notebooks.

Everything I need to buy has now been ticked off the list. Rucksack, check, Trainers, check and Shorts, check. Though as of yesterday I couldn’t find any shorts so had to resort to buying sale jeans and cropping them myself.

And I have to take a minute to talk about my new trainers. They’re Nike and my parents picked them up for me from the outlets in Florida as they just got back from the USA themselves this past week. I am in love with these trainers. They’re purple which is my favourite colour, they’re super light and I think they are without a doubt the comfiest pair of shoes I’ve ever walked around in. So pretty and lovely.

I lost a pound at Slimming World

By some miracle. No idea how – we were completely off plan bar the slimming world ready meals we got so we could avoid takeaway temptation. That makes me feel a little better before I head off. I’m even toying with the idea of joining a gym when I get back. Who am I? I’ve been to the gym once when I was 17 or so with my mum. It wasn’t bad but obviously I didn’t catch the bug. Maybe I can piggyback off of all the walking I’m about to do. So much walking. Watch this space.

As for this weekend,

Topher and I are going out for a friend’s 30th on Saturday. Sunday I’m sure will be full of cleaning as Emma will be house sitting for us while we’re away and I don’t want to leave her in a tip! Otherwise, please excuse me while I dance around the house because I’m going on holiday in 3 days! Squee!

How was your week?

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An A-Z of Me

I can’t remember which blog I saw the tag An A-Z of Me but I liked the idea and so thought I would do it today. It’s pretty fun, even Topher found himself doing an A-Z of himself last night. It really makes you think about what makes you, you.

So here is my A-Z of me:

A is for Arabic

Arabic is supposed to be my second language. But I don’t speak it. One day I will though.

B is for Bullet Journal

I bloody love bullet journalling. I discovered it in April last year and it works so well for me. It’s a great way to use my ever growing washi tape collection. Check out how I set up my bullet journal for this year and how I set it up for the month ahead.

C is for Cat Lady

I’ve always been known as a cat lady, even when I didn’t have a cat! Because we moved so much, I always looked forward to the day when I would own my own and in January 2015 we finally got Pickles and Luna. Words cannot express how much I love them and it feels like they’ve always been in my life. I can’t believe they’re 3 in November.

D is for Disney

So I might be a bit of a Disney nut. I’m obsessed with the history (hence why I can’t wait to visit the original Disneyland next month) and my goal is to visit every single Disney World. So far I’ve only done 3 (Florida, California & Paris) but that will definitely be rectified. I’ve even passed my obsession onto other people. Sorry, not sorry. Walt Disney World in Florida is by far my most visited park with me clocking up about 7 trips in the last 10 years…yowza!

E is for Egypt

I’ve lived in Egypt twice. Once for 2 years when I was a toddler and once for 6 months when I was 10. I haven’t been back since and wouldn’t mind heading back one day to see a bit of my childhood. I was so happy there when I was 10.

F is for Freelancer

I’m well into my second year of being a freelancer now and I’m loving it. Sure the money isn’t as good as being an office drone but I’m so much happier now.

G is for Gifs

I love a good gif. It was Topher that came up with this one for me and I know why. Most of our text conversations are just gifs.

H is for Harry Potter

It’s by far my favourite book series and I’m a proud Hufflepuff. I realised the other day that I haven’t read the books for a few years now so maybe I’ll have to give them a reread soon. And I need to visit the studios in London again!

I is for In Jokes

Topher and I have so many in jokes that it’s ridiculous. We are unstoppable as a team in games like Articulate and Pictionary. We just have to say one meaningful word together and we’re falling about laughing. If you ever do meet Topher, you have to ask him why you should never follow a man in a kilt.

J is for Jordan

Jordan is where my family live and I visit every single year. That’s right, I haven’t missed one. It’s just my yearly pilgrimage. Luckily it doesn’t have to stop because Topher loves Jordan now too. Yay!

K is for Knick Knacks

I like to collect things from my travels and those are usually knick knacks. It’s been awhile since I visited anywhere new but I’m sure I’ll add to my collection soon.

L is for Lists

I do love a bloody good list. It’s always been that way. It ties in with my stationery addiction nicely. Buy me some stationery and you’ve found the way to my heart.

M is for Mrs

I had to mention this since I got married last month and am now a Mrs. How is it only last month? It feels like forever ago!

N is for Nomad

My blog and my life. 25 homes and counting. But don’t worry, I’m going to sit still for a little bit now.

O is for Organised

If you asked any of my friends about how organised I am, they would say VERY! Since I like to make lists, I like to organise things. Nothing makes me happier than a notebook or a good old spreadsheet and I’ve definitely confirmed that when planning the honeymoon. I am aware that the amount of planning I’ve done is insane. Maybe I’ll have to do a post or a video about how I did it.

P is for Polkadots

I rock a lot of polkadots. That is all.

Q is for Quilt

I like to be cozy. I like wrapping myself up in layers and I love a big quilt or a throw. I got a gorgeous purple one for the living room and its just so damn fluffy!

R is for Restaurant

I’m a foodie through and through. There’s nothing I like better than picking up a menu and choosing something interesting and new. Hence why our honeymoon is centred around food. Oh and the sights too I guess…

S is for Slimming World

Following on from my love of food, I’m also a member of Slimming World and have been on and off for about 4 years now. I haven’t reached my target yet but I’m determined that I’ll make it one day.

T is for Topher

How could I do an A-Z of me without mentioning my husband? I love being able to say husband now. Topher and I have been together over 8 years and I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else. He’s my best friend and my love.

U is for Undead

A bit random but I love a good zombie film. I can’t sit through many horror films but zombies I’ll happily endeavour. George A Romero is a God. RIP.

V is for Voting

When I was younger I was never interested in politics, but like many people over the last few years I’ve gotten myself clued up and I’m proud to say that I always vote now. It’s too important not too. It’s our right and whether our party win or lose, at least you can say that you had a hand in it.

W is for Wanderlust

As mentioned in my latest post, I love travel. I want to see everything and go everywhere. 32 countries down, so many more to go!

X is for X-ray

I’ve had a whole lot of x-rays but I’ve never broken a bone. Pretty impressive considering how clumsy I am!

Y is for Yorkshire

My Arab side is Palestine but my English side is Yorkshire. Even though I barely spent 2 months in my birth place, it’s still a constant in my life. Mainly because my grandma lives there.

Z is for Zakaria

My last name – or at least it was. It’s now Zakaria-Welburn. I couldn’t let go of my maiden name. As annoying as it is for anyone English to say it incorrectly (seriously people, I know it’s foreign but it’s not difficult – Zak-ah-ree-ah) including at my graduation, its still mine and it’s my link with my Arab side. I may not look Arab and I may not be able to speak the language but it’s still a part of me and I’m keeping it.

If you’ve ever done an A-Z of yourself, leave a link – I’m super nosy and enjoy reading them!




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My Week #61 – Camping & Cats

*Wifefest *Fish and Chips *Pickles *Working hard

Did not do too much at all this week

The one cool thing was that Topher and I attended the wedding of one of my Freelance Folk friends, Michelle. It was festival themed and called Wifefest. We had such a great time! It was in a barn and there were games and irish dancing and a fish and chip van. Topher and I even stayed overnight in a tent. I’m not much of a camping person (like not at all!) but we survived the night and it was actually pretty fun. Afterwards we headed to a pub near our house for a Sunday lunch and then went to the cinema in the evening. I’ve now seen The Dark Tower and Girls Trip. Both really good.

I put on another 2 pounds at Slimming World

I’ve kinda lost the plot a bit. My focus is completely gone. But I haven’t lost hope. I think I just need to take a bit of time and get the honeymoon out of the way. Once that’s done I can climb aboard the wagon again. One of the Slimming World ladies pointed out to me that once I get back it will be about 14 weeks until Christmas so if I lost a pound a week that’s a stone. Until I get back I’m not going to beat myself up over it. In other news I really seem to have gotten my shopping bug back. And I blame this bag.

my week - bag It’s from Primark and it was all sold out but I managed to find one on eBay. Of course it was more expensive but I just really wanted it! I expect I would have paid that much anyway at another high street store so it doesn’t really bother me. Can’t wait to skip down Main Street with it. Less than 2 weeks to go!

How was your week?



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My Week #60 – Shopping & Sandwiches

*Pickles thinks he’s Superman *Yummy sandwich at West Corner NQ

*Topher bought a horrific t-shirt *We found the Harry Potter section at Primark


The honeymoon is coming!

I’m beyond excited. We’ve been doing some shopping to make sure we have everything we need (and don’t need). Including a trip to Primark – how cool is their Harry Potter section btw? If you have a Primark near you, you should definitely check it out.We may have gone a tad overboard but it’s all stuff we’ll use.

I also found the leather jacket of my dreams at Primark. It’s not real leather of course but it really looks like it and it fits amazing. Plus it was only £14! Bargain times.

So now that Topher has been and come back from his festival we’re I’m in full on honeymoon mode. I finally got to sit down with him and go through everything we’re doing and he’s convinced that we’re going to collapse from exhaustion. Which may just happen. Look at my trips to London and calculate that by two weeks. Yep, we’re going to need so much sleep when we get home. Sorry Topher!

I’m now on the Youtube bandwagon

In terms of watching Youtube videos, I mean. Though I am looking to start vlogging myself. I’ve just been trying to psyche myself up for it. I never thought I had time for watching Youtube videos but apparently when you’ve run out of things to watch on Netflix you have a lot of free time on your hands! I’ve mainly been watching tip videos for different aspects of the honeymoon but I’ve also been watching stuff from some of the blogs I follow. Do you have a channel or a favourite channel to watch? Let me know, I’m looking for recommendations.

We went to West Corner NQ to celebrate our first month as a married couple

It’s a New York style diner. My salt beef sandwich was yum! It was nice and I had been looking to go there for awhile but it wasn’t out of this world if you know what I mean. Topher enjoyed his chicken burger but I think because we’re heading to New York, we’re just looking forward to the real thing. So excited!

How was your week?


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Our Wedding DIY’s and Details

There were so many little wedding DIY’s and details that went into our day.

So today I’m going to give you a little inside look into what we did and where everything was from. Photos are a mix of our friends and also our photographer Nikki Cooper (you can tell which ones are her – they’re super good!).

So lets dive in! I already talked about my outfit during the main wedding post so now it’s Topher’s turn. His suit was from Moss Bros, as was the rest of the groomsmen’s suits. His little pin is the Rock n Roll Husband pin from Veronica Dearly (a collaboration with Rock n Roll Bride) and I have the matching Rock n Roll Wife one which I attached to my bouquet. The buttonhole I made myself.

Wedding DIY's - topher's suit

The buttonholes were the last DIY I did before the wedding and I had no clue what I was doing. I knew how I wanted them to look but I had no clue how to achieve it and mainly how they would be attached to the men’s jackets. I made the flowers and the dinosaurs I spray painted but then what to use for the main stem? Luckily this is where my dad stepped in and suggested using a safety pin.

I attached the flower stem to the bulky part of the pin by wrapping blue twine around it and securing with the glue gun. The dinosaurs were placed on top and also secured with the glue gun. And they held all day – score! The flowers were a little worse for wear by the end of the day but nothings perfect. They looked good for the photos and that’s all that matters.

Wedding DIY's - buttonholes

Topher really wanted some nerdy cufflinks so I scoured Etsy to find the perfect ones. He had a clear idea of what he wanted so I ended up finding an awesome cufflink shop called Showstopper Supplies who did a custom order for us. He wanted the eye of Sauron on one and the Deathly Hallows on the other one. To represent the two of us and our nerdy loves.

Wedding DIY's - cufflinks

So onto the bridesmaids & bouquets. I actually forgot to say my earrings are also from Etsy and you can’t see them but these are the girl’s hair clips which are also from Etsy. The dresses were a pain to find but we got them from eBay (all the way from China!) and then altered locally.

The bouquets were made by me. The main pink flowers in my bouquet were made using this tutorial and the blue ones and the bridesmaid bouquets used the middle section with just one layer of petals glued straight on. To make stems I just used pipe cleaners in green which worked pretty well. The pink flowers are tissue paper (Paperchase), the yellow middles are crepe paper (Hobbycraft) and the blue petals are actually napkins!

The main pink flowers are also what I made for the centrepieces and decor for the ceremony table and seating plan. To finish off the bouquets I just added ribbon that I found on Amazon.

Wedding DIY's - bouquets

To thank my bridesmaids and also give us something to use as handbags on the day, I purchased these little clutches from Oh Squirrel. They were so cute and I filled them with things I got from the pound shop for us to enjoy on the night before the wedding.

Wedding DIY's - bridesmaid bags

So, back to the flowers! These were all of the centre pieces. The flowers sat in light cream terracotta plant pots from IKEA. They were just under £3 each so not bad going! I’m really happy how they turned out. Thanks to my mum for cutting out all the petals for me! I kept getting them in the post from her which was pretty funny. And thanks to Claire’s mum and step-dad for helping me get all these (and everything else) to the venue – something tells me my little car wouldn’t have been able to handle them!

Wedding DIY's - centrepieces

As I mentioned before, the ceremony table also used the centrepiece flowers but I had to be a bit more inventive with how to display them. Luckily I spotted this garland in Hobbycraft. Since the flower stems were pipecleaners, it was all too easy to wrap them around the garland.

Wedding DIY's - ceremony table

The main decor in the rest of the room was definitely the streamers. Another buy on Amazon, I think they looked great. The venue even took the left overs and put them around the venue (like the stage and the balcony). They actually ended up dropping kind of low so the venue cut them down the middle after the meal and they rested against the white curtains at the side of the room and looked just as amazing. Good call Bowdon Rooms!

The same ribbon I used in the bouquets were also used on the chairs as you can see. Thanks to Claire and my mum for making them!

Wedding DIY's - room

Wedding DIY's - streamers

The seating plan was a combo of paper flowers and more ribbon. The actual grate is something I’ve had lying around my parents have had lying around for me for years. Look familiar? My dad printed out the table cards on his nice printed and I fixed them on with mini clothes pegs along with some polaroids of Topher and I.

We weren’t sure at first what to call our tables at first but then we decided on locations from nerdy films and programmes we both love.

Wedding DIY's - seating plan

The last little bits of ribbon were used on our cars. Since my parents have nice white BMWs, we decided to use those instead of wasting hundreds on wedding cars.

Wedding DIY's - car ribbons

So, onto the tables!

Wedding DIY's - table

The candles are from Primark and IKEA – we managed to find them in all 4 of our wedding colours. And the tea light holders are also from IKEA.

As I mentioned, we named the tables after locations in nerdy stuff and we added in a romantic quote from each. The frames were from Claire and Steve’s wedding (thanks guys!) so keep in mind if you have friends getting married not long before you that you can use each other’s stuff!

Wedding DIY's - table names

Now, the dinosaurs! People asked us a lot, why dinosaurs? We could only say, “Why not?” So as cool as they look, I had no idea how hard it would be to source the dinosaurs. Either kids aren’t playing with them anymore or they really are and are not willing to sell them. There were so many times when we considered changing them to something else but I’m glad we stuck to our guns. We managed them all in the end and though we might have had a table with some slightly much bigger dinosaurs, I don’t think anyone noticed.

So the plan was to have each table to have all the same coloured dinosaurs on it – I think it would have been just a bit too messy looking if we had just mixed them up. The spray paint was from Hobbycraft again (I lived there this year!) and I had my dad, Claire and Emma help me spray paint them. Then Topher and I tied the names to them in coloured twine.

Wedding DIY's - dinosaurs

Having been to so many weddings in the last 12 months, I’ve found that edible favours are always a winner so I thought long and hard about what to include. Having been to Blogtacular a month before the wedding, I stumbled across Honeywell Bakes who make the most amazing looking and tasting biscuits. How cute are these?

Wedding DIY's - favours

We finished the favours off with a sticker that had Topher’s and my names in Arabic. I think it’s safe to say the biscuits were a hit – not a single one was left behind!

Wedding DIY's - stickers

And finally, what’s a wedding without cake? Our wedding cake was made by the super talented Sarah from Pink Cocoa and it was perfect. It looked good and it certainly tasted good too. Since we served it as dessert and also with the evening buffet, there were only a few slices left to take home – it went down a treat. It was chocolate, vanilla and Butterbeer! I always dreamed of a drip cake and she even made our flowers out of sugar.

The cake topper was a combo of eBay and DIY. The Wall-e and Eve models are from eBay and the rest including their accessories and the bunting was made by me. The bunting is actually from hobby craft but I cut off all the little flags and added my own. I think it worked really well.

Wedding DIY's - cake

And that’s it – I think I covered everything!

Did you make anything yourself or plan on making anything yourself for your wedding?



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