My Week #46 – More Weddings and More Cake

*The last wedding for a couple of months *Lobster mac and cheese at Cosy Club

*Topher’s mum’s 50th birthday cake *My spare tyre

Aaaaand breathe.

That’s the last busy week for a little while now. You know it’s been busy when the weekend is over and you don’t feel like you had one. Weekends are for sleeping! We had a good time though. Saturday we went to a vow renewal for some of Topher’s step family followed by a reception. And somehow we ended up in town meeting friends for food and drinks at Cosy Club. A long day indeed!

This was immediately followed by the Sunday where we were going out for a meal for Topher’s mum’s 50th birthday. We had ordered a surprise rainbow cake from Hey Little Cupcake and planned on picking it up on the way to her house before dinner.

Unfortunately when I started driving down the road the car felt really wobbly so I pulled over, got out and found a flat tyre. Luckily we were about 30 seconds down the road so I just nipped the car back on the drive.

Ok, plan B. We’ll call a taxi to get us into town. All our local companies were busy. So we walked 10 minutes to a bus route that would get us into town (even though we live in the city, our train station doesn’t get trains on Sundays!). Planning on getting the free metro bus to Spinningfields, we arrived in town. Of course we had just missed one so we walked across town instead. Luckily there were no hitches picking up the cake so we hailed a black cab and got to his mum’s in Salford. Phew.

The rest of the evening went great though. Food at Mowgli, a quick drink in the pub then back to her’s for coffee and cake. I’m so pleased with how awesome the cake was and Tina loved it. So all was well!

The rest of the week was a blur.

It was a combo of Topher starting his 2nd job, me working and sorting out grown up stuff like car insurance and my tyre. Which by the way, I changed to the spare myself! Topher helped too. One downside to me losing weight – when I stood on the tool to get the nuts on the tyre tightened, they went nowhere! Pretty funny, so Topher had to step in there.

In other news, apparently Pickles doesn’t give a damn about sticking his tail in a bowl of water. Not surprising after this.

my week #46 - pickles

How was your week?

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April Goals and Bullet Journal

Hello April!

So far I am loving the longer days. Summer is on the way! But then that also means our wedding is in 3 and a half months and there is still so much to do (particularly on the DIY front). Nervous squeak*

So here are my April Goals

  • Lose 6lbs

It’s a long shot as I’ve been doing so dismal lately on the losing weight front but it has to be done. As I mentioned in my 2017 goals post, I gave myself the target of May to reach my target weight. That was so I could have my first dress fitting and not have to worry about my weight after that because let’s face it – who wants to give a crap about that when there’s far more important things?

So I was 1 stone, 6 and a half pounds away from my target in January. So where am I now? I’m 1 stone, 5lbs away. So yes you heard that right. I’ve lost a total of 1 and a half pounds since January. I did get to 1 stone and 2 pounds away but life happened. So obviously I’m not going to be able to lose all that in a month so I just set it at 6 pounds. If I get that I’ll be more than happy as it will get me to the lowest weight I’ve been in almost 10 years.

I’ve been eating so much crap recently that I’m seriously craving fruit right now so I’m going to harness that craving and I’m going to get that 6lbs.

  • Do a car boot

Car boot season is upon us! Not only do I have a couple of boxes for decluttering, but I also want to browse a couple of car boots to try and get a couple of things for wedding DIYs. So hopefully we’ll be able to get one sunny weekend this month to be able to do it.

  • Walk 155,000 steps

For my health! I set myself a target of 2 million for the year and during January and February I was no where near my target. March however I didn’t get the 155,000 steps but I did get to 152,689 which is a hell of a lot closer than I got previously. I’m definitely planning on reaching it this month! And I’m already on the way over the last couple of days and this weekend I’m helping my Slimming World consultant leaflet some houses so that will help!

  • Make flyers for Begin.Create and distribute

Another sneaky way to get my steps in! And I’ve been planning on getting some old fashioned advertising in for my business for a couple of months now. Last week I finally sat down and designed some so I’m just trying to pick which one is best. What do you think? Which is your favourite?




  • Finish making paper flowers for the table centrepieces for the wedding

This has been on my goal list every month but I am no where near. With 3 and a half months to go, I’ve got to step up my game. Especially since my mum has been so kind as to cut out zillions of petals for me. Thanks mum!

  • Sort out the garden

With all the rain month I barely got a chance to get in the garden. Currently half the grass has been mowed and that’s it. So this month I want to finish that, put up the border I bought last year and plant some sunflowers. Plus the grass needs some serious weeding!

  • Finish sorting out old posts on the blog

After installing a new widget that recommends other posts after every blog post, I discovered that I hadn’t set any featured images so half of the photos are blank on it. Oops. So I’ve slowly been going through and adding them in. But with 5 years worth of posts, it hasn’t been a quick job. So I’d love to finish that this month too.

I’ve set up my bullet journal for the month

See my previous post on how I set it up for the month

I’ve already been having a busy April with a wedding and my mother in law to be’s 50th!

April Goals - bullet journal

I kinda dropped the ball on recording my level 10 life during the last week so I really want to keep track this month.

April goals - level 10 life

The same goes for my habit trackers. The last week had no data whatsoever. I think I just lost my mojo a bit. It’s definitely back now though!

April goals - trackers

So here’s to an awesome April!

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My Week #45 – Weddings, Desks and Italian Food

Another busy week!

The main event was our friends Claire & Steve’s wedding. It was an amazing day. After getting officially married in a registry office last Friday, they had a hand fasting ceremony on the Saturday. I’ve never been to a hand fasting before but it was such a great experience. The ceremony was so personal to them and Topher and I were in tears several times throughout!

A traditional hand fasting produced the phrase, “tie the knot”. The bride and groom are bound by their hands by different bits of ribbon, rope and fabric that special people in their life choose individually and give them a blessing or a wish. Afterwards, they’re untied unlike back in the olden days where they would remain tied for several days! Talk about testing your partnership!

The whole day was so them and I wish them all the happiness in the world. We’ve got another wedding to go to tomorrow which marks wedding number 4 out of the 7 we are going to before our own. Busy busy.

I maintained at Slimming World again.

At first I was super annoyed about it but then I realised it was lucky that I got to stay the same. I had a wedding to go to (which we had to take some leftovers from the buffet home), a mother’s day carvery and I did a review of Jamie’s Italian. So I did pretty well in hindsight. It’s annoying to not lose any weight but it’s a relief to have not put anything on either so I’ll take it.

I think by being so good when I was at home helped balance things out. So since we’ve got another wedding and it’s Topher’s mum’s birthday meal as well this week, I think I should be able to lose 1 pound. Fingers crossed.

We had another meeting at the wedding venue.

It’s starting to get scarily close with only 3 and a half months to go. Still a fair few things to do but I’m getting things ticked off. I bought my wedding shoes so that’s something! And we ironed out a few more details when we were at the venue. The food is all picked out now and we even have a list of timings for the day now. Things are getting real.

We’ve handed out almost all the invitations now so we’ve already had about half of our RSVPs back. Topher can’t wait to do the seating plan. I’m not so excited about that part! But seeing how close things are getting now has made me realise I need to up my flower making so that’s getting done now.

My office is almost finished.

It’s taken a lot longer than I wanted it to but that’s all down to furniture problems. The desks I got for free from my brother turned out to not make the corner desk that I had envisioned so I had to go buy one on Amazon. On the bright side, it’s arrived, I put it up and it looks amazing! I love it so much. My new chair also arrived and that has been put up this week as well.

As for the main stumbling block, I’m still waiting on my bookshelf. It’s from IKEA, won’t fit in my car and it’s not cost effective to get it delivered so we’re trying to coordinate a free day with one of our friends who owns a van. That’s proved difficult so looks like I’ll be waiting a little while longer. As soon as I’ve got it though, the room will be finished as I’ll be able to move all my stuff back inside from the spare room. I can’t wait.

Pickles is especially enjoying my new desk!
my week #45 - Pickles
How was your week?

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My Week #44 – Painting, Cake and Conferences

*A sneak peek at my redecorated office *Afternoon tea at Annie’s

*WeBlogMcr conference *Yoghurt bark

What a busy week!

It all started with Claire’s birthday/hen party on Saturday. We had an awesome afternoon tea at Annie’s in Manchester. I’d never been before and I’d definitely go again. The food was great and the staff were so nice. They even decorated the table for the occasion.

I attended the WeBlogMcr conference. 

Once again it was awesome. I learned lots, met some nice people and we also all worked on our photography skills. What do you think of my efforts?

my week #44 - cake

If you’re ever able to get to Manchester, I would definitely recommend going to a WeBlogMcr event. Everyone is so nice!

Straight after the conference I headed over to Ashton to see Beauty and the Beast. It was awesome! I certainly didn’t mind going again to see it with Topher on Tuesday. If you haven’t seen it yet then get yourself to the cinema!

I put on a pound at Slimming World.

Unsurprisingly after all the food I consumed this week I put on weight. I definitely deserve it but I really really need to get my ass in gear now. I’ve been hovering around the same weight for the last few months and it’s really bothering me now. I’m running out of time and I’m on it for this week.

Yes I did have a lot on this last week but there were plenty of places where I could make better choices and I also let the bad habits slip in at home too. So even though I’ve got a wedding and two meals out this week, I’m going to make sure I stay to plan the rest of the time. They’re only 3 meals out of 21 after all!

I finished painting at the weekend.

Now I’ve just got to arrange to pick up my new bookshelves and I can start moving all my stuff back into the office. Exciting! I can’t wait to sit at a desk again, my back has not been enjoying the combo of the dining room table, the sofa and our bed. Here’s hoping it’s all sorted by the end of the month.

I went to a wedding this morning!

My friends, Claire and Steve are getting married tomorrow but they had to do a legal ceremony at the registry office today. There were only 5 of us and we were dressed super casual so must have looked very interesting to the staff there! It was short, sweet and so them. Topher and I are super happy for them both. I seriously can’t wait for tomorrow!

How was your week?

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My Week #43 – Travelling, Cinema Trips and Cheesecake

*Nottingham Trip *My friend Leo

*Unlimited Screening at Cineworld *The most delicious cheesecake

This week has flown by!

I’m having trouble remembering everything that happened. Firstly, as you know I took a trip to Nottingham to see my brother which was lovely.

The rest of the week was spent scrambling round trying to get through my to do list. It’s paying off though. I finally found someone to come fix our fence, I booked a hair and makeup artist for the wedding and I’m almost done with my office. Just doing the statement wall and I’ll be able to start moving furniture back in. Topher will be very pleased. He’s not happy with me right now since I filled the guest room (his library) with everything that was previously in my office! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though. So exciting.

I maintained at Slimming World.

With all the lovely food I was eating over the last week it is truly a miracle I didn’t put on any weight. It’s given me the drive to do better this week though. Even if I do have an afternoon tea to attend tomorrow! I’ve been thinking up new ideas for snacks and I’ve just tried something awesome which I’ll share on the blog next week. It’s low syn, sweet and delicious is all I’ll say for now.

Get yourself to Yo Sushi!

Topher and I were up for celebrating yesterday as he found a part time job to fit alongside his school job so yay! We went to Yo Sushi and found they had a new menu. Time to investigate! I loved their hoisin duck bao bun but the real star of the show for me was the Japanese soufflé cheesecake.

I’ve seen it online and thought I’d have to save it for our eventual trip to Japan but they have it right here now so I wasn’t missing the opportunity to try some. Topher wasn’t a fan but he was too besotted with his chocolate mochi (so good!) to give anything else a chance I think. I personally loved it and will definitely be back for another slice.

I love my Cineworld Unlimited Card.

Every once in awhile, Cineworld hold unlimited screenings of films that are coming out soon. This week, Topher, Claire and I went to see Free Fire which I wasn’t expecting to enjoy as much as I did. I really liked it! Plus, as part of the screening we each got a free regular popcorn and they showed 12 minutes of the film Ghost Shell that’s coming out at the end of this month.

And that’s about it. I’m feeling super tired like Pickles is here!

How was your week?

my week #43 - Pickles

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