Thoughts on Wedding Planning – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Wedding planning is stressful, joyful and full of ridiculous things you never thought you would ever have to think about. It’s definitely been a learning curve.

I thought it would be funny to share a smidgen of my experience so far with less than 70 days to go.

The good

When you get engaged

Omg I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. Yay!

When you find the right dress.

I feel like a princess! Plus it’s not so big that I’ll need help going to the bathroom – score!

Planning the honeymoon

New York and Disney and food, oh my!

Seeing your wedding ring for the first time

Squee! Never have I been so happy to see a piece of jewellery in my life

Finding out your family who live abroad are pretty much all coming

This is so unexpected and I feel so loved.

When you tick off two things on your to do list in one day

Yes! I am uber planner! It’s all going to be great and amazing.


The bad

When you find out the price of everything

How much?! Can’t we just elope?

When people ask you how the planning is going.

*Internally shrieks with panic

The moment you realise it’s less than 70 days away

*Internally shrieks with panic…louder

Not receiving RSVP’s (oh…I thought you just assumed we were coming)

I don’t like people. Why do we have to invite people?

Realising that bridesmaid dresses on the high street are all pastel

Bah! I want bright dresses dammit. Pastels suck! Why are there not happy colours anywhere?


The ugly

Having a DIY wedding and being told not to make it look cheap


When family politics gets in the way

I just don’t even know what to say.

Realising you have to make double the amount of paper flowers you were planning on doing.

Please excuse me while I manically run through Hobby Craft pushing old ladies out of my way. Get me my glue gun – stat!

When there’s no more yellow crepe paper in your local Hobby Craft.

I never thought I’d find myself cursing children and their Easter crafts…

(my local Hobby Craft is on a retail park that has paid parking with no minimum time so you have to pay for the privilege of coming out with nothing. Twice.)

But it’s all ok. It will all get sorted. Because I have a list. I have a list ok? It’s all going to be ok.

Clutches list and weeps.

wedding planning

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My Week #50 – Sunshine and Crafting

*Setting up my brand new bullet journal *Sunshine

*Pickles making a mess of our seating plan *Flower making

Hello May and hello sunshine!

Even though it’s been deceptively sunny (still not warm enough for sandals dammit), I can really feel that summer is on the way. Days are getting longer and my wedding is getting closer and closer. Eeek! We visited the venue at the beginning this week and we’ve pretty much got our numbers sorted. So when we got home we set to work on the seating plan. It was really hard, but Topher took the lead and we got it done. Another thing ticked off. And I took photos of them before the cats came and destroyed the whole thing. I guess you’re asking for trouble if you’re playing with lots of scraps of paper on the floor.

I finally got my hands on some yellow tissue paper as well yesterday so I’ve started finishing off a load of the paper flowers. It’s really satisfying. I’ve also got an appointment for next week for my first dress fitting (squee) and I’m picking up my wedding ring and getting my engagement ring back today. I can’t wait. My finger has felt naked for over a month.

I lost half a pound at Slimming World.

It wasn’t as much as I would have hoped but at least it’s a step in the right direction. I’m not putting too much pressure on myself as when I look in the mirror I feel good about myself. I’m not quite where I want to be but I’ve come so far and I’m really proud of myself for that.

The living room is functional again

All the furniture is back in – I’ve just been trying to sell it so I can get the new stuff in. Fingers crossed the eBay listings I’ve got on go well this weekend!

And that’s about it. 

How was your week?

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My Week #49 – Crafts, Makeovers & Shopping

*Viking Arty Party *Homemade bean burgers

*Shopping trip *DIY times in the living room

Ugh stress!

What started out as a chill week quickly slid down into a stress zone of paint, a kitchen full (and I mean full) of furniture and the realisation that my wedding is in less than 80 days. So, lets start with the good stuff.

I had a great weekend.

On Saturday I went to the #VikingArtyParty event and then had a mini shopping spree which I wrote about here and here.

Then on Sunday I got up early and did my first car boot of the season. I did it solo which wasn’t ideal but it was better that than not at all. I didn’t make loads but I got rid of loads of big bulky things that were taking up space in my house so yay. Also, it was randomly sunny that day which I was not expecting so got a little sunburned on my cheeks. And hello freckles!

Operation Living Room is fully under way

The floor fitters came on Tuesday and were done and dusted super quick. So quick that I decided to go ahead and steam the horrible wallpaper off the wall since the room was completely empty. Sorted. Having planned on moving all the furniture we’d stored in the kitchen back in that evening, Topher said why not just go ahead and paint. I thought that was a good idea – why not? It’s all ready and it would save moving things in and out of the room.

So off I popped to B&Q to get the paint we had picked out last week. Rookie error though – I didn’t get enough as it turned out and had to go back and get more yesterday. Silly girl. It’s been really stressful as we haven’t been able to use the kitchen properly for 3 days now and we haven’t let the cats downstairs at all so they’ve been letting me know their disgust at the situation. In the middle of the night. What I wouldn’t give for a nap right now!

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I finished painting this morning and will be moving the furniture back in this evening. Now the only thing left is to sell off the old furniture. A task which has proven harder than we first thought. But we’ll get there.

Wedding panics ensue

With getting the second bridesmaid dress proving a lot harder than I first imagined, I began to panic a lot this week. Finding a dressmaker to make a dress from scratch was really difficult and also a lot more expensive than I first realised. So in the end I took the advice of one I spoke to. Get a dress from China and have it altered when it arrives. So that’s what I did. I got that one and also one to replace the one that already arrived just in case things didn’t match. So fingers crossed. It’s out of my hands now.

I think my main panic at the moment is that I haven’t been able to get to my flower supplies for like a week because of all the work being done so I’m falling behind. Luckily after tonight I’ll be able to get back on it.

And I just realised I’ll be having my first wedding dress fitting in a couple of weeks. Eeek. I have completely failed in losing the amount that I wanted to (including putting 2lbs on this week) but all in all things could be worse. Looking at my charts, I’m about 5lbs lighter than when I got measured for it back in November so at least I know I’m not too big for it. And that ladies is why you get the size for what you are at the time! So glad I did that.

Aaaaand breathe

Feeling a bit better now. Plans for the rest of the day include catching up on work, putting all the furniture back in the living room and making a yummy Slimming World meal. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

How was your week?

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#VikingArtyParty – Manchester

A couple of months ago I got a super exciting email. Viking had invited me to their #VikingArtyParty – an afternoon of crafting, coffee and cakes. As soon as I saw the word stationery, I was sold! I RSVP’d immediately.

Finally, the day of the party rolled around last weekend and I headed to King Street Townhouse in Manchester. First things first, what a location!

#VikingArtyParty - room

#VikingArtyParty - goodybags


Just like practically every other blogger that arrived, I was drawn to the rooftop terrace where there were some amazing views of Manchester. Thank god it was a good day for weather!

#VikingArtyParty - roof terrace

#VikingArtyParty - town hall

#VikingArtyParty - Manchester

Even though I’m afraid of heights, I got right up to the edge of the glass balcony and got some gorgeous photos. Including the obligatory shoe shot of course. Otherwise how would you know how high up we were?

#VikingArtyParty - converse


We were given colours that would symbolise which group we were in and I was excited to find that my first workshop would be Calligraphy with Joyce from Artynibs. I’ve always wanted to learn calligraphy and have been hoping to get some skills in time for my wedding.

#VikingArtyParty - calligraphy

One of the most important factors of calligraphy is your posture. Mine is atrocious so I was really put to the test!

#VikingArtyParty - calligraphy table

I dived in and promptly made a complete mess. High school flashbacks ensued.

#VikingArtyParty - what a mess

Once I’d cleaned myself up (baby wipes are a god send!) I quickly got the hang of the theory behind making shapes with the pen and ink. Unfortunately no matter how much my brain understood, my hand wouldn’t oblige. So I think it’s going to take quite a bit of practice before I can write the place cards for my wedding! I’m up to the challenge though. It was fun and I look forward to testing out the set we got to take home.

#VikingArtyParty - writing calligraphy

Notebook Customisation

After a break for lunch, the next workshop was notebook customisation with one of the ladies from The Crafty Hen.

#VikingArtyParty - notebook covering

We were all given a plain A4 notebook that we had to customise however we liked. The table was full of paper, washi tape (yas!), ribbon and so much more.

#VikingArtyParty - paper and ribbons

After making a snap decision on my patterned paper I ended up pairing it with some bright coloured paper. Paper that as it turns out are the colours of my bridesmaid dresses. Wedding brain, eh?

#VikingArtyParty - paper table

I’m really pleased with the result and can’t wait to use it!

#VikingArtyParty - my notebook

Block Printing

The final workshop was block printing with another of the ladies from The Crafty Hen. We were taught how to make our own stamps out of rubbers and then print on a lever arch file. I got excited as soon as I saw the tools as I got a flashback to when I did this in Textiles at college.

#VikingArtyParty - stamp table

After deciding on a button pattern, I set to work carving out the design on the rubber. Note: keep your design simple!

#VikingArtyParty - stamp making

It was another messy workshop and I loved every minute of it.

#VikingArtyParty - block printing table

Here’s my finished piece.

#VikingArtyParty - lever arch file

Take a look at all my finished creations!

#VikingArtyParty - my creations

I had such a great day and it was so nice to make things that you could take home. Thanks Viking!

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My Week #48 – Paint Samples & Honeymoon Wardrobes

*Paint samples for living room *My Office

*Luna *Purty necklaces from Eclectic Eccentricity

So it looks like operation living room is a go!

We unexpectedly came across a great deal with some flooring and the whole thing spiralled from there. Now that we’re both working enough hours it’s possible to decorate the living room a lot earlier than we hoped. Yay! We’ve picked out our wall colour (the one on the right) and we’ve picked out a sofa. So stay tuned for before and after photos to come next month.

Honeymoon wardrobe is also a go!

After realising that by the time I would want to get summery clothing for our honeymoon, there wouldn’t be any left in the shops, I started the hunt. Luckily I’ve got a lot of things covered but there’s some essentials that I need. I did a small shop yesterday at New Look and got tan sandals, sunglasses and leggings and I just got a dungaree dress from H&M which arrived today! I’ll do a post soon on my mini haul. It’s so nice to be able to shop again.

I lost half a pound at Slimming World.

I was hoping for more but to be honest I’m happy with losing something. After all it was easter weekend and I did indulge a little bit. Only half a pound away from my lowest weight at this group and 2 and a half pounds from my lowest weight ever at Slimming World. Hoping to smash one if not both targets this week.

And in other news…

my week #48 - fibre
It’s no secret that the internet at my house (and area) is so terrible that I’ve had to get rid of it all together but after a year of constantly checking the “when will I get fibre” page on Openreach’s website, we finally moved up a stage. So according to this, we should have fibre by the end of the year! Result!

It finally feels like things are starting to fall into place.

How was your week?

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