Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves

For all of December so far, I’ve been dying to make some handmade Christmas decorations.

Seriously how is it Christmas in less than a week? I finally made some handmade Christmas decorations last night as I figured it’s better late than never.

It’s been a dream for Topher and I to buy a new decoration for our tree every year for Christmas but it has never happened. A multitude of things always got in our way over the last 8 Christmas’s together; from lack of money to running out of time, to not even having a tree one year.

Unsurprisingly once again we were unable to buy a decoration this year. But all is not lost – taking inspiration from Reeves’ How-to Videos I decided to paint some baubles last minute. Their acrylic paints which I received at their September event can paint on practically any service and dry super quick (ideal for when there are curious cats around!).

The video shows them using glass baubles which they filled with the paint which I loved the idea of. Unfortunately for me I couldn’t find them anywhere so was pleased to find some plain ceramic baubles in Aldi for £1.99. Score!

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - supplies

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - bauble

The paints are pretty easy to use, even for the less crafty of people – you just need a steady hand! I do not have the steadiest of hands but I don’t think these turned out too badly.

Here’s how I decorated my baubles:

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - all baubles


This was my first idea and I love how it looks, especially the Ho Ho Ho one.

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - script

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - fa la la


Definitely the hardest of the three to do but I was so pleased with the holly ones. The reindeer ones not so much but that’s the fun of it.

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - pattern

Full on colour

This was the easiest to do – the paint went on like a dream and still dried just as quickly.

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - coloured

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - red colour

The whole task took about half an hour so perfect to get some last minute decorating in.
Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - hanging baubles

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - finished baubles

I had such a good time using these paints that I might get Topher to sit down and paint these flat ceramic ornaments I found. Let’s start a new tradition!

Handmade Christmas Decorations with Reeves - blank

Are any of your Christmas decorations handmade?

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Hello December

hello december 1

*WeBlogNorth Event *Xmas markets

*Tsum tsum advent calendar *Freelance Folk Christmas Meal

*The tree is up *Watched Elf all the way through for the first time

*Fibre is here! *Pickles loves boxes

So I took a week off. I didn’t mean to but it just happened and that’s completely fine.

I was super busy and then I had a short down period again. I think I need to stop guilting myself into a stupor. So I’m going to take it easy this December and just concentrate on the things that need to be done.

So what have I been up to since my last My Week post back on 17th November?

  • Topher and I went to Coventry for a Christening of one of our friend’s children. Stayed in a Travelodge nearby and caught up with our uni mates.
  • I attended my first WeBlogNorth event in a while – really fun and great to catch up with people.
  • I did some in person work for an indie business who has a stand at the Manchester Christmas Markets.
  • Topher and I started watching Star Trek (the original series) from the beginning.
  • We saw Murder on the Orient Express at the cinema which we both loved. I can’t believe it took me right until the end to realise that Poirot was Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!
  • Christmas decorations went up at the weekend. And when I say Christmas decorations I mean the tree. I also bought some fairy lights so now we have two things. I really need to step up our decorating game. It’s happening though – some bits and pieces for me to craft are on the way so look out for those in a future blog post.
  • The first Christmas event I attended came and went. It was the Freelance Folk Christmas Lunch last Friday. It was a lovely afternoon and I’ve got a lot more events to look forward to.
  • And finally it looks like we’ll be able to get fibre internet very soon. It’s finally come to our area. We’ve been here almost two years and have been dealing with 1.2mb speed which has been horrible. Especially for me having to rely on it for my job. We actually got rid of our wifi all together earlier this year and now use hotspots from our phone. I can’t wait to have wifi again.

Also, I’m almost done gift shopping which is a relief. If you find yourself with not many names crossed off your list you should check out my Gift Guide for Her, for Him and my Indie Business Gift Guide where all the items are from small businesses.

How have you been this fortnight?

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Creative Gifts You Can Make For Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful and magical time of year for anyone that celebrates it. You get to see friends and family that you wouldn’t normally see, overindulge on delicious food, and drink lots of tummy warming drinks. To add to it all we have all taken on the tradition of gift giving, which can turn out to be quite expensive if you have a large family. This year why not consider making some of your gifts to save you a penny or two, and also make it super personal for your loved one? Here are some creative gifts you can make for your loved ones this Christmas.

Creative Gifts



Hand making bracelets and other pieces of jewelry allows you to add as many personal touches as you like for the recipient. They’re fairly simple to do and all you need to do is buy some chains, charms and tools to attach the charms to the bracelet. You can buy make your own jewelry packs easily in stores or on the internet, and choose the charms that fit the best to that person. Then all you will need is a cute display box (which if you’re feeling extra creative you could make these too!) to present it to them in and you’ve got yourself a lovely gift!


If you’ve got children that you want to give a gift to within your family, then why not create a cushion in the shape of their favourite Disney character? You can easily get foam cut to size and all you will need after that is some material to create the character’s face. There are plenty of stencils available online that you could use. Pair that with some simple sewing skills and you will have a gorgeous cushion to give to the little ones (or any avid disney fan) in your family.


A bit more of a difficult idea here, but knitting scarves would also be a great idea for hand making a gift for one of your loved ones. You don’t necessarily have to use any complicated stitches with your knitting, and you could even stick to one colour and then sew on something to make it more personal. There are a wide range of sewing tutorials that you can check out and easily learn from. Let’s face it, everyone needs a warm scarf at Christmas!


Hand making food to give to someone would also be a fabulous and thoughtful idea for a gift this Christmas. If you’ve got a keen hand for baking then why not bake a delicious pie for them to enjoy over the Christmas period? Alternatively, you could pickle some onions and create a hamper for them to indulge in. the possibilities are endless.


Finally, hand making the cards that you’re going to be sending to your loves ones this year will add an even more personal touch to your Christmas. Much alike the cushions, you can find and download many different images and stencils to put on your Christmas cards. Add some glitter and voila!


Try these ideas for your gift giving this Christmas and make it as personal as possible!

*This is a collaborative post

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My Week #69 – Paying respects

*Mediterranean Chicken Orzo *Pickles

*Greek beefy pasta thing *Crematorium

Not too much to report on this week.

Went to the crematorium to pay respects to Topher’s step-dad who died 2 years ago. He was only 49 and it does make you realise how short life is. It makes me realise that I need to try and pull myself out of this funk that I’m in. I feel like I’m wasting time and I don’t want to feel that way anymore. Fingers crossed I can actually do it and not just say I’m going to.

On the bright side I have been having great luck with finding new meals to cook.

I made Pinch of Nom’s Mediterranean Chicken Orzo which was amazing. I had never used orzo before but it was very nice. And I also tried a non Slimming World recipe that I found on Pinterest by The Happy Foodie. It was a Vegetable Casserole with Dumplings and it was so delicious! It would be quite low syn as well if you didn’t have the dumplings….but I like the dumplings!

I also attempted to make shortbread…and I’m not kidding when I say attempt. It tasted good but it was literally crumbles. A pile of crumble. Very tasty but still it would have been more at home on top of a pile of rhubarb. Fingers crossed my next baking venture goes better.

Weekend plans

Off down to the West Midlands for a friend’s kid’s christening. Which means staying in a Travelodge. I enjoy staying in hotels so am looking forward to it. Oh and also interacting with other humans. Otherwise, my weekend will just be filled with driving. The coming weeks are going to be a lot more interesting I promise as the Christmas season is about to begin and I have a load of parties/meals to go to. That’s the thing about being freelance. You end up with so many more groups then you would in an office. I’m looking forward to them. Particularly the meals!

How was your week?

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Christmas Decorations Guide -Top Picks

So I know it’s only November but I have to drop the C word as today I’m talking about Christmas decorations. 

I personally don’t put up my Christmas decorations until 1st December but there’s no harm in getting some nice bits before then. Please be noted that items with a * are affiliate links.

  1. Llama cushion, £58 – Anthropologie*

I see this saying everywhere this year but there’s just something about this cushion that I like. I think it’s the unusual shade of green it is. It doesn’t look like a Christmas decoration – it looks like something you could have all year round. And I like that.

  1. Bauble, £5 – Debenhams

This bauble is so simple and pretty. I love the detail on it.

  1. Jumper, £15.99 – New Look

I think im going to have to do a whole separate post on Christmas jumpers. I snuck one into this post with the lame excuse of “decorating yourself” but in actual fact I see a crap load of awesome xmas jumpers this year. So yep, will have to do another post.

  1. LED marquee light, £12.50 – Paperchase*

Have absolutely no room for a Christmas tree? This marquee light is perfect for a laid back tree which doesn’t need any decoration. I may have to get one for ours as long time readers know we can’t have a traditional tree as the cats tried to eat it!

  1. Wreath, £22 – Lizard Creative @ Etsy*

I’ve always dreamed that one day I’d live somewhere nice enough where I wasn’t afraid of putting a wreath on the front door. But until then, I’ll probably just get one to hang inside where I know it won’t get nicked! This one is gorgeous. It seems to be the only one this shop does but they are open to custom orders!

  1. Light Up Snowflake, £16 – Next*

Can you tell I’ve got a thing for lights at the moment? Isn’t this snowflake pretty? Another simple way of bringing Christmas into your home.

  1. Mug, £18 – Not On The High Street*

I think decor should include things like mugs as they’re something you use every day and why shouldn’t they be Christmassy? This one is absolutely gorgeous!

  1. Pom Pom Garland, £12.57 – £39.29 depending on length – Mailbox Happiness @ Etsy*

When it comes to decor, the walls should definitely get in on the action too. I’ve been saying I’ll make a garland for years but have never gotten round to it. I should probably just buy one like this and save myself the time.

  1. 5ft Christmas Tree, £55 – Paperchase*

I couldn’t do one of these and not include a Christmas tree – how amazing is this rainbow one?

  1. Bed Set, £20 – George

And finally, Christmas should be everywhere in your home (at least I think so!) so that shouldn’t stop at your bed. I have Christmas pjs so don’t see why I shouldn’t have festive bedding too.

Also, an honourable mention has to go to Primark for their Christmas range this year.

It’s awesome and of course, super affordable. How awesome are these Disney baubles? There are so many more in the range too.

Christmas decorations - disney baubles

And I’m tempted to get this light too. Only £8!

Christmas decorations - Primark light

How do you decorate your home for Christmas?

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