My week: 29

Why I can’t I have a three day work week every week? It was so lovely. 


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*Atmosfear – an awesome board game me and the bf found at the car boot last sunday. We may have played it three times already this week!
*Me and the bf went and saw Brave. I have to say, I was not expecting the plot to go where it did.
*The best bathroom stall graffiti I’ve seen.
*Fab Cafe. Try the skittles shots.
*The bf with the brightest ice cream ever!
*The brightest laser light ever!
*The brightest teeth ever! UV lights just so you know. 
Me and the bf decided to drive back to Manchester on the Monday so that we could just chill out on the Tuesday. We stopped at Meadowhall on the way again and had Yo Sushi which was delicious as usual. Then we went to the cinema and had a nice meal on the Tuesday. 
Also ended up going out on Friday night for a friend’s 25th birthday. We all went to one of our old hangouts and felt very old. I swear everyone in there looked about 12. Still had a jolly good time though. The birthday boy came and stayed round ours that night so me, Claire and the bf decided to balloon avalanche  his door. For those of you who haven’t heard of the term, look here. Very funny idea – got to love Pinterest. 
Don’t know how I’m going to cope with having to work a full week now (ah first world problems) but it’s quite exciting that it’s September now. As much as I love summer, this season is awesome. Halloween, bonfire night, christmas, layering clothes, hot drinks – I love it. 
What’s your favourite thing about Autumn and Winter?
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My week: 28

I actually took quite a few photos this week. I’m quite impressed I had to go through and narrow them down. I hope to keep up this habit.


Image copy

my week 28

*Drawing I did on housemate’s t-shirt by their request
*Salmon, rice and courgettes
* Starbucks at the office
*One of my colleague’s got some stickers and was very nice and shared. There weren’t many left but I was quite pleased with the result. 
*My painting is coming along slowly but surely. The sky kinda looks more like the sea though….ah well – artistic licence. I meant to do that. 
*Went to fab cafe for my friend’s birthday. It’s a must for any sci-fi nerd living in or visiting Manchester. Every club needs a darlek in the corner and a mural including Spock. I’m loving that Zapp Brannigan was there as well. 
*Finally used my Lush fairy want from Christmas – smells like Snow Fairy!
* My outfit for the birthday night out. Dress is from Monsoon – picked up for £25 in the sale reduced from like £85
*My refreshing pint of lemonade at the Chorlton vintage fair. Explore More – wise words indeed.
* A little peek at my stall.
So for the last week I’ve been all by my lonesome while the bf and my housemates have been away but it hasn’t been too bad. I’ve kept myself busy. I’m looking forward to having everyone back though, especially the bf of course. It’s weird having the whole bed to myself – I keep waking up diagonal at the wrong side!
This weekend, I went to a vintage fair in Chorlton which was really fun and then I had to hurry home to get ready for my friend’s birthday night out. Sunday was spent mooching around the house trying to get stuff done.
This week coming up is going to be good because it’s only a 4 day work week for me. I took Friday and next tuesday off around the bank holiday so I’m getting an epic 5 day weekend. Then only a 3 day work week next week. Why can’t it always be this way?
How was your week? Do you have any plans for the bank holiday weekend?
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My week: 27

One day I will do one of these posts on the Sunday. It was the Olympics closing ceremony though. Despite what some people said on twitter, I really enjoyed it – even if it was a bit trippy (I’m looking at you Fatboy Slim, yes you and your giant inflatable octopus).

my week 27

*Outfit post earlier this week
*Yummy brothers toffee apple cider
*I made chilli con carne!
*My awesome alarm clock teapot
*New earrings for Toast Rack
* I heart my Spock mug
*Editing photos for Random Quirks
*My stall at Vintage Village
*My cute froggie trinket box – still hasn’t sold the poor thing
*Vintage Village
*Red velvet cupcake
*Parma Violet cupcake
It was a week full of food and preparing for Vintage Village in Stockport. I desperately needed to make more stock for Random Quirks so I knocked out a fair few new pieces during the week after work. 
Vintage Village itself was a lovely day. I sold a few things, me and Claire got some nommy cupcakes and I may have bought a few things… but that will be left for another post I think!
How was your week?
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My week: 26

Hi there. Would have posted my week in photos yesterday but I had the most ginormous headache that no amount of pill taking would go away. So instead of doing anything productive, I camped out on the sofa and watched Disney films like the child I am.
Apart from that, my week was mainly full of chilling out, good food and painting.
sexy bear. 
Apologies for the above. The bf’s contribution since he stopped me from typing by tucking his head under my arm….he doesn’t appear to be moving so it looks like I’m going to have to do the rest of this post one handed. And to think I thought I was free to type since we don’t live with any cats now. Anyway, on with my photos from the week:
food and painting
*Starbucks run at work. Lovely.
*Claire made rhubarb crumble from the garden. Yum!
*Ginger and chilli chocolate I got from a market in Chorlton.
*My 25 before 25.
*Claire also made cinnamon “bis-cakes”. Not quite biscuits and not quite cakes, but quite delicious!
*Mexican chilli and chocolate sauce. Asda own brand (oh yes). An interesting taste. Not quite chilli and not quite chocolate. Not sure if I liked it.
* Painting finally. I was in the mood to paint hot air balloons. Probably goes with my current mood at the moment of wanting to travel.
*More hot air balloons in my sketchbook.
I am really getting itchy feet – I want to travel again. I totally blame my family. My parents can’t seem to stay in one place and I get the same feeling from time to time – it’s in my blood. I literally cannot keep track of my parents – I need their calendar synched to mine on my iphone. 
At the moment I simultaneously want to go to Disney World, drive across the USA and for October to hurry up so I can go to India (my holiday that’s actually going to happen!). It’s probably because of the crappy weather here. How British is that for an excuse? I just want to go on an adventure.
Do you ever feel like you just want to get away from it all? Are you going anywhere interesting this “summer”?
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All the ice cream…

…in the world. A print I finished recently.


I sketched it on paper, perfected it on my iPad, then tiled it on photoshop. 
I love it. I can look at it and pretend it’s summer.
Are you pretending it’s still summer or are you planning your A/W wardrobe? 
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