My week: 25

I’ll admit it. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting and watching the England vs Italy match. Yes, I’m into football at times. I’m just amazed that England are still in. Anyway, my week in photos.


Image copy

*The awesome banana shoe on my desk calendar. 
*Crazy Rose
*Ginger cat paying us a little visit
*Crazy Axl – don’t you just love it when you chuck a load of stuff on your bed and the cat comes and sits on it? He looked so hilarious I couldn’t resist!
*Chris Hoy!
*A sneak peek of a new print I’m working on
*Deansgate before the torch came
*Random boy with torch – You go random boy! You could tell he was really happy. This was on Fountain Street.
Once again, I didn’t take a lot of photos, but I do have two hauls to show you some time next week. I stopped by Primark on Saturday while running errands in town and I went to a car boot this morning. 
So Saturday after running errands, I went round to the bfs to hang out. We got a text from one of our friends saying that he was going to see the Olympic torch in town. So off we all went. I had actually completely forgotten that it was going to be in Manchester yesterday but I’m really glad that we went. 
We started on Deansgate which was great because Chris Hoy was carrying the torch! I don’t have a photo of that because I knew I wouldn’t get a good shot with my phone so I just filmed the entire thing. It’s about 10 minutes long! When it had gone past, we walked to Fountain Street to see it pass again and this time it was random local boy (his full name) carrying it. I really liked seeing both sides of it – a celebrity and a local. The atmosphere was amazing and I can’t believe I almost missed it. 
This morning, me and the bf went to a car boot (an indoor one of course!). I have to say I’ve been having a dry spell with jewellery buying for my vintage shop but this was a very successful day. I will show you my haul from that (and from Primark) soon. 
This week coming up is going to be epic as it’s my birthday on Tuesday and I got the day off to go to the Harry Potter studios. Excite! I’m so glad I’m doing this as I’m a massive HP fan and I usually have a BBQ on my birthday (just look outside people – I don’t think it’s ever rained on my birthday before). Then at the weekend, I’m moving into my new house. Good times ahead whatever the weather. 
How was your week?
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My week: 24

Another week gone, another week of rain. Someone stole the sun. Ah well, it can’t put a dampener on my mood. It’s my birthday in just over a week (going to be entering my mid twenties – eek 24!) and in less than two weeks I’ll be moving house. Excite!
So I didn’t take many photos at all this week, so here are my slightly pathetic offerings:


*I went to a fair in Chorlton yesterday and despite the weather I did quite well. I sold less items than the last time I went to this one but the items were more expensive (cha-ching). I have to personally thank the lady who in one swoop bought the cost of my stand. Thanks lady, you rule!
*Finally bought a lace dress. I’ve been wanting one for the last couple of years but could never find one with the right shape for me. It was from Primark and I love it 🙂
*Axl being friendly. I will miss those two kitties a lot though I probably won’t miss having to do a ninja jumping spin every time I leave the house. Those with cats and no cat flap should understand. 
*My epic doodle skills. I used to do these all the time at school but never this big. My fourteen year old self would be proud. 
Apart from going to a vintage fair, my weekend was spent successfully getting the bf addicted to Beauty and the Geek. If you have not watched this before, you must. It is hilarious! We were both laughing our heads off. 
In preparation for the move, I have started squirrelling away packing equipment. Since I work in a homeware buying office (not doing buying), we get pretty big samples which obviously need big boxes. Every time I see a good one I just go, that’s a nice box and smile. So far I have two living in my car and a whole load of bubble wrap. They were just going in the bin anyway so they may as well get some more use. Now I just need to start packing. 
How was your week?
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My week: 22 & 23

To make up for my lack of a my week post last week, I have turned today’s post into a 2 week edition. This also includes the bank holiday weekend where I drove back to Nottinghamshire to meet with the family. 





*Clearing out my room and found buttons!
*My new Primark maxi skirt and new look kitten heels.
*Umbrella illustration.
*The weather when it was actually still sunny. (Come back sun!)
*Took Woy for a cheeky car wash before seeing my parents.
*My outfit going to town with my mum.
*Going through my old things at home – this was on the contributors page of a magazine I interned for in Jordan. Yes that is only a wig!
*Forgot that I had left a Lush christmas bath bomb at home. Score!
*My desk at work – it is under there somewhere.
*My bicycle painting.
*Lunch at Las Iguanas with my mum and brother. I just loved the decor colours.
*Really pretty road on the way home which I turned into a print.
*This is apparently a shoe…
*Both my housemates cats asleep on my bed. So cute.
*Went to the pub yesterday to watch both matches for Euro 2012. I was really disappointed as they should have been exciting games.
*A bit of old school Cliff Richard on the TV before the match. 
So a busy couple of weeks. I had an awesome time at home. It was really great to see my family and even though I didn’t get the Tuesday off, I made the most of the three days I had. The only disappointment was that I didn’t get to do a car boot sale as it was chucking it down on the Sunday. I really wanted to both get rid of stuff and buy some things for my vintage shop. This was the car boot that I got some amazing things at last time so I wasn’t happy at all. I will definitely be heading back in August for the next bank holiday. I hope it’s sunny then!
This weekend was a great one since we finally found a house to move in at the end of this month. I was starting to get worried there. It was the first one of the day that we saw. Love at first sight. I couldn’t believe that it was the one I had been overlooking for the last couple of months. It’s beautiful and spacious and in an awesome area so I couldn’t be happier. Roll on the end of June!
How was your week?
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A few things I’ve been working on

I’ve been feeling pretty inspired lately. I think it’s staring at spreadsheets all day that makes me arty when I get home. I need something different. Here’s a couple of things I’ve been working on recently:


A print I made from a photo I took on the way back to Manchester.


A photo of a painting I did while back home this weekend. Bicycles!


An illustration I did on my iPad of umbrellas.
Hope you like 🙂
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My week: 21

Now I know I wished for summer to come, but wow. There wasn’t even an adjustment period there – just boom, it’s hot now. I may have been a bit under prepared there and I’m sure I’m not the only one!


Image copy-3

*Loads more dandelions appeared in my bf’s garden. Love them.
*Never get up when there are cats in the house, one is bound to steal your place.
*Lilac nails! I love Rimmel 60 second nail polish.
*An illustration I’m working on my iPad at the moment during my lunch breaks. That background colour is not the final one, just a mistaken tap but I thought it was kinda cool so I snapped a pic to remember it.
*Fruit pastel lolly at Chester Zoo today.
*Lots of ideas! My creative juices are flowing (yes I did just say that…sorry).
*Not part of my usual job but I got to go competition shopping on Friday. How funky is that telephone cushion? And that heart one is made up of pics of buttons!
An absolutely boiling week and a packed weekend. Friday, I hung out with Claire and her sister Amy where we watched Once upon a time (addicted!). Saturday I went back round to hang out with the bf and finish the current season of The Amazing Race and then watch Eurovision in the evening. Now you either love or hate it, but we love it. It’s just so hilarious. Those Russian grannies were robbed. We were also big fans of Turkey who turned themselves into a boat with their capes! Awesome.
Sunday, I decided I wanted to do something different and give my awesome camera a day out so me and the bf headed to Chester Zoo. It was awesome and I took loads of photos. I will do a post dedicated to it next week with just the best photos I think. I love my camera! Even though we were both shattered by the end, I really had an awesome day with the bf 🙂 I love our days out. 
How was your week?
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