Don’t Play It Safe

One of my new mottos. You can apply this to any aspect of your life. I am personally talking about my career. I have basically found out that I was downplaying my talents. Instead of going after something I was passionate about and pretty good at, I settled for something else. And now I know that I wasn’t giving myself enough credit. So, don’t play it safe.


Underestimating yourself wastes time that could be spent working towards something you love. But sometimes, you have to do the “wrong” thing to realise that it’s the wrong thing for you. You learn with every step you take and you get closer to finding out what you want.


I personally haven’t got a clue what my next step will be. But I know what I don’t want to do and that’s a start. I want to do something more creative. So that’s what this blog is for. It’s my way of expressing my creativity and a place to be myself. 

Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 20.46.24

I’m not going to play it safe anymore. I’m hoping that by taking a leap and being myself, I’ll find out what I’m here to do. 
Ask yourself.


Do you play it safe?
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My week 15

Kind of an uneventful week with rather few photos, but I was really put down by the rain. My oh my it was a lot of rain! 

Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 22.44.19

I had to laugh when I saw this. Anywhere else get this much rain this week?


*I am quite a clumsy person but I have never had a bag of sugar fall from the top shelf onto me. It was everywhere – I was still finding sugar in my bra hours later!
*A drawing for the bf: I love you like this koala loves that tree. Made him smile which was good since he wasn’t feeling very well. 
*The house search begins. Looked around 4 places this week. It begins apparently too early according to the estate agents as all their properties are available now and we’re not looking to move until the end of June. And I thought I was being quite organised. Ah well, will resume the hunt in a month. 
*Bank holiday Monday was lovely. I used the entire day to work on my shops. It was really enjoyable and I wish I could spend everyday doing it. Got a sale on each shop this week. See what happens when I actually work on them? Must work harder. 
I was planning on going to a few car boot sales today but I must remember to find them earlier than the night before. I stayed up so late looking for them that I was too tired to get up at 6 this morning to go. Very silly. Will make sure that I go in 2 weeks when I’m next free. 
How was your week? Hopefully less rainy than mine!
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My week 14

Really need to get myself out of this twice a week post phase. I feel like all I’m doing is one post, then talking about my week. This needs to change. Today was a great start as I committed myself to spending the day working on my two online shops Random Quirks and Toast Rack (shameless plug! :P). Didn’t get everything done that I wanted, but I did power through a lot of my to do list. I’m feeling inspired. 
Following on from my inspiration post last week, I am up and running with Pinterest and have finally given myself an easy weekly schedule to follow so I can keep up to date with everything. More on that later this week – we’ll see if it works first! 
Anyway, on with the photos of the week:





*My dinner one night this week. Beef tomato pasta with sugar snap peas, baby corn and feta cheese. Nom!
*My lovely tights that are now RIP. I am such a klutz! 
*At work on Good Friday. Not many offices were open, but we were on of them. Got some sugared quail eggs (cool points if you know what I’m on about) and had a laugh at the shoe of the day. It’s a cat! Looked more like a dog to me at first, but I can see it now.
*Went to the Vintage Village in Stockport yesterday to sell my stuff. It was a great day as I sold well and I had the bf and Claire with me 🙂 It was so nice to have company for once. I usually go to these things solo.
Hope everyone has had an amazing easter weekend! Did you get up to much?
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Why is it that inspiration strikes at the wrong time for me? When I didn’t work, inspiration struck whenever I laid my head down to sleep at night. Now, I get ideas at work where I can’t put them into action until I get home. And by the time I get home I’m too tired to do anything particularly useful. So, there’s the problem, now how do I fix it?


I think the trick is finding a way to inspire yourself when you’re feeling the opposite. Surround yourself with inspiration. Ask yourself what inspires you and put it all in once place, maybe a notebook, so you can flip through whenever you want to get something done. You could do it with anything that needs work to get done. 


For me, it’s a combination of my blog and my two online shops that I need to work on more. So I want to gather together things to inspire me. I’m a very visual person, so my inspiration notebook will be filled with photos of fashion, craft rooms etc, articles about successful businesses and inspiring quotes. 


More of a digital person? Do it online. Pinterest looks like a great way to gather inspiring things together in one place. I just got my invitation today after a few weeks of being on the waiting list so I can’t wait to get started. We’ll see how it goes.
What inspires you? How do you inspire yourself when you feel lazy?
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