Korma girl has a curry: What I ate in India

I’m quite proud to say that we lasted about half the holiday eating purely Indian food. By the time Wednesday evening rolled around we gave up and had pizza! Too much of a good thing and all that. 


This was our first meal on the first day. It was at a vegetarian restaurant and with some help from the very kind waiter we picked out a variety of dishes which kind of worked out like tapas – Indian style.


They were a mix of savoury and sweet which was a bit of a surprise but very fun! It was a good way to ease our jet-lagged selves in.



On the way to Jaipur we stopped at a restaurant for lunch which had a gift shop attached and was full of tourists. Something I noticed though was that it was just us and the locals in the restaurant. 
 “The tourists seem to just be buying Pringles and running away!”


They were definitely missing out as I loved this meal. We shared all the dishes again which were saag (potatoes), daal (lentil type sauce) and I forget it’s name but it was vegetables and cheese in a sauce. All picked up with naan bread. Delicious!



Our dessert that evening was yummy! We decided to share some ice cream cake, kulfi (kind of like ice cream which was amazing!) and gulab jamun which is like balls of sponge with syrup. 


For lunch my parents unknowingly ordered special dosas (rice pancake with potato filling) not realising how HUGE they would be. Challenge accepted. 


Meanwhile, my dosa was a lot more managable. Yum!
It was a fun new experience as I had only tried gulab jamun before going to India. 
Have you ever tried any of these dishes? 
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India – The highlights

Some of my favourite photos from India. Warning: Picture heavy!

India - bike

India - street

India - traffic

India - great India truck

India - cow

India - castle on the water

India - view from the top

India - pink palace

India - tuk tuk

India - details

India - ceiling

India - taj mahal

India - colourful building

India - dad and me

India - tall

India - lotus temple

India - robes

India - dancing girl

All photos taken by myself or my dad (with the exception of the photo of me and my dad – thanks mum!)
These were narrowed down from literally 2000 photos my dad and I took between us! 
Do you take a ridiculous amount of photos on holiday?
Check out the rest of my India adventures:
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India: What I wore

Outfit posts a plenty. I’m quite impressed that I actually remembered to photograph my outfit everyday. Sorry they’re not the best photos, but I did the best I could with the light that was there. My last room didn’t even have a window.


From left to right: 
1. Dress – vintage 
2. Dress – vintage 
3. Blouse – Dorothy Perkins, Skirt and belt – Primark
4. Blouse – Love Culture (USA), Skirt – Primark, Scarf – Gift 
5. Blouse – River Island, Skirt – Primark
6. T-shirt – Zara, Skirt – some stall I don’t know where in Las Vegas, USA 
7. T-shirt – Zara, Skirt – Primark, Scarf – India
8. Dress – New Look, Jacket – H&M
The thing you have to make sure in India is that you dress modestly so it was maxi skirts and dresses a lot of the time for me. I really enjoyed getting to wear a scarf everyday as I have loads at home but don’t usually wear them. 
I think my favourite outfit was to wear was 7 just because it was very colourful and even though it didn’t really match it was fun. 


(The sandals are from Primark)
My second favourite was number 8 that I wore on the day I went to the Taj Mahal. Purely for the comfort factor. This dress is very easy to wear was ideal for the heat. 
I also painted my nails for the occasion. I painted them twice actually over the trip as I did such a horrible job the first time. (Patience is a virtue!)


This is the one cool nail from the first time. Funnily enough the pattern was done by my dad! I was trying to use this gadget that my parents brought me from the USA where you can print a pattern on your nails and failing miserably. This wasn’t a complete success but I liked the randomness of it.


On my last night in India, I took my time while watching tv and properly painted my nails. Polka dots! This colour is officially my holiday nail colour.
What do you like to wear on holiday?
Coming up: A few of my favourite photos from the trip (promise not to bombard you with too many!)
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The adventure begins…

So I’m off to India for a week! I’m extremely excited and just can’t wait to get there. Though you probably won’t hear from me until I get back, my camera will be strapped to my shoulder at all times so I will have plenty to share when I return.


Have a nice week!
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A lovely drive in the countryside

Happy bank holiday weekend! I took a day off either side so that I can have an epic five day weekend so me and the bf headed to Nottinghamshire to see my family.
I love the drive between Manchester and Sheffield – it’s so pretty. Since I’m the driver, I entrusted the camera to the bf.










The cow has no head! OMG!



I don’t think he did a bad job at all!
We ended up at Meadowhall in Sheffield where we met up with my mum and grandma. 
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