Honeymoon Plans Part 3: Los Angeles

Welcome to the final installment of Topher and I’s honeymoon plans. See previous entries Part 1 and Part 2.

Los Angeles. The city of angels. As previously mentioned, I have visited once before when I was about 9 and Topher has never been. I’m looking forward to the heat and also to driving, as I won’t be able to in our other two destinations. That and we have to make the pilgrimage to Disneyland. It just has to be done. Topher now joins me in the want to hit all the Disney parks before we kick the bucket and I’m happy to help him catch up with me.


And since the Universal Studios just so happened to have just opened the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this month, it would be a crime not to pay a visit! Apart from that it looks like we’ll be visiting the usual haunts of the Hollywood sign and the walk of fame. I really want to visit Griffith Park and the Observatory and Topher wants to visit The Last Bookstore because it looks pretty cool. We’ll be spending about 4 days there with 3 of them being allocated to Disney and Universal so I don’t think there will be time for much else and that suits me just fine.


Now, onto the important stuff – food. So far it looks like we’ll be getting diabetes in LA. Omg the desserts! So far on the list we have The Pie Hole, Café Dulce, Milk, Donut Snob, Pellicola Pizzeria and Lette Macarons. For actual meals the only things we have so far are the bun truck and Fat Sal’s – both quite lunchtime options. So any suggestions for some dinner options would be amazing!

So that’s everything I have so far. Have you ever been to LA?

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Honeymoon Plans Part 2 – San Francisco

Onto part 2 of the beginnings of our honeymoon plans. Yes it’s well over a year before we go but what can I say, I’m a planner! See Part 1 for our New York Plans. Unlike New York, we only have 2 full days to spend in San Francisco (with two half days on top) so we’ve got a lot less time on our hands. San Francisco has been a dream of mine for years and it’s the only one out of the three destinations that I have never been to before. So Topher and I get to explore it together for the first time. Excited isn’t a strong enough word.


Anyway, in terms of activities the main three priorities for us are The Golden Gate Bridge, then Topher wants to visit Alcatraz and I want to visit The Disney Family Museum. You may or may not have noticed my extreme disney love so a trip there is a must. Besides that, it’s going to be a lot of wandering around and eating! I want to see Chinatown and Golden Gate Park too. No plans as to where we’re staying yet. Maybe we’ll airbnb it since it’s the birth place of the site? Unless anyone has any great recommendations?


Anyway, important stuff now – food! Again, we’ve got a few places in mind. Absolutely no dinner plans though – these are all breakfast, lunch and snacks. So purely based on pinterest searching I’ve found a few places including Tartine for a famous morning bun and Brenda’s French Soul food for beignets. Ever since I saw the film Chef I have been craving beignets like mad! Maybe finally I’ll get to try them? For lunch I’ve heard great things about Ike’s Place sandwiches – nothing better than an amazing sandwich, am I right? Unless we’re talking grilled cheese because then there’s nothing better than The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen. Then for dessert it’s going to be the battle of the ice creams. In the blue corner is Humphry Slocombe which is known for their ingenuity when it comes to flavours. And in the red corner is the tried and tested Bi-Rite Creamery who have a snickerdoodle flavour that satisfies my need for cinnamon all day everyday. And randomly I have a sweet shop on my list called Miette that looks so instagramable I could squee. Sorry Topher!

Have you ever been to San Francisco? Any tips?

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Honeymoon Plans Part 1 – New York City

This is the first in a three part series of the places we will be visiting on our honeymoon next year and they’re just going to be our initial plans. Kind of a mood board if you will. So lets start with New York City!

So though I’ve been to New York twice already in my life, I have no where near finished with it. I’ve barely scratched the surface of it. The first time I visited was 2005ish with my family where we stayed in Jersey and my dad insisted on renting a car. Yes, a car. Needless to say I didn’t really see much of the city. All I remember is going up the Empire State Building, Central Park and Times Square. The second time was in 2009 and it was with university on a short research trip. We stayed at the Pod hotel in Manhattan and walked everywhere. Though we were doing research I still saw so much more of the city then I did last time. But of course, I want to go back to see even more. Topher has never visited so we’ve decided to begin there.


First of all, what’s a trip to the city without the usual suspects of the Empire State Building and Time’s Square. I’ve got to remember that Topher hasn’t been before so those are a must. That and the Statue of Liberty which surprisingly after two visits I still haven’t seen! There’s going to be lots of walking involved and that will definitely include walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and The High Line which I’ve only heard good things about.

Other musts include a jaunt over to Jersey for a trip to Carlos Bakery because Cake Boss! And I want to visit at least one type of market while we’re over there so I was looking at the Brooklyn Smorgasburg market for the foodies that we are. Other than that, I haven’t got many other activities planned in yet apart from walking around neighbourhoods.


And what is a Diane and Topher holiday without a heavy emphasis on food? That’s probably why I haven’t got many plans set in yet. Because of all the food. Currently we’ll be seeing sights and walking from food place to food place. Above are the few places I have found so far that I want us to visit. No breakfast places as of yet. I hear Sarabeth’s is good but it looks a little pricey for us. The macaron parlour is on the list purely for an experimental taste of a certain Cheeto flavoured macaron. Yes you heard me right?

As for hotels, we’ll be having two as we’ll effectively be visiting NYC twice – at the beginning and at the end of the trip. First, the Pod hotel as I had such a good time there last time and the location was great. Only this time, we’ll be getting an ensuite! And for the second, we’re going to pretend to be hipsters and stay at The Ace Hotel as I saw it on another blog some time in the last couple of years.

So that’s all I’ve got so far. Feel free to hit me with anywhere either you’ve been yourself or have heard great things about. Food, activities and anything else weird and wonderful! Tell me them all!

Have you ever been to New York City?

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My Holiday Scrapbook Update

My holiday scrapbook update

It’s been a few weeks since I last worked on my scrapbook from our Florida holiday but I’m hoping this post showing my progress so far will spur me on to continue.

The majority of the supplies I used were from when I had a subscriptions to A Beautiful Mess’s Messy Box. Though all the washi tapes used were things I sourced individually.

I’ve never actually made a scrapbook before (started a couple, sure) but I love both the visual and story telling elements of them. It’s nice to have somewhere to jot down little memories of fun times. So that’s what I did on this page. Going to Magic Kingdom on the first day was a big thing for all of us. For a few, it was their first time laying their eyes on the castle and it was pretty emotional.

That’s something I really enjoy, introducing people to new things, or even re-introducing people to things they had long forgotten about. This was the 6th trip I had taken people to a Disney park for the first time and I just can’t get enough of the look on people’s faces. It’s truly magical.

Topher was a big fan of the second breakfast sticker!

I just love how colourful and fun the stickers I used were.

True story. My friend’s first character interaction was with Mary Poppins at Epcot and my oh my was she mean! She told us off for not being ready and I get that Mary Poppins is supposed to be strict but it was a world away from the last time Topher, Emma and I met her. It was a bit of a shame but we all laugh about it now.

I am so proud of Emma for trying escargot. Considering how much of a picky eater she used to be it’s amazing how much progress she has made in the last few years. 4 out of the 7 of us tried it and I think for me that will be the last time! Ick.


Luna is a big fan of my work. But mainly she’s a big fan of the washi tapes I use!

So when it comes to organising my scrapbook, I created a little method for myself. I had my favourite photos from the trip printed, then I put them in the order I wanted (by day and by theme) and started placing them on the pages in the positions I wanted. Once I was happy, I would paperclip/bulldog clip the photos to the page and carry on. Once all the photos were assigned to pages I went through my scrapbook supplies and assigned certain papers and stickers to particular pages. Those were added to the paperclips and from there I could work on whatever pages I wanted, whenever I wanted.

It is a perfect way to store my scrapbook as it means I can carry it around the house without all the loose stuff falling out. there are a fair few pages that don’t have any extra elements assigned yet but that’s part of the fun. As my supply grows, I can add to the book.

I am promising myself that I will work on this every Sunday. It’s therapeutic and I enjoy it.

Have you ever made a scrapbook?

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Linkorama #4


Here are a few of my favourite things I’ve seen online in the last month.

This pink strawberry sangria looks delicious!


These colours are so bright and happy!

I can’t help but jump on the cactus print anything wagon


This made me giggle



Manage Your Money With The 50-20-30 Rule – Career Girl Daily

This really put Topher and I’s finances into perspective. Now we know exactly how much we need to be earning to live our lives!

48 hours in Rome, Italy – Being Erica

Erica went to Italy and my wanderlust has now returned to me with a vengeance! And speaking of wanderlust…

How to make a travel budget and stick to it! – Heroine in Training

This is definitely going to come in handy for our honeymoon!

Making Real Friends On The Internet – Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess

I agree with this 100%!

What would you link to from the last month?

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