Film & TV Reviews – March

Brooklyn (2015)

4 out of 5 stars

I really wanted to see this in the cinema but as usual I missed it. I recently got a chance to watch it and in a word it was lovely. It’s about an Irish girl who moves to America in the 1950s but after visiting home gets torn between both lives. The story was sweet and I especially loved the costume design. Women moving to America in the 19th and 20th century is a niche genre that I love so the film really appealed to me. It’s a special kind of struggle moving away from everyone and everything you know and back then it was so much harder so it’s a point of view that I gravitate towards. I was happy to hear that this film was originally a book so it’s now on my Amazon wish list.

Flipped (2010)

4 out of 5 stars

While looking for films to watch over the last few years, I’ve kept seeing the name of this film crop up. I always picked something else but after stumbling across a trailer for it on Youtube I found out what it was actually about. Set in the 1970s, Juli and Bryce are two average American 8 year olds who are complete opposites. Juli loves Bryce. Bryce hates Juli. That was what it said online. But what I didn’t realise was that the interest was in the way that the film plays out. You watch a few scenes from Bryce’s point of view, then it flips and you watch the same scenes all from Juli’s point of view, then it flips back to Bryce and so on. It’s funny how a story can change purely based on who’s telling it. It’s a fun twist on a sweet coming of age story. Oh and it was directed by Rob Reiner which if you’ve ever seen When Harry Met Sally you’ll know it’s worth a watch.

You’re the worst (TV Show)

3 and a half out of 5 stars

Another TV show I stumbled across while looking for something new to watch. I hit a comedy gold mine. You’re the worst is on channel FX and is about Gretchen and Jimmy who are genuinely terrible toxic people. Somehow they find each other and attempt a relationship even though it’s not normally their thing. Throw in their friends Lindsay (a former slut now married and not sure what to do with herself) and Edgar (an army vet with PTSD) and you’ve got a funny show. It really makes me laugh so I think it’s worth a watch. Plus it’s nice to find a good American comedy with no laugh track – at least one that I haven’t already watched! There’s two seasons and they’ve just been renewed for a third. How had I not heard of this show before?

What have you been watching recently?

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Book reviews

I did a lot of reading over Christmas so I figured I would share with you my reviews. I love these kind of posts as I’m always looking for something to add to my Amazon wish list.

The Girl On the Train – Paula Hawkins

I finally bought this to see what all the fuss was about and I get it now. Rachel is an alcoholic obsessed with a house she sees everyday on her morning commute. The couple who live there appear to have the perfect life. Though one day she sees something she shouldn’t.

It is a serious page-turner that leaves you wondering whodunit the whole way through. I found myself guessing right up until the end and I was wrong – just like my mum whom I leant the book to after I finished. Definitely recommended.

4/5 stars


The Next Together – Lauren James

It’s not very often these days that I finish an entire book in one day but I just couldn’t help myself with this one. The Next Together is about a couple who keep meeting in different lives, fall in love but then are torn apart. The chapters jump throughout history and there are fun touches like emails and letters between the pair. I was engaged from the first chapter and loved the concept. There is even going to be a sequel coming out this year so I will definitely be reading that!

5/5 stars


Why Not Me? – Mindy Kahling

Mindy is back and she’s definitely still funny. I found myself giggling away just as much through this book as I did for her last one, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me. On a serious note, I enjoyed her chapter about confidence at the end. It gave me the kick I needed to get some work done.

4/5 stars


Everything, Everything – Nicola Yoon

I could pretty much describe this as the female version of the film Bubble Boy. You know the one everyone forgets Jake Gyllenhaal was in? Though maybe without the epic road trip? Madeline is allergic to the outside world and has never left the house. She however ends up falling in love with the boy next door and chaos ensues. The story was sweet but the storyline was a bit too predictable for me.

3/5 stars


The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance – Kirsty Greenwood

Chick-lit at its core. Jess is a party girl who considers herself a modern woman. However when she loses her job and home, she moves in with her estranged grandmother. Together in order to sort out both their money problems they team together to turn Jess into a vintage woman so capture the heart of a playboy, and secure themselves a book deal in the process. Overall I enjoyed the story, though the main character annoyed me a bit. Not much else to say about it.

2/5 stars

What have you read recently?

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Book Review: Techbitch

After seeing reviews of Techbitch floating around the blogosphere I had to add it to my Amazon wishlist. It has been described as a modern day The Devil Wears Prada and since I really enjoyed both the book and the film I gave it a go while I was on holiday. In fact, I finished the book on the plane since it was delayed then we were switched to a plane with no entertainment. Four and a half hours is a loooong time.

Anyway, to the story. Imogen is an editor of a fashion magazine that has returned to work after a period of illness. She returns to find her ex-assistant sitting at her desk and everything has changed. Her other colleagues have disappeared and the office has been taken over by fashion bloggers and her former assistant is in charge. Imogen isn’t technology and isn’t sure where she fits in in this new world.

I have to say that I enjoyed this book. I sympathised with Imogen from the beginning and also with the fashion bloggers being worked to the bone by the assistant. I won’t give anything else away to the plot but I recommend it. It’s not the kind of book with twists and turns and a big reveal at the end but I liked it. I’d give it a 4 out of 5.

Have you read techbitch?

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Film Review: Chef


It’s official. I love Chef. We’ve had Netflix for a few months now. I always saw it as something we couldn’t really afford – and we still can’t. Did you know that you can have multiple devices on one account? My dad added our Talk Talk box to his account so we get it for free. Amazing! So now we have hundreds of films and tv series at our fingertips.

Anyone who listens to our podcast He Watch, She Watch will know that Topher and I can’t always agree on the film we’re going to watch but once in a while we find a victor that surpasses our expectations. Chef was one of these.


I vaguely remember when this came out last year, thinking this looks good and oh yeah it’s the guy from Moulin Rouge and Romeo & Juliet and the other guy who was Monica’s millionaire boyfriend in Friends who wanted to be an ultimate fighter. I can hear some of you protesting that they’ve been in more than that and of course they have, but this is what I personally know them best for. You can currently find this film on Netflix so I recommend you give it a watch.

Anyway, enough of my waffling – onto the film itself. Chef is one of those films that motivates me in life. When you fail, you just get back up again, do something different and eventually you find your way. It’s about a high class chef that publicly (both in the real world and online) humiliates himself, loses his job and decides to start a food truck business. A large part is him driving the food truck across the country with his friend and son selling sandwiches.

If you’re into your big screen stars then I’ll tell you now that Scarlet Johansson and Robert Downey Jr are both briefly in this film. Personally I wasn’t that bothered but if you’re fans then it’s pretty cool. And randomly, I now want to try beignets. They’re from New Orleans and look delicious! Luckily I’ve found a place in Disney World that does them so guess where I’m going when I visit in October!

Now I don’t know about you but I want to do everything generally. And I’m apparently easily influenced. So this film seriously makes me want to drive across America selling cuban sandwiches…even though I’ve never had a cuban sandwich in my life. Please don’t ask me to join your cult.

Topher describes it as a feel good movie that doesn’t make him feel sick. This is an achievement. Though it is too happy. Everyone helps him too much with his dreams. There is some conflict but not enough.

I can agree with that – it is pretty light. But if you’re looking for something feel good that will bring your spirits up then this is the film for you. Check out the trailer below or click here.

Have you seen Chef?

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