Engagement Party Outtakes

Engagement party outtakes

As much fun as I had at our engagement party in Jordan last month, there were some little mishaps that happened throughout the night. Going through the photos taken by the professional (I use that term lightly) photographer, there were some pretty hilarious outtakes that I couldn’t help sharing with you. They made me laugh at least!

It’s pretty much like a caption competition. If you have any better ones than the ones I came up with, let me know in the comments!

“This be a crackin’ tune”

I can only assume that I’m taking about the song here. Or that I’ve only just realized that it’s nighttime. Look, I can see the moon!



Since Topher is laughing, I can only judge that he’s just told me something disgusting. Good timing photographer. Good timing! Especially catching my mum’s power nap in the background.

“Old lady hitting on much younger gentleman”


Topher works in a bingo hall so there’s lots of old ladies who come in and he is very popular. This looks like a regular Tuesday night for him.

“Hiiiii. I have no idea who you are”


This being the typical Arab shindig, close family only (50 people), I’m not going to recognize every face there. This guy I believe was my dad’s cousin’s son. I think.

“Confused at buffet”


So much salad so little time. So in Jordan, if you’re the happy couple you get first dibs at the buffet. But it does come with the condition that the photographer follows you and that there’s no one around to ask what the hell something is.

“Confused at buffet. Part 2”


More confusion. Topher thinks it looks like I’m waiting to be handed something but realize I forgot to get the falafel at the same time. Never forget the falafel.

“How on earth do we cut this thing?”


Like, seriously? Is no one going to help us? We were kind of left helpless with this thing while people just stood by and took photos of us. We ended up having to hack into the cake and then do the traditional bit with the shoving the cake in each others mouth. It was a mess!

“How uncomfortable do we currently feel on a scale of 1 to 10?”


10. Most certainly a 10. Topher’s face is my favourite. I have a sudden urge to start photoshopping things into our hands. I think I prefer our last cake encounter. Let’s flash back 7 years to my 21st when we first started dating.


Yep, definitely much more comfortable…

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