Film Review of Tomorrowland & Win £250 and a years Odeon membership


Being a huge Disney fan and a film buff to boot – Tomorrowland was definitely on my must see list of films this year. Topher was quite reluctant to go but truth be told, I made him. I knew he would love it despite him insisting he wouldn’t. Mere minutes into the film, he leaned over and said “I love this film”. I win.

Unlike the usual releases that show all the good bits in the trailer, this did not give anything away. I had a vague idea of there being a land called Tomorrowland that people were trying to get to. Intuitive I know! Apart from that I had no clue.

I’m not going to give away anything but just take my word for it and go see it. It’s so refreshing to see a film that isn’t a reboot or a sequel/prequel. During the trailers I had to lean over to Topher and say “What year is it?!” with the Robin Williams in Jumanji meme in my head of course!

As well as a decent amount of action, there was a good plot and lots of laughs along the way. Plus it’s got Hugh Laurie in it. I loved the three main characters and the message behind the film was a positive one. Don’t give up! This will definitely be one I add to my DVD collection when it’s released.

Speaking of films, Democracy who are a PR company I met at Blog On Mosi last month emailed me recently to inform me about a competition for all you film buff’s out there. Fancy winning a years membership to Odeon cinemas? I thought that might get your attention!
CSAlternateEndingsLogo are holding a competition called “The Alties”. Pick your favourite film and genre and change the ending in 750 words or less. Think Marty shouldn’t have gone back to the future? Or Woody should have gone to college with Andy? Or what if Jack and Rose just shared the damn floating door? Write your own alternate ending. Genre’s to pick from are Comedy/Rom com, Action & Adventure, Sci-fi/Horror, Family/Animation, Drama/Thriller. Plenty of options to pick from!

The best entry from each genre wins £250 and a years membership to Odeon Cinemas. That’s a pretty cool prize! Writing isn’t exactly my forte but Topher is all over it so fingers crossed for him. If you’re interested in entering yourself, check out the competition here for details. You have until 28th August. Good luck!

What’s on your watch list for releases this year?

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