He watch, She watch – Episode 1 Lethal Blonde

A while back, I challenged my boyfriend to a DVD-Off (if there is such a term). You see, we have separate DVD collections that the other refuses to watch. I’m sure every couple has one, even if it’s not as vast as ours. Topher’s tastes and my own differ quite a bit. He likes horror, I like comedy. Of course our tastes do overlap but there is a large section that doesn’t. 

So, tired of not being able to watch any of my own films, we decided to do a project together called “He Watch, She Watch”. I originally meant for us to just watch each others films and do a write up on this blog afterwards but this idea evolved last month. After attending Blognix and The High Tea Cast’s podcast talk, I had a brainwave to turn He Watch, She Watch into a podcast. 

So here it is. Just over 15 minutes of Topher and I discussing the project and watching the first films, Legally Blonde and Lethal Weapon. We used Garage Band on my Macbook and I will admit that I had never used this programme before opening it up and recording this first episode so bear with us, it’s a little bit bad but apparently according to the two friends we’ve allowed a listen before publishing, not that bad. So listen, and enjoy!

Let us know what you think!

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