Hey, it’s ok! – 10 Things That Are Fine And Dandy

hey it's ok

I always loved reading these lists in Glamour so I decided to make my own!

Hey it’s ok…

  • That everything you own is brightly coloured and not white or pastel. Still life photos will never look the same as all the others on your Instagram feed. Oh well.
  • That 10 friends coming over for your birthday is a big party to you.
  • To avoid wearing heels at all costs.
  • That you don’t love pugs.
  • If as soon as you tidy up you your boyfriend can’t find anything.
  • To be a serial monogamist. What’s a first date again?
  • To enjoy driving alone just so you can sing badly at the top of your lungs.
  • That you shudder hearing coworkers chat excitedly about their next binge-drinking weekend.
  • To enjoy making lists upon lists upon lists.
  • That you prefer kittens to babies. Sorry Facebook friends.

What’s on your “Hey, its ok” list?

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    1. I can usually do one eye perfect then the other won’t match! And I am forever seeing cute children’s clothes that I wish they did in my size 🙂 x

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