How To Stay Stress Free During The Holiday Season

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Make one and stick to it. Everyone admits to overspending at Christmas so take steps to reign yourself in. Split your spend into categories – food, presents, going out, money to spurge on food at the Christmas markets, etc. Try drawing the cash out from the beginning and use the rule “once it’s gone, it’s gone”. When it comes to buying presents, don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best price. 

Plan ahead

Check out last posting dates for parcels and cards and make sure you have wrapping paper and cards.
Also, I always think it’s a good idea to have one small extra present ready. Something simple like chocolate or something from Lush will do the trick. Because inevitably one person you hadn’t planned on buying for will get you something last minute. Let’s face it, there’s always one isn’t there?
Make Lists
Organise yourself. If you’re anything like me with a memory like a sieve, then a list is a godsend. You can use them for remembering every little thing from who you need to get gifts for, to what food you need to stock up on and for all the little tasks that need doing in your life.
Know when to say no
Sometimes all the party invites and dinners you feel like you have to go to get too much. You’ve got to be firm with both yourself and your friends. Don’t over book yourself. And don’t eat too many sweets like this one below.
Take time out to relax

It can be anything and it really is necessary. I personally set aside time to take a bath (preferably with a Lush bath bomb) and read a good book. As much as you may want to, you can’t be all “go go go” for the entire holiday season. No one wants to be that person who falls asleep in their Christmas dinner.  That was me one year when I worked three overnight shifts at New Look in the run up to Christmas, good times.

So there’s just a few of my tips to stay stress free during the holidays. What are yours?


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