Jordan Video

So after having so much fun making my Florida video, I decided to make one documenting Topher’s first trip to Jordan. Mainly for the memories but also so we could show his mum and others who didn’t come. My main lesson learned from last time filming was to hold my phone landscape, not portrait. (Duh!). Rule number one of filming on your phone! Felt like such a dummy after getting back and discovering my blunder.

So here it is. It’s about 18 minutes long (sorry not sorry) and I hope you enjoy it!

The main difference between this one and my previous video is that it’s focusing more on the location than the people. Of course there are plenty of family bonding shots in there, as well as coverage of Topher and I’s engagement party, but I’ve done lots of landscape and surrounding shots to show off the beauty of the country.

I had a lot of fun choosing the music and already found myself some tracks for our honeymoon videos next year. Yes I’m a serious forward planner! Now my latest lesson learned is to stop swinging the camera round and quit being so shaky! One day I’ll learn.

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