Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

As my birthday was on a weekday this year (boo) I decided to properly celebrate on the following Saturday. One of the must do things on my list for when I eventually visit Japan has always been to visit a cat cafe. So imagine my delight back in February when I heard that London would be opening the UKs very own cat cafe. Lady Dinah’s is located in shoreditch just a hop and a skip away from brick lane and is completely booked up until October. Which makes me very glad that I booked a spot for 28th June back in March. 


All my life I have been a cat lady, even though I’ve only ever owned one once. That’s the downside of moving house, county or country all the time. I’m planning on my current flat being both the last flat and the last rental home I reside in. I want a house – and when I get one, I want cats.


So on that rainy Saturday (damn you weather), Topher and I travelled down to London to visit.


There were quite a few groups there and the cats were asleep for the first hour so a few people left including the table next to us, grumbling about them not doing anything. What were you expecting them to do? Juggle? They’re cats. Cats tend to sleep a lot. Those people seemed to just be there for the novelty and not for the fact that they loved cats. Well hipsters, I’m very happy to say that the majority of them woke up, were wandering around and even playing not long after you left. Patience is rewarding! (Yep, I’m being totally smug)


I actually preferred the fact that they slept for the first hour, they were sweet to look at and it gave Topher and I plenty of time to demolish the afternoon tea that we ordered. I’ve never had a proper afternoon tea before so it was glorious. Sandwiches, cakes, macaroons and scones with jam and clotted cream. Not forgetting the teapot of tea. Bliss. 


If you do want to see cats running around all over the place all the time, then I recommend you visit in the morning. We started at 1.30 which is prime siesta time. I had a really great time and I definitely insist that you give it a visit…unless you don’t like cats then you probably wouldn’t like it at all, ha ha. 

DSC01902 - Version 2

Though I loved the experience, it really reminded me and Topher that we don’t have any of our own. One day. 

Have you ever visited a cat cafe?

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