Life right now


I’m tired. Like seriously tired. I now have permanent bags under my eyes. I think I’m close to breaking point. One of these days I won’t get out of bed to go to work. I’ll just stay in and try to forget that I don’t get paid sick days.

But today is not that day. I’ll keep trudging on. I’ll keep travelling four hours a day for a company that don’t give a damn about their employees. For a company that gives the minimum pay, holidays and expect the world for nothing in return. The worst thing is, the final nail in the coffin; paying over half your wages just to get to said job.

I’m tired of walking around like a zombie during the week and wasting my weekends away sleeping. It feels like this past year of my life has passed by so quickly and I haven’t done much with it. I just want to go home. I finally know where home is and it’s not here.

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