Mischief Managed

A fair bit overdue but I can finally find the time to show you a few photos from my birthday day out to Harry Potter studios. Only a couple of small spoilers here so if you want to see the entire thing then take a look at the flickr album here.


Me and the bf with our house badges


Bf eating action shot


Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans…Roulette. Always a good way to keep yourself amused on the train.


How tiny are the trio’s hands? Mine were the same as Rupert Grints. The other two were way smaller!


Jumping FAIL!



Flagging down the Knight Bus with lipstick (well whats a girl to do when she hasn’t got her wand on her?)




Have you been to or planning on visiting the studios?

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  1. This looks great. I would love to visit. I’m trying to persuade my husband! I was at Durham cathedral as a teenager when they filmed the first film! I’m not in it but I can see people I know! X

    1. It was an amazing day. I’ve been to that cathedral – it’s gorgeous 🙂 Definitely persuade your husband. You can even just love film in general – it’s very impressive 🙂 x

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