Morbid (but fabulous) little Christmas tree

Some say having a black Christmas tree is morbid, but I say it’s the perfect blank canvas. Though maybe it’s a tad bit morbid when your “angel” is the badge from your old car…
We think it looks cool anyway, kind of like a robot. That makes two years in a row for unusual tree toppers. See here for last years! Unfortunately as we haven’t fully unpacked yet I haven’t been able to find our little geeky treasures we usually stick on the tree as well. But the hunt will continue. 
Thanks to our new home, we finally have plenty of room to put the tree up this year. No more squeezing in front of a bookcase and a sofa this year. 
As for the rest of the house, we don’t really have anything else christmassy apart from our advent calendars which is a shame but this will definitely change in the years to come. Plus I have an idea or two for this year which I will share soon. 
Anyway, this year we got our advent calendars on a whim while we were at Morrisons on the 30th so it was pretty slim pickings. I got a cute Minnie Mouse one which I love. 
And Topher begrudgingly got a One Direction advent calendar. It was either that or Princess Sofia. He said he would have preferred Minnie Mouse!
So how have you decorated for Christmas?

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