My week #13

And it’s February! Topher thinks January went on forever but I’m not so sure. Anyway, this is the month I find myself busy every weekend so there’s lots to look forward to. As for the last two weeks, it’s been on the more relaxing side. The weather has been miserable so we haven’t gone out much. I can’t wait until spring – sunlight makes me happy.

On the wedding front, I’m happy to say that we have now booked both a venue and a photographer. Time to relax a little. My bridesmaids and I are going to the National Wedding Fair in a couple of weeks but apart from that we can chill a little until the summer. Lovely! The house sale is also coming along – we received a load of paperwork for all the house checks so hopefully we’ll be able to get in next month. Fingers crossed!

We also did something we haven’t done in awhile – gone out clubbing. I felt old. Clubs really aren’t my scene but I had a good time seeing friends. I’m definitely more of an invite your friends around to play board games kinda gal. After years of asking I finally agreed to play Topher at chess. He was happy until I beat him. I did try to warn him that I went to a chess club when I was in primary school. Don’t mess.

On the creative front, I officially started my Florida scrapbook and it was going really well until I ran out of glue! So once I’ve got some more I’ll be back up and running. It’s quite therapeutic and I can’t wait to finish it. I’ve also got some more painting done which I have been turning into prints. After seeing other people on my Instagram feed reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert, I bought myself a copy to see what all the fuss was about. So far, so good. I’ll probably do a review of it when I finish.

How has your fortnight been?

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