My week #17 – Cocktails, dresses and all the food

my week 17-2

*Freelance Friday at Ziferblat *Lunch in Piccadilly Gardens

*Being a tourist in our own town (post coming up) *Bubblegum colada cocktail

*The first paper flower prototype *VIP treatment

*Afternoon tea with Claire, Emma and my mum

So this week was pretty special. On Monday I spent the day trying on wedding dresses! Exciting times. It was really fun and as well as the three places we went to (separate post to come) we had afternoon tea at Sugar Junction in Altrincham. They also have a branch in the Northern Quarter. Surprisingly, one of the first dresses I saw¬†has the potential to be The One. Watch this space. I’m certainly not done with dress shopping yet though!

As for the afternoon tea it was very nice, though as usual, it killed me! As well as the sandwiches, mini quiche, huge scone and cakes, there was a full slice (and huge btw) of Victoria Sponge. Food coma indeed. Luckily, when I couldn’t finish the staff were kind enough to let me take a doggy bag. I was pleased with my decision both then and later on when I had the cake slice and a chocolate¬†tart for tea later on. Super healthy me.

And continuing on the wedding front, I decided to take the plunge and start experimenting with the DIYing side. This begins with paper flowers. So far, so good. Prototype 1 was a success but I hit a stumbling block while trying to find coloured card and crepe paper to match my wedding colours. Apparently fuchsia is not a colour that exists inside craft shops, grrr. The search continues…

So, more food. Topher and I returned to Mowgli again (3rd time in 2 months), this time with a couple of friends and once again it was amazing. We tried some more new things and I am still in love. I really shouldn’t be writing this while hungry. We also had some cocktails and I still haven’t found an espresso martini that beats the one I had in London 3 years ago. One day.

On that same day, Topher and I went on a bit of a wander and I brought my camera. Photos were taken, Pokemon were caught. In other news, we’re gearing up for our trip down to Devon next week and squeezing in our own mini breaks before then. Topher is at Bloodstock and I’m at a hen party. Let the antics begin!

How was your week?

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