My Week #16 – Cats, Books and Pokemon

my week 16 - 2

*Pickles loves his cuddles. *Topher loves his Pokemon.

*I’m loving my Slimming World journal *Went to Topher’s step-brothers play

*Our Save The Date’s arrived! *Sneaky trip to Yo Sushi

*Harry Potter! * Luna is hunting!

I’m reviving the My Week posts. Again. I guess I just felt like I didn’t have anything interesting to show for the last few months. At least not day to day. But what the hell, I miss doing these posts and I figure it will encourage me to document the everyday again. However dull it may be!

So since I got back from Jordan a few weeks ago, I’ve been doing a range of things. The first week back was spent trying to get back into work mode. Unsuccessfully. I think just because it was still so warm that I still felt like I was on holiday. Never mind! Since then I’m on it like a car bonnet. My bullet journal is being used, lists are being made and I’m fully back on Slimming World. Minus the cheeky Yo Sushi trip of course. But I still lost weight that week so it’s all ok.

Topher and I made a special trip to The Trafford Centre to pick up our pre-ordered copy of the new Harry Potter book. I have started to read it but haven’t got too far. I don’t know why, it was just so surreal reading it. Must pick it up again this weekend. Especially since Topher is waiting for his turn of reading it!

Topher has been full on Pokemon hunting since we got back and I don’t mind at all. It’s nice getting him out of the house while I’m working so I can just focus and it’s a great form of exercise. I only wish I was into it so I could get motivated to get some walking in. But it’s just not for me.

In wedding news, we’re beginning to get on the planning train again now that it’s officially less than a year to go. We’ve sorted the legal bit, got our Save The Date’s, met with our venue to go over some details, I’m going wedding dress shopping on Monday and I’m hoping to start the DIYing this weekend. It’s all go!

How was your week?


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