My week: 24

Another week gone, another week of rain. Someone stole the sun. Ah well, it can’t put a dampener on my mood. It’s my birthday in just over a week (going to be entering my mid twenties – eek 24!) and in less than two weeks I’ll be moving house. Excite!
So I didn’t take many photos at all this week, so here are my slightly pathetic offerings:


*I went to a fair in Chorlton yesterday and despite the weather I did quite well. I sold less items than the last time I went to this one but the items were more expensive (cha-ching). I have to personally thank the lady who in one swoop bought the cost of my stand. Thanks lady, you rule!
*Finally bought a lace dress. I’ve been wanting one for the last couple of years but could never find one with the right shape for me. It was from Primark and I love it 🙂
*Axl being friendly. I will miss those two kitties a lot though I probably won’t miss having to do a ninja jumping spin every time I leave the house. Those with cats and no cat flap should understand. 
*My epic doodle skills. I used to do these all the time at school but never this big. My fourteen year old self would be proud. 
Apart from going to a vintage fair, my weekend was spent successfully getting the bf addicted to Beauty and the Geek. If you have not watched this before, you must. It is hilarious! We were both laughing our heads off. 
In preparation for the move, I have started squirrelling away packing equipment. Since I work in a homeware buying office (not doing buying), we get pretty big samples which obviously need big boxes. Every time I see a good one I just go, that’s a nice box and smile. So far I have two living in my car and a whole load of bubble wrap. They were just going in the bin anyway so they may as well get some more use. Now I just need to start packing. 
How was your week?

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  1. Wow! That doodle is impressive. Good luck preparing for the move. Unfortunately I’ve done lesson planning and assessment all weekend because I have a big meeting on Tuesday, but I did see the Olympic torch this morning. X

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