My week: 26

Hi there. Would have posted my week in photos yesterday but I had the most ginormous headache that no amount of pill taking would go away. So instead of doing anything productive, I camped out on the sofa and watched Disney films like the child I am.
Apart from that, my week was mainly full of chilling out, good food and painting.
sexy bear. 
Apologies for the above. The bf’s contribution since he stopped me from typing by tucking his head under my arm….he doesn’t appear to be moving so it looks like I’m going to have to do the rest of this post one handed. And to think I thought I was free to type since we don’t live with any cats now. Anyway, on with my photos from the week:
food and painting
*Starbucks run at work. Lovely.
*Claire made rhubarb crumble from the garden. Yum!
*Ginger and chilli chocolate I got from a market in Chorlton.
*My 25 before 25.
*Claire also made cinnamon “bis-cakes”. Not quite biscuits and not quite cakes, but quite delicious!
*Mexican chilli and chocolate sauce. Asda own brand (oh yes). An interesting taste. Not quite chilli and not quite chocolate. Not sure if I liked it.
* Painting finally. I was in the mood to paint hot air balloons. Probably goes with my current mood at the moment of wanting to travel.
*More hot air balloons in my sketchbook.
I am really getting itchy feet – I want to travel again. I totally blame my family. My parents can’t seem to stay in one place and I get the same feeling from time to time – it’s in my blood. I literally cannot keep track of my parents – I need their calendar synched to mine on my iphone. 
At the moment I simultaneously want to go to Disney World, drive across the USA and for October to hurry up so I can go to India (my holiday that’s actually going to happen!). It’s probably because of the crappy weather here. How British is that for an excuse? I just want to go on an adventure.
Do you ever feel like you just want to get away from it all? Are you going anywhere interesting this “summer”?

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