My week: 27

One day I will do one of these posts on the Sunday. It was the Olympics closing ceremony though. Despite what some people said on twitter, I really enjoyed it – even if it was a bit trippy (I’m looking at you Fatboy Slim, yes you and your giant inflatable octopus).

my week 27

*Outfit post earlier this week
*Yummy brothers toffee apple cider
*I made chilli con carne!
*My awesome alarm clock teapot
*New earrings for Toast Rack
* I heart my Spock mug
*Editing photos for Random Quirks
*My stall at Vintage Village
*My cute froggie trinket box – still hasn’t sold the poor thing
*Vintage Village
*Red velvet cupcake
*Parma Violet cupcake
It was a week full of food and preparing for Vintage Village in Stockport. I desperately needed to make more stock for Random Quirks so I knocked out a fair few new pieces during the week after work. 
Vintage Village itself was a lovely day. I sold a few things, me and Claire got some nommy cupcakes and I may have bought a few things… but that will be left for another post I think!
How was your week?


  • lady liquor vintage.
    13th August 2012 at 8:59 pm

    I didn’t know you had a stall at VV! How did it go? I looked round briefly but I don’t think I actually got to yours, too busy buying shoes! XO.

    • Nomad
      14th August 2012 at 8:50 pm

      Yeah I did – it went well thanks. Good thing you didn’t come to mine – I had a LOT of shoes, ha ha. 🙂 x


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